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Humans are capable of the most impressive feats of adaptability - it's what got us ahead of the evolutionary pack, and has kept us there all these halcyon days, no question. So when Mother Nature opens up a can of whoop-ass, well, we learn and we forge ahead in a new normal, hopefully learning from the experience and emerging better for it. And when it comes to the new normal drawing up a set of fresh rules of play, we're all navigating new ways to be. And that souds just about right as far as who we are, as the AfrikaBurn community - after all, everything that our community and culture is founded has always been about inventing the world anew and finding new ways of being. Which mean you're an old hand at new things. Congrats - you're already winning the future.

In this newsletter:





Back at last year's event, many of us were fortunate enough to stumble across a group of very talented musicians that had joined us to participate in our main annual event - and some of you might might have been fortunate enough to catch them at camps like State of Bliss and others (including over at Off-Centre Camp / Chillaz). Like many, it was their first AfrikaBurn event and between the wind and the dust and the wild wonderland that they encountered, they had a gritty but fantastic experience - and their journey was followed by the Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation crew, who filmed a documentary of their journey as artists before, and at, our thing in the dust.

We're now pleased to be co-hosting the screening of the doccie, tonight - and it's also the first foray of our team into the digital dust of one of the virtual Burning Man platforms, Dusty Multiverse. So, whether you're able to load the Multiverse app and experience the doccie in virtual reality, or whether you'd simply like to dial in and watch the doccie and the discussion panel that will follow, here's how to catch it:

To watch the streamed doccie online, simply head to our HomeBurn website. Or, if you would like to join the stream and then sit in on the discussion panel after,
you can join that stream right here.

To watch the doccie within Dusty Multiverse, you'd first need to
download the app that suits your device, and then enter the digital playa and navigate over to the AfrikaBurn Chillaz stage. (for more info on this way of accessing the virtual world that's been created, read on and see below).

To find out more about the State of The Nation doccie and the fabulous humans behind it,
click on over this way.

When: Thursday 3 September, 8 - 10pm
Where: Online (on
HomeBurn, or on the Chillaz stage within Dusty Multiverse)




Say what now? Oh, you hadn't heard? Oh wow - you're in for a big treat, here's the lowdown: like Tankwa Town could not happen this year, so the Burning Man event wasn't able to happen either. But, with adversity being the mother of innovation, the wizards of the BM community have risen to the challenge and created a range of ways that their community (and ours) can still gather - online. Look at it as a way to burn, without the flat tyres, the dust, the wind or the rebar scars on your ankle. So...if it's an online burn, is it still a burn? Hell, yes - but we'll leave you to answer that question for yourself, so we invite you to jump down this amazing rabbit hole with us. Here's how:

STEP 1: Jump into the digital dust

To access the virtual world that we as AfrikaBurn are hosting two camps in, you'll need to
download the app that suits your phone or device. Or, if your phone can't load the app, there's a nifty workaround that you can find here, which will enable you to load the app onto your computer so you can explore the virtual world that way.

STEP 2 - Locate AfrikaBurn camps in a virtual Black Rock City

AfrikaBurn Radio Free Tankwa is at 12:15 and 4400
AfrikaBurn Chillaz is at 11:30 and 4400


Just like the radial streets of Tankwa Town are mapped according to the hours of a clock, so with Black Rock City - once you've fired up your device, navigate outward away from the city and track along the 12:15 and 11:30 lines; that's where you'll find RFT and Chillaz, with a bounty of streams and amazing activities awaiting you.

And boy, is there a bounty of activities, performances, music and more to experience - from artwork burns to live musical performances, mutant vehicles, live transmissions from the Tankwa and whole lot more, we've got a helluva lineup planned that kicks off tonight with the State of The Nation doccie, and then rolls onward through Friday with a wide range of documentaries about AfrikaBurns past - and then on Saturday we ramp it right up with 14 hours of live scheduled content.

Sound like a wonderland that you'd like to experience? Fabulous - strap on your goggles and boots and...chill, at home, while you dive into an experience that will blow your mind!

More info? Head on over to our
Dusty Multiverse AfrikaBurn Spaces Facebook event page (or head to the HomeBurn website, where you can see and click through to streams of the content).

                                                                                            (Proud as a pony - beneficiaries of our Outreach initiatives back in 2014, Tankwa Karoo)


Though some folks consider 'AfrikaBurn' to be just our main annual event, many of you would know that our team engage in a schedule of year-round activities that are funded by ticket fees - and that roster consists of as great deal of social development and upliftment activity. The reason for this is that our mission to invent the world anew and leave the world a better place isn't restricted to the week we spend in the desert together, but extends well beyond. So we're very happy to announce that our many years of public benefit activities have been formally recognised, with our organisation receiving Public Benefit Organisation status!

This has been a huge shift in the government's thinking about the how and why we do what we do, and in tandem with being awarded Section 18A status,
means that donors of some of our Outreach and Department of Environment and Regeneration activities can now be offered tax relief. This is fantastic news for our expanding programmes on Quaggafontein and Outreach in the Tankwa and for doing more good shit in the world.

To everyone that's supported us in this mission to continue to good work in the world, thank you!



Out there in the dust which acts our annual gathering, you're bound to meet and be touched by some truly wonderful humans that show a great deal of soul, and leave you with warm impressions. And so it was with a member of our Department of Mutant Vehicles, Adriaan Van Zyl. He was a longstanding stalwart of our DMV crew, and an all-round wonderful human being, but sadly he recently went on to the big family campfire in the sky.

R.I.P., Adriaan - you will be missed, but there will always be a space kept for you around the fire.

We send our best wishes and condolences to all Adriaan's friends and family at this time.


                         (Our Office Manager, Nokubonga, who was herself homeless on our doorstep until 2017, is now a Blessing Bag ambassador)                                                                                   


Where we have our offices located (in Salt River, Cape Town), there are many folks who have fallen on hard times and need a helping hand up from time to time. This is why members of our team (including Bongi, our Office Manager, who herself lived on the streets outside our offices for 3 years before we offered her a way off the streets) came together to create Blessing Bags. It's an initiative that collects donation of clothes, toiletries, hygeine products and backpacks, and distributes them to the folks that need these items most, to bring a little dignity to their lives.

The next round of Blessing Bags is being planned - so if you've got anything that you think would make a difference in the life of folks who're living rough, consider popping down to our offices (yep, we're back at work - with the necessary Covid-19 protocols) and dropping the stuff off with Bongi, who'll you'll meet on arrival.

If you'd like to check in for more info, you're welcome to mail her on



Holy flaming T-Rex's of the Tankwa...September, already? Well hell, look at that - you've survived three-quarters of the Hell Year, and that's gotta count for something, right? Congratulations! And, if you've managed to survive these past months since January, chances are very good that you're now freshly armed with some lifeskills that will go on to serve you well. Take those, and those life lessons you learned in the desert over the years, stack 'em up and you should find that you've developed yourself a nice pile of formidable. Well done, you.

See you in the digital dust!

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Still reading? Lekker - here's a way to keep those eyes limbre: this weekend, the Saturday night (US Pacific Standard Time) will be Burn Night for those gathered in the digital Black Rock City - and you can watch it all go down, online. Yes? Lekker - find out more right here. Want even more exercise for your eyes? Well alright - check out this sneak preview of a gorgeous and heartwarming clip fro Solar Santa. Enjoy.


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