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 'Pipe Dreams' by Carmel & David Ives, Tish Best, Brendon Chetter, Judith & Alan Lee and Jeremy Van Der Riet (Photo: Chris Leggatt)  

...and it was horrorshow. Humans, being inhumane to each other, and their planet. "And just exactly what the hell has this got to do with the thing in the desert?" you might ask. Well, here's the thing - and this is a fact proven by science and common sense (and no small number of hippies) - it's all connected. We too, though we may not necessarily believe it, are also very much connected to everything else on our whirling blue ball in the vacuum of space, and beyond. And? And we, doing the thing that we do in the dust, are beholden to take the golden moments and realisations we hold so dear, out into the world, to make it a better place. For ourselves, and for everyone and everything else. Why?

Because we're all in this together.

In this newsletter:




                                                                                                                                       (Another year, another round of improvements to our Tribe system)


Hang on - it's September, and Artwork Registrations are OPEN? Yep - and the reason for this is that many Collectives have asked for registrations to open much earlier, so they're able to start working on Tribe, collaborating on their plans for 2020. Tribe? Oh come along snowpoke, pay attention - Tribe's the collaborative platform our team's created for you, and your camp/crew/project/artwork/mutant vehicle plans. It's free, and lately it's gotten an injection of superboost, meaning that it now features even more functions to make your planning easier. But about those Artwork Registrations...

They're open, as of today - and as usual, once your Collective's registered an Artwork, the ever-popular Creative Grant Application option will magically appear, on your Tribe dashboard. Meaning that once you've registered your piece, you can then request funding.

And if it's a previously registered project? Ah - then you'll be able to simply re-use your prior project info (thus avoiding having to fill out the registration form again).

Ready to check out Tribe, and tinker with your ideas for 2020?
Click on - the Afroboratory awaits...

                                                                                                                                               (Ten years ago, this was our ticket, and the theme was Time)


While we were all twitching in our winter's-end sleep down here in eMzantsi, way up north, the Gerlach Regional came to another rollicking end, up there in Nevada. As it happens, just as Burning Man's event cycle tapers off, so ours picks up - and round about now, our ticketing kicks off. So without any further ado, the news: Mayday Tickets are now on sale, and they're priced to cater to the pockets, plans and calendars of international visitors (who usually need to plan way in advance). Just emerged from the playa? Get yours (and thanks for subsidising other ticket levels).

For everyone else, head over to the Tickets page of our site, and you'll be able to see when General Sales open (spoiler: it's October 29th), and when Anathi, Subsidised, Kid's and all other ticket types open for biz. Prices for these ticket types will be announced soon - and as always, we're doing our damndest to wrestle budgets so that prices stay at the same level as last year - and if it's simply impossible to hold 'em, we'll nudge the mark by as little as possible.

Ticket info? It's predictably found on
the ever-cryptically-titled Tickets page of our website.

          ('The Embrace' by Verity Maud, 'Ball of Stars' by Walter Bohmer and 'Donkey' by Greg Mulford and crew - all to be seen on the streets of Melville)


Right about now, there's a posse of busy dust lovers up in Jozi who're buzzing around nailing down the many moving parts of a little thing called Streetopia. If you're aware of the slice of fantastic that is Streetopia Obs, you'll be familiar with the format: it's like a slice of Tankwa Town landed in an urban area and took over for one glorious day. And it's all 100% free, gratis and mahala - because we're non-profit like that. And this year, thanks to the efforts of the Jozi Burners crew and members of our team, it takes to the streets of Melville, which is Jozi's bohemian equivalent of Obs (more or less).

It all happens on October 12th, from 10am to 6pm, and just like the Obs affair, anyone (including your fine self) is welcome to participate, get involved and contribute to the mix on the day. Interested in finding out more - or bringing your own (insert fabulous project here)? Head to the
Streetopia Jozi event page on the blue thing, check out the freshly-launched Streetopia Jozi website or contact the event team on 

If you're up on the highveld, we're looking forward to seeing you join us on the day to add some fabulosity.


                                                                                                                                           (Gaze into the crystal ball, across the Binnekring... what do you see?)


