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 Everyone is invited to play: 'Lady Davina Browne Shrine' artwork, built by the Vuvucreative in 2011 (photo by Jonx Pillemer)

Tempus fugit? Hell, and how. Which means (it being the middle of September), that we're on the verge of kickstarting our annual cycle. And that can only mean that with our 2017 theme announced, project registrations are about to commence and you right there with your wild and wonderful ideas for a project can get down to brass tacks and kick out the jams. Yes, it's only September (and there are still 224 days until the Clan burns), but you know how it goes - from here on out the end of the year races towards us, and then the next thing you know...
In this newsletter:


A baardskeerder, in its natural habitat: the Tankwa (photo by Annibot) 

You would have seen one of them out there in the desert, coming at you looking like the unholy spawn of a spider and a scorpion. Thing is: they're harmless, and the reason that they seem to be chasing you is because (as their scientific name - solifuge - suggests) they're just trying to get some refuge from the sun. Moral of the story? Don't kill critters: all of the creatures are beautiful.

But there you go - our newsletter is no longer the 'AfrikaBurn Newsletter', because as you'd know that's a kinda boring name, and AfrikaBurn sure as hell isn't boring. Ladies and gents, behold: The Baardskeerder!

Got content for future Baarskeerders? Here's where you can do that:




You wouldn't know this, but behind the scenes at our HQ here at the Bijou in Cape Town, our team has been beavering away, redeveloping all manner of bells and whilstles on our website. It's been no small endeavour - and at this stage, all you'll be able to see will be the all-new project registration pages. But rest assured, we've got more tricks up our sleeves, and those will be rolled out soon to bring you a much better AfrikaBurn website.

But for now - and importantly for you with ideas of projects for next year's event - what you need to know is that we'll ready to receive your Art, Mutant, Performance and Theme Camp registrations (and also your Creative or Mutant Vehicle Grant applications) on MONDAY!

So, if you've dreaming up an amazing project for next year, now's the time to gather your thoughts and your crew, and start preparing the info you'll need to submit a registration for your project (or for a Grant).

Thanks to Andrew Paterson, Alastair Mason, Tim Doyle, Dimi Paraat, Skippy, Lloyd Hughes and Davina Hall for their help!






We're all about the experiment - hell, that's what we've been doing for 10 years! And over these past 10 years of dust, experiments and fire, we've had quite a few Town Halls. They're great opportunities to dig in and discuss weighty issues - and get the input of you right there, our community members. In the past they've been meetings with between 50 and 200 people, but here's the thing: with our community now pretty large, and very much spread across the whole of South Africa and beyond, it's no longer possible to have everyone in the same room. So, how to hold a Town Hall that's inclusive - and where people can listen, and be heard? Simple: technology! 

So, we're trying another experiment: we're going to host our first Town Hall Radio, on
Radio Free Tankwa, at the end of this month - here's how it'll work:

- A panel of AfrikaBurn directors and crew will be on air discussing the topic
- You'll then be able to call or text you comments and thoughts (on a number to be released closer to the date)
- You can also tweet
@AfrikaBurn or @RadioFreeTankwa
- And you can post on the Facebook event page, or email
- You can even use the chatbox on

The show will run from 6pm - 8pm on Friday 30th September. And the topic?


Check out the
event page on Facebook for more info.


(L - R) Oom Dawid Rooi (back to camera), Annie Le Roux, Kim Goodwin, Up Rize, Oupa Abraham Kruiper and Ulrich Udo Steenkamp (photo: Cassandra Metcalf)



You might've heard about it - but on the off-chance you didn't, here's the info: in Tankwa Town this year, it was our pleasure and an honour for our community to host members of the Khoi and San communities from Kalahari, Northern Cape, Beaufort West and George. They participated in the Intercultural Story eXchange, and in the Mantis Project - and played a role in the blessing and lighting of our Clan effigy.

The Intercultural Story eXchange was a project made possible by support from the Department of Arts & Culture, and saw notable elders such as Oupa Abraham Kruiper and Oom Dawid Rooi sharing their culture and stories with members of our community. Through this initiative, important bridges were built that will see this element of our event grow in years to come. We'd like to thank everyone involved in the initiative including Rob Weinek, Loz Tanner, Up Rize, Annie Le Roux and Klintin |Ae |Uib Whitehead.

Read all about the project here on the Binnekring Blog.  



Srping has sprung and there's shit to do - so we're hosting another Volunteer day in our monthly series at our yard. We'll be doing a bunch of stuff including making benches, painting and doing some general sorting and fixing of all the things we use for the thing in the desert. If you're in the area and up for getting dirty and meeting some of our crew, come on down and join us - lunch and refreshments (and dodgy banter) will be provided.

Bring: yourself (and some gloves)
Who's welcome? Everyone

Our effervescent Volunteer crew will be in attendance and are looking forward to a fun & busy session. 

Check out the
Facebook event page for more.




Once upon a time in a desert far, far away, a crew of wild women took matters into their own hands and took back their power. You might've heard of them: it's the Steampunk Saloon crew, who've brought you a rollicking rumpus tent (and no small amount of kick-ass beats) for the past few years in Tankwa Town - and have also run the Critical Tits parade. As a way to raise funds for their amazing camp they've published a calendar which features many of their crew and other proud women of Tankwa Town strutting their stuff.

The last few are flying - but if you move swiftly, you could snap up one of the last few remaining copies. Don't be a tit show some support! They cost R200 a pop and you can get yours by mailing Lady Magnolia on




We’re a long way off from crossing over the threshold into Tankwa Town - but there are already some bright sparks out there staging fundraisers - hats off to them: that's a smart move.

Green Jams & Ham

As an ode to the 2017 theme (it's 'Play' by the way) and the great man himself, a gallant gang of enthusiastic burners plan to build a Dr. Seuss-inspired roaming DJ art car - and you can have a taste test at their Green Jams & ham Fundraiser! This little shindig will feature none other than Dutch DJ Alex Cruz, as well as Marc Algranti, the man behind the legendary High T sunset sessions many of you would have enjoyed in the dust.

Check out the
Facebook event page here for info & ticket details. 

Birthday Suits Naked Camping Weekend 

They're Tankwa Town's first nude-positive naturist camp, and they're thinking ahead by staging quite a few fundraisers - and you're invited to their first: a naked camping weekend. It's R150 for the weekend and they're planning a seriously fun Saturday night.

Head to their
Facebook event page for more info.

It really and truly is, in fact. There you go - this is a quiet time of year for action & news - but that's all about to change from next week onward. Scan the channels and plan your projects: tempus fugit!

Travis Lyle
Minister of Information

Still reading? Nice - so, as you'd probably know, the Gerlach Regional wrapped up recently in another desert far away, and the interweb has been flooded with amazing images of stupefying art, mutants and costume, as it is every year. There are bazillions of galleries to check out, but among the best is this one right here, shot by Richard Ahlstrom, who also happened to have been in Tankwa Town this year. Enjoy.


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