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 (In the middle of Nowhere, nothing. Shot by Jan Verboom)

What Fresh Jiggery Is This?
Meanwhile in the Tankwa, good rains have fallen this year, which means there's a fair chance that the blomme will put on a great show this year and the Binnekring will be nothing but flowers. While the winds sweep the plain and whistle through the twisted wattle of the !Xam temple structure (yes, it's still there), we beaver on in the background, planning, plotting, scheming and dreaming for what may come. It may be winter now, but the wheels of the season are turning, and soon enough all eyes will once again be on the dust. Until then, stay tuned and top up on a batch of news: we've cooked up a fresh batch, tuck in.

In this newsletter:



Since 2007, our posters have been designed by volunteers who've contributed their time and skills to producing the glorious varied spread of styles and textures you see above - and we don't mind saying that they're a great indication of the breadth and depth of creative talent of our community. For next year's poster, we've decided to mix things up a little, by putting out a brief and calling for submissions of poster designs that interpret the 2019 theme.

Of course, as you probably know,
the theme for 2019 is Ephemeropolis. Ephe... mer... propolis? Yeah, sure, it's not a nice neat word like 'rebar', but hey, it's the essence of what we do every year in the Tankwa: create a city that's here today, gone tomorrow, and leaves in its wake a trail of dust devils, dreams and creative collaborations.

Got skills? Interested in tackling the brief? Best get busting - the deadline's August 15th, and submissions have already begin to come in (and we don't mind saying they're going to present a challenge in terms of choosing just one).

To read the brief and get more info, head over to
the Poster Calllout page on our site to get inspired.

                                                                                                                                                                             Every Clan ever, as shot by (from top left): Monique Schiess (2007), Graham Abbott (2008), Jonx Pillemer (2009), Graham Abbott (2010), Jonx Pillemer (2011), Mark Chipps (2012), Simon O'Callaghan (2013), Jonx Pillemer (2014), Simon O'Callaghan (2015), Steven Morrow (2016), Rizza Bonfim (2017) and Jonx Pillemer (2018) 

No, we're not quite done with callouts for your design - and this one's the big one: it's for the Slan Clan in 2019. Every year, we call out for prospective Clan effigy designers, and now's the time for this round. Last year's design was created by Simon Dunckley, and then built by master carpenter Mike Rule and his superb crew - but as with every year, it's completely open-ended until a design is selected. If you reckon you've got just the thing to make mouths gape and strike awe into all eyes that set upon it, here's some info and links:

- firstly, download our
Clan Guidelines to get a sense of what's required
- then head over to our
San Clan History page and dig into the substance of our effigy and what it represents
- once you're done there, and have a proposal you think will nail it, mail that to

And the deadline? That's midnight on the 31st of July, so sharpen your pencils - we're looking forward to seeing what you have in mind!



As you would likely know, a fatal accident occured on the R355 shortly after our 2017 event. Funds raised by our community were substantial, and they go towards the victim's daughter, Ruvarushe. To ensure the funds are managed correctly, an auditor is required to be appointed to assist with managing a Trust (named the Tina Trust after Tinarwo Chakurira). The thing is auditors don't come cheap, so in an effort to keep fee disbursements to a minimum and ensure the bulk of funds go towards Ruvarushe's support, we're calling out to you to see if there's someone in our community who is suitably qualified and willing to fill this role, either voluntarily or at a reduced rate.

Sound like the kind of good deed you or someone you know could step up for? Mail for more info.

Once again, massive love to everyone who contributed to the Tina Trust. You're good humans.


(Jamming on the streets of Obs at Streetopia 2017, shot by Jonx Pillemer)   


This year we'll be hosting the 4th Streetopia on the streets of the hood that's been so good to us over the years, Observatory in Cape Town. It's where we're based, and its fair to say that a fair few creative collaborations have been hatched in the many studios, cafes and bars that the bohemian suburb's known for. Which is why we give back every year, by bringing the streets alive with the kind of colour and good vibes you're good at - and we're kicking off this year's prep this very weekend.

Prep? Yep: to close roads and direct the many people that throng the streets means lots of signage, and to decorate the hood means lots of fabric, so we're having a volunteer day in our yard, and you're invited to come along and muck around and meet some lekker folk in the process.

When: this Saturday, July 21st
Where: our HQ in the Junction Hotel, 8 Junction Road, Salt River, Cape Town
What: paint, fabric, sunshine, good times
Event page: see that
on Facebook right here

As always at our volunteer days, we provide lunch and refreshments and anyone's welcome.


Late last year, we moved premises, and lost our workyard thanks to the creep of gentrification - but in the process we got to amalgamate our office and workyard, which worked out well. Now that we've got a great space that's working well as a storage depot for all the many things that help create a city in the dust and also for occasional creative projects by members of our community, we're looking to get a great workyard manager who can make order of creative chaos and generally manage the comings & goings of gear and hardware.

In other words: we're looking to fill the vacant position of Workyard Administrator. Got skills, or know of someone who might have what we're looking for? Lekker -
head to the Vacancies page on our site to get the lowdown.

Shout out to the mighty Sheriff of ex-Nansenville, who's now moved on to juggling tools and projects over at Maker Station - thanks for all the hard yards and dust and juggling!

                                                                 (Adoons, BLA-BLA Car and Rommel lined up at DMV 2018, as shot by Paul Perton and David Van Der Merwe)


The fine nutters over at our Department of Mutant Vehicles take in a fair number of associated loose nuts every year in order to assist with processing the many mutants that register for our event each year - and this time round, that included lensmen Paul Perton and David Van Der Merwe. Paul and David took the time to shoot a kakload of photos in and around the DMV, to cpature the scale and diversity of mutant vehicles that were on the prowl this year - and they've served us with a great photobook, which they're sharing with lucky you right there.

Keen to browse and view the many mutants you saw in the dust (and quite possibly didn't)?
Click right this way to see or download their great shots.

It always tickles up pink to hear the opinions of far-flung burner family who share their thoughts on an AfrikaBurn experience - and all the more so when they're veterans of various other regionals, or Burning Man itself. Which is why when we stumbled onto Burner Podcast's 'A Dream Of AfrikaBurn', we knew we had to share that with you.

Yes? Yes:
listen to it right here, and enjoy.

Not the longest newsletter this time round, but that'll change as we race towards forthcoming ticket announcements, project registrations and the unveiling of new functionality on our expanded collaborative project platform, Tribe. We'll have news on all of those soon, so stay tuned and keep it weird out there. After all, it ain't gonna weird itself, and you've become quite good at it after all that practice in the dust.

Your Ministry of Information

Hey! Yoh, you sucker for punishment, you. Furry muff, have this: it's a great example of how art created for a burn doesn't have to actually get burnt, because it could go on to stimulate imaginations in public spaces long after the dust has settled. Respect and shout out to Dana Albany for her amazing work on Tara Mechani! 


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