If you were to picture what AfrikaBurn might be, in 5 or 10 year's time, what would that look like? We wanna know. Why? Because the world's changing, and as our experiment in and out of the desert continues to evolve, so it makes sense to check in and reflect where we've come from, and where we're headed. And as a community-based organism, created and kept in motion by participation, your input on where we could go, and why, is an essential ingredient in the mix. Got ideas? Grand - we'd love to hear them, and here's how & where you can put them forward:

1) Visit
this online form, where you can jot down your thoughts (please try & get 'em to us by no later than Sept 11th)
2) Come along to the Burner Bar discussion happening in Cape Town next Wednesday Sept 11th (see below for that)
3) Get together with your crew or campmates and get your collective ideas down on a document, and then email that to This way, your thoughts and ideas will end up in the hands of our Members, who are the body of dreamers and doers that drive our organisation's thinking year-round (and are driving our Vision Workshop).


                                                                                                                                                                                                  (Set it alight, with your mowf)


For those who'd like to connect with other dust-lovers during the course of the year, there's a semi-regular gathering designed for just that: Burner Bars. As you would imagine, they're a mix of veterans and newcomers, having a few drinks (or not) and helping each other join some dots about, well, everything related to this great big experiment we all play a part in. The next one in Cape Town happens next week - and its focus will be the Vision Workshop you just read about.

When: Wednesday 11th September, 6pm - 10pm
Where: Three Feathers, 78 Bromwell St, Woodstock, Cape Town
What: dust lovers, igniting the night with delight (and vision)

Want an Event Page with that? Here you go.




Thanks to our Spark Grant programme, African Climate Alliance Youth will be golding a recycled art workshop in collaboration with eMzantsi Carnival during a Week of Positive Action following the Global Strike on 20th September. Learners from around 50 schools across Cape Town will be joining millions of their peers in over 150 countries around the world for ths trike, ahead of the important UN Climate Summit in New York. Capetonians joining the Global Strike will be meeting at the greens on the corner of Cambridge and Keizersgracht Streets in District Six at 12 noon, then marching to City Hall. 

If this sounds like just the kind of disruption that makes you have hope for the planet, then step up and step forward:

When: Friday, September 20th, 12 - 2pm
Where: Cape Town CBD
What: doing our part to save the planet (it's all connected, remember?)
Event page?
Right here.



Two years ago, to a chorus of many oohs and ahhhs, the first proper photo essay book about our little thing in the desert was published, by the rather sharp-eyed Simon O'Callaghan. He'd be familiar to many of you as the intrepid but ever so slightly mad Englishman who indeed spent a lot of time in the midday sun (taking your portrait shots in the dust). Simon's book has now found a home in many community member's libraries, on account of their being around 450 portraits included (each of which, in line with our 'ask first' photography policy, had to be OK'd by every. single. human.) as well as many amazing shots of art, mutant vehicles, theme camps and much more over the years he's stalked the dust.

And now, because these things take time, a limited edition has finally been produced - and the reason it took so long is because Simon's collaborator on Lizzie the flaming T-Rex (amongst other Fata Morgana projects), artist Egon Tania, has produced an upside-down cast bronze figure who holds the book, whilst gazing through a lens at an imaginary Binnekring.

In other words, it's amazing, and if you're interested, you can
find out more about it right here.

Sorta kinda, almost - before we leave you for this round, heads up: while Artwork Registrations and Creative Grants for 2020 are indeed open, Theme Camp or Mutant Vehicle Registrations (and MV Grants) aren't quite there yet, but will be very soon. Sit tight, knit a merkin, save the planet (or at least the portion of it nearest to you). There's a good human. 

Travis Lyle
Minister of 'Listening To Jimi Hendrix Albums At Great Volume When Writing A Newsletter Is Highly Recommended'

Oho, so there you are, still reading. Tidy. Right, so... earlier this year, due to a glitch and a hitch, Jonx Pillemer (who does a fair job of capturing the magic in the dust) found himself the lucky victim of circumstance, and ended up at this year's Great Lakes regional burn, known as Lakes of Fire. As our Burner Exchange candidate, he did a great job of capturing his time amongst the teeming hourdes of a strange but somewhat interesting peoples known as 'Americans'. And you can read all about it right here.


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