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                                                                                 (View of Off-Centre Camp & DPW, April 13th, from the deck of SkyLabyrinth, by Benjamin Langholz)


SkyLabyrinth is complete, Stone 7 has laid down 7 boulders, Dancing In The Dust is going up - and in the distance, the Clan is nearing completion as (these words redacted to maintain the element of surprise) are laid on using a cherry picker. The Temple of Stars is also in place. Of course, DPW have been on site for 4 weeks now, laying down the network of streets, lights & signs - and growing members of our Operations team are arriving every day to join them. Off-Centre Camp is taking shape, and our Rangers, Medics and DMV are all hustling their respective bustles. And you? You're piling up survival gear, reading your Survival Guide and dreaming of dust, just like the rest of us.

Gates open in 11 days!

In this newsletter:




With just 11 days until the gates to our temporary city of dust open, tickets shouldn't be a priority any longer, but if you're still sitting on the fence or if life has conspired to enable you to make it, and you're still looking for tickets, here's the lowdown:

- our General Sale closed 2 weeks ago
- but you can now buy resold tickets
- and you can get 'em via
- there are also scammers prowling, so take it from us: don't even consider any options other than those we suggest

Need info about legit resold ticket platforms? Need a Vehicle Pass? Kid's Ticket? Get all the info
on our Tickets page.


Want to know how early you can arrive, and not? Planning to arrive at a specific time? Take a good look at the image above, and remember: unless you've been allocated a Work Access Pass (which, as it sounds, is a pass to enter our event site to do critical work in setting up a project) you won't be allowed in the gates until 8am on Monday 29th April.

                                                                                                                         (Snippet of this year's WTF Guide cover artwork, by Rachel Smith and Lizl Schmuhl)   


Need to know the number and location of artworks, theme camps - and when & where events in the Binnekring will happen? The WTF Guide is your friend. Yes indeed - it's here, and it's full of the info you need to help you navigate the experience you're about to embark on. Also comes with Burn Schedule, and map with listings - and now, with added Mass Evacuation indicators that will be handy in the eventuality of a flash flood, or fire. Neither of which have been major factors in the past at our event, but as with all things in the desert, it's a good idea to be prepared as possible for all eventualities.

Get your WTF Guide & Map right here - and share it with anyone you know who's coming to the dust.



Round about now, it's likely that your life is full of camp planning - and among those plans would be water, and greywater. Greywater, for any camp, is always going to be a challenge becuase like any other item you take to the desert, you can't just leave it on the ground. So, how do you manage the dishater from your camp kitchen - and from your camp shower? Thankfully, we have an inventive community that's developed some nifty ways to manage and reduce greywater to the best effect - and we have a blogpost over on our website that can fill you in about easily-made systems that you can build out of free or recycled materials.

Get the lowdown on greywater, evaporation ponds and evapotrons
over on the Binnekring Blog.

                                                                                                                                                                                        (Photo by Mutant Patrol lead, Bo Duvenhage)


Our crew have been travelling the R355 - the only road to & from our event site - for weeks now, and we can happily report that grading of the road surface in both the Northern and Western Cape provinces has proceeded well. The result is that the road surface is generally in great condition. Our Resource Wrangler, Jano January, drove to & from our event location over the last 24 hours, and he advises that the usual rules apply:

- Keep your speed between 50 and 70km/h, depending on how heavily loaded your vehicle / trailer is
- Do not speed: speeding prevents you from being able to see the drainage lines at the edge of the road in time to avoid
  them, and they are often deep enough to roll a trailer or caravan
- DO NOT OVERTAKE IF YOU CANNOT SEE CLEARLY AHEAD: not in dust, and most definitely not on a blind rise,
  which is how head-on collisions have happened in the past
- Slow vehicles, use rest stops to pull over and let others pass

For more road safety advice, tuck into
our Survival Guide's Rules of The Road section

                                                                                                                (They're tiny, but they do huge damage: look out for them, and the signs of their presence)


Yep - we're repeating this message, because it's a critical update that relates to the use of wood at our event (or transported to it).

Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer. Get to know the name (poly = many, phagous = feeding, therefore: the beetle that feeds on many types of trees). In case you didn't get word yet about this issue, here's the lowdown: this invasive beetle and the Fusarium fungus that it infects trees with are killing many species of trees across South Africa. And here's where you come in: if you're bringing wood of any kind to our event site, you need to be on the alert and inspect the wood to make 100% certain you're not spreading this beetle's progress.

