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                                                                       ('Sleepyhead II' by The Mighty Mighties, installed at the Nieuwoudtville Wildflower Garden, Northern Cape)

Hear that faint whirring, buzzing sound in the distance? Yep - that'll be the cogs and gears turning, as the machinery that creates our city starts to wake up. By which we mean the initiation of our cycle, in the form of project registrations opening and people googling 'afrikaburn ticket sale'. It's also the sound of a million winged creatures whizzing across the plains of the Tankwa, where word has it good rains have fallen, and as a result, a gazillion blossoms of all colours are showing off under a bright spring sun. On the wind comes word of a city that will suddenly rise for a week, and just as swiftly, disappear in a puff of dust...  

In this newsletter:


      (My, how far we've come - this is your new Tribe dashboard. It's where the magic starts.)  

That whirring sound? Some of it's also down to the lightspeed keyboard acrobatics of our development team and volunteer testers, who've been at it for weeks, nailing bugs and making 110% sure that our project registration forms are robust, efficient - and also easier to use than ever before. All of which is to say REGISTRATIONS ARE OPEN! 

So, if you have a plan for something small, large or even yuge that could foreseeably fit into the category of a Theme Camp, Mutant Vehicle, Artwork or Event (and even if not), then all you need to do is
head to Tribe to start creating magic. As usual, you can create a Collective and invite members of your project or camp crew to collaborate on Tribe in your project space - and if you're bringing a repeat project, you can also now find past registered projects on your dashboard and re-use that info to re-register (and thus avoid having to fill out the forms all over again). More - all of your Burner Bio detail is now also located here in case you need to update your info. Magic? Damn straight - we build our city on magic, and dust (and rock & roll).

                                                                                                              (Monday morning - always a busy time at the box. Thanks to Die Hek for this shot)

Well, yes, it is all rather far off and in the distance, that ephemeropolis we all build together in the desert at the end of April next year - but as always, tickets kick off well before you hit the dust and roll onto the R355. So, what's the lowdown with ticketing for 2019? It's all detailed on the Tickets page of our site - but here's a summary for you:

- Mayday Tickets (which are more or less for international visitors and larneys who can afford to avoid ticket sales) have been available for a couple of weeks now
- General Sales tickets (which are much cheaper than Maydays) will go on sale on September 26th
- and we've also released all dates and info for Subsidised, Community, Kids and Pensioner Tickets
- you can also find all info about Vehicle Passes (heads up: crews on registered projects receive a limited number of free Vehicle Passes) and also Work Access Passes
- as always, to buy General Sales tickets once the sale opens, simply log into our site and click the Buy Tickets button

Set your calendars for Sept 26th folks - and get 'em while you can, as this time round we will only have one large General Sale, which will run from opening until all tickets are sold out. Need info? Get it all
here on our Tickets page



Since 2012, our ticketing system has offered two categories to those who can't afford a full-price ticket: Community Tickets and Subsidised Tickets. With Subs, our team have to review applications (to make sure the tickets are allocated to folks who legitimately do deserve a discount) - and our Ticketing team is calling for some volunteers to assist with that review so that it's as fair as possible and these tickets go to the deserving.

If you're up for it and have a computer to tackle the application reviews, you yourself will eligible to snag a Sub ticket for your time spent assisting our Ticketing team. For more info on what the tasks entail, mail 


                                                                    ('Shrine of Lost Moments' - as created by Mephy Kling and her Berlin Burner crew, installed in Loeriesfontein)


A few weeks back, our Blank Canvas Express team were in Kimberley and Bloemfontein hosting exhibitions and workshops, spreading word about this crazy thing we all do as part of Round I of the BCE - and they've been at it again, last week and again today. Round II has seen the majestic 'Sleepyhead II' (as seen in Tankwa Town this year, designed by Monique Schiess and built & erected by The Mighty Mighties) erected in the Nieuwoudtville Wildflower Garden, to much appreciation from locals and visitors alike. More, the 'Shrine of Lost Moments' (above, built by Mephy Kling and her crew of Berlin Burners, and also seen in Tankwa Town this year) has been been erected at the Fred Turner Folk Museum in Loeriesfontein. But wait - there's even more!
                                                                                                                                                                                        (Thanks to paul Grose for this shot)

Added to this batch of AfrikaBurn art in the wild, an exhibition has just been installed in the Calvinia Museum (above, today, fresh as a Namakwa daisy) featuring postcard-sized landscapes painted, sketched and drawn by numerous citizens of Tankwa Town. Those you'd recognise as the postcards that were shown in the Artefactory on site at this year's event.