Our advice (whether you're bringing wood for your campfire) is to pick up firewood at your last possible opportunity, which also makes sense as far as saving on your fuel bill. And as far as 'last possible opportunities', that would be in Ceres in the south or Calvinia in the north - or from either of the roadside stores on the R355 (Halfway House or Tankwa Padstal). And for projects bringing wood as part of artworks or theme camps, we advise that you closely inspect the wood for any signs (like the image above) of infestation - and not bring that wood, at all.

Want resources about this beetle, and how to prevent its spread?
Click here.




We like fires - safe ones. This year, to make sure that everyone on site is aware of how best to make sure no unscheduled burns take place, we have a shitload of stickers that are available to you and your crew, and these include handy visual guidelines about how to keep fuel away from fires, how to make sure your camp is prepared for a fire and various other handy tips that are all designed to keep you and other humans safe in the dust. When you arrive at our event gate, you'll be able to pick up a WTF Guide, which will have some handy camp & fire safety stickers inserted into them. If you're part of a registered Theme Camp, our Wranglers will also distribute those to you when they do their rounds on the Monday and Tuesday of our event week.



Like with so many aspects to what we do, volunteers have stepped forward to create apps for this year's event, and those are available on both Android and iOS:

get the iOS app here
- get the Android app here



Word from our Airspace crew is that:

- Charter registrations for 2019 have closed, but flights are still available from those that registered before the deadline. To
  find out about how you can connect with registered and authorised charters, head to our Airspace page
- No drones are allowed to fly above our event site at all, due to Civil Aviation Authority regulations

Lastly, if you're flying to our event as a passenger or you're a pilot, please be aware that you must familiarise yourself with the legal stipulations as specified by our Airspace team, before you embark on your flight. To read up on those, including our Disclaimer, head to the
Airspace page of our website.





"We're looking for live musicians who're interested in joining us in performing some jazzy jams at our late-night Piano Bar and Exotic Tea Lounge! Got skills? Instruments? Reach out to us - and would be very happy to hear from you!"

The Stone 7 crew have already been in the Tankwa, prepping their piece - and they're some of the same humans who were behind last year's 'Urge' project. Here's word from project lead, Benjamin Langholz:

"Stone 7 needs your help! We are looking for one or two people to come help us in the desert starting as early as April 22nd. Enthusiasm and heavy lifting required!

Stone 7 invites you on a floating walk above the Tankwa to experience a moment of complete presence. Take a journey across our seven stones and confront yourself and nature as you enter an alternate reality where potentially destructive energy has been harmonized with our most basic law, gravity.

Don’t have time to come to the desert? We still need your help! Donate to support our project here.

Your donation of any size is greatly appreciated! <3"






Yep - the Decom is ON, and you're invited to set aside a little costume and decor, and bring it along to make a slice of Tankwa Town come alive in Cape Town. Bring your bike too, and whip around the track!

When: June 1st
Where: Killarney Race Track
Keep an eye out for more info - event page soon come.


Cap your rebar. Drink lots of water. Put a light on guy ropes. Watch the wind & weather (it's the difference between a camp that's ready to handle storms, and not). Pack an umbrella, and gumboots. Light up your bike, and your body, at night. Take two spare tyres (or a compressor and snot plugs). Carry a MOOP bag. Volunteer for a shift or two at the Volunteer Booth at Off-Centre Camp. Drive (very) carefully. Be nice to the animals, reptiles and plants of the Tankwa. Don't kak in the bushes. Put the toilet lid down. Check your load to make sure it doesn't come loose on the R355. Donate unopened dry goods & beverages to Collexodus on your way out. Respect the Tankwa locals. Respect DPW. Respect the artworks, and theme camps and mutant vehicles too: they're all created by people just like you, and put their hearts and souls into making them to share with us all. Be lekker to your fellow human - on the road, in the dust, and beyond. That's what we call come together for, and it's the fire that sets us all alight.

Dust, anybody? Soon come.

Travis Lyle
Head of Communications

Hey! Still reading? Lekker - if you hadn't yet read our Survival Guide, we strongly suggest that you do, before you hit the road and suddenly find yourself in a desert environment, unprepared for what it will inevitably throw at you. Tuck in & share with anyone who's coming to our event, thanks.


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