Look out for more
Blank Canvas Express news as the crew roams further out and takes art & culture into the wild. Shout out to all involved in hauling the artworks into place, including Rob Weinek, Paul Grose, Maike Hitzeroth and Lebohang Litsili - and a special shout out to Shen Tian for his help in setting up the electronics on the Shrine - you rock!

                                                                                                                      (Black Rock City at night, pre-gates, August 21st 2018, courtesy John Curley)


The original burner ephemeropolis - Black Rock City - opens gates in about 76 hours to let its 70,000 citizens in for another rollicking round of dust, magic and no small measure of pyro and whooping. As always, there are some very lucky Tankwatonians who've made the mission all the way up into Nevada to be part of it, do their thing and join our far-flung global cousins around a bonfire that, if all goes well, will be lit next Saturday night. If you're reading this and you're en route, word from crew on the ground is that the BIA are particularly twitchy this year and many cars have been stopped and ticketed for a range of issues around Nixon.

You can find out more
here, in a special edition of the Jack Rabbit Speaks. The usual rules of play apply - use your noodle, be polite, don't be a muppet. 



We’re doing it again. The whole 'take over Obs and fill it with art and performance' thing. The whole 'close off the roads and let kids of all ages roam like wild things' thing. The whole 'reclaim the streets' thing. And the whole 'create a completely free event and invite anyone to do anything' thing. Also the whole 'collaborate with Obs residents and art studios to fill the hood with creativity and good vibrations' thing. All of that, and more. Because that's how we roll.

Yes, we're doing it again - and hell yes, it is most definitely free and damn straight everyone's invited to come & do their thing. Get on a soapbox, roast the system. Get on stage, smash out a spoken word diatribe. Get dressed up and slay in the Best Dressed Contest. Print a zine, share it. Impromptu jam sessions. Renegade radio. All of that, and a whole lot more - just like the burn, it's your event to create as you wish, so step up and make it happen.

Date: 1st December
Time: 10am - 6pm
Venue: Lower Main Rd & Village Green, Observatory, Cape Town

More info? Head to the
Streetopia website for details - and keep an eye on the Streetopia FB page for announcements. We hope to see you there - and we hope you get dressed up in your Tankwa best!

This might be the 'quiet' period of our year, but the canny of you out there are already thinking way ahead, by starting fundraising initiatives for future projects already. That's a smart move, as it means efforts to get people's attention and support aren't drowned out by the deluge of activity that usually happens Feb to April. So, here are two efforts you might wanna check out, and show some love to:

You know 'em, and you've quite possibly even been spanked purple by them - they're the Purple Spanking Booth, and they're keen to ramp up their offering in Tankwa Town, by raising funds at this slice of naughty & nice. Their Bizarre Bazaar offers DJ's, shibari, their customary spanking wheel and stalls - and they're inviting you to add to the mix by getting dressed up in your gothiest, kinkiest, classiest best.

When: Saturday October 27th 7pm - 2am
Where: A Touch Of Madness, Obs, Cape Town
Tickets: Early Birds R150, Slackers R200 (
on Quicket)
Event page:
right here

Woof, woof, vroom vroom - yep, it's the wolfiest Mutant Vehicle in Tankwa Town, the Spirit Train, and his crew of dust-loving, beat-cranking, laser-shooting nutters is raring to get him out of his sabbatical cage and back where he belongs. But with big rigs come big responsibilities, and no small amount of funding, so the Lobo crew are calling for your support so they can do their thing (and some new things) next year. 

Help a howling wolf out? Show a steampunk rig some love? You can do that right
here by using their Quicket donation page (or you could also head to their Facebook page, where more options such as PayPal and a direct bank drop are detailed). Good luck, Lobotomisers!



When you open the gates to a city of hundreds - make that thousands - of camps, it's inevitable that a fair amount of recyclable material is generated. Now, we should all be stripping all packaging out before we hit the road, but even so, kakloads of it still piles up - and for 2019, a new initiative is in the making: Recycling Camp.

To get this off the ground, we're looking for humans inclined to make the most of what others throw away - in other words, if you've got green skills and would be interested in teaming with likeminded folks to run a recycling camp, our crew would love to hear from you. Mail, and let's see if we can't turn trash into treasure by working together.

Yep, it's true - that's all for manje. Be lekker to each other out there, humans - and take care of the planet while you're at it.

Travis Lyle
Minister of Yoh, Is It Really Almost September Already?

Hey! Still reading? Well done, here's a little something extra for you to exercise your eyes on. It's a tidy little snapshot of one person's experience in the dust this year that's fairly marbled through with oodles of joy. En... joy.


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