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Time flies, and here's the proof: not very long ago we were at this very spot, itching and twitching, awaiting the release of our annual ticket sales. As far as markers on the road to the Tankwa go, it's a big one - with 175 days to go until we gather around the Clan again, it's a pretty good way to note the midway point of our annual cycle. 175 days may seem like a long time yet, but don't forget that the end of the year flies by like - whoosh - and the next thing you know, you've left the tar behind and have hit the dirt of the R355... and we all know what lies down that road.

In this newsletter:


(Yep, it's your first glimpse of the 2017's gorgeous artwork, and it was created by designer Jeanne Fourie

Tomorrow - 4th November - at 12 midday, we pull the trigger on our first General Sale. Ahead of that, we sent all 27 000 of you (true story: that's how many people have registered Burner Bios since we created it in 2014) a mailer that details everything you need to know to make your ticket purchase process as smooth as possible.

Didn't get it? No problem -
CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE TICKET MAILER and get all the info on what you need, and how it works. It's all pretty much the same as last year, and the year before that (as in, you need a Bio to buy tickets) apart from two really important points:


Before the sale starts, you need to check or update your Bio details. This means that if your ID number or date of birth was entered incorrectly, you can update and save the info and be ready to roll.


This time round, if you plan on bringing kids or minors, they need to be registered on your Burner Bio so you can buy tickets for them at the ticket checkout. To do that, log into your Bio, enter info into the Kids & Minors section, and save.

As usual, all you need to do when the ticket sale opens is:

- log into our site using your Bio details
- then click the 'Buy Tickets' option at upper right to be taken to the ticket checkout

You'll also be getting a handy mail from Quicket, today, that'll provide you with a direct link that does the same.




If you're on a project crew that was allocated Direct Distruibution Tickets, you'd know that you've had 2 weeks to make use of the link you were sent - and that those ticket links expire today, November 3rd, at 5pm. So, if you're sitting there reading this and have just realised that today is the last day you can use that link, it's officially time to make sharp. Why?

Because once that ticket link expires, your ticket wings its way into the General Sale tomorrow, and you can kiss it goodbye. So, if you don't want to kiss it off, get cracking and if you know anyone who's a little slow off the mark with this kinda thing, nudge them, text them - send them smoke signals if you have to - but get them moving on it, thanks. 



What to do when you have a wild flaming experiment in community, and you want to bring it alive in an urban area? You take it to the streets, is what! That's Streetopia - and it's happening for the second time at the end of this month, in Obs in Cape Town. It's shaping up to be quite the carnival - and it's 100% free, and you're absolutely invited to come along and do the thing you do in Tankwa Town, so well.

Thus far there are 3 small live music stages lined up with a wildly eclectic range of performers, as well as loads of buskers, performers, magicians, kid's activities - and of course, artworks and Mutant Vehicles from our thing in the desert.

If you'd like to add to the colour and vibe on the day, all you need to do is come along and do it. Or, if you need a specific location or space, you can always let our team know by using the relevant form on the Participation page on the Streetopia website.
And, if you'd like to check out the updates and announcements, head to the Facebook event page.

It all happens between 10am and 7pm along Lower Main Rd and on the Village Green in Obs on November 26th - and we hope to see you there!

Volunteer for Streetopia!

To make the event happen, we need hands on a number of areas - including setting up infrastructure, stages, signage and helping artists finish their installations. Got skills? Join the residents of Obs and our team members in making this great day on the streets happen! Here are some of the options available for volunteers:

Community Rangers
Set up & Strike
Art Assistants

If you'd any info about ways to get involved on the day, email

p.s: we'll be giving away free full-colour prints of the 2017 'PLAY' poster (which is a thing of great beauty, also designed by Jeanne Fourie) at Streetopia!




Every year, we distribute a chunk of funding to support all sorts of creative projects via our Creative Grant programme. This year, we've got just 21 projects that have stepped up and requested funding for their plans for the dust next year. That's great - but it's also a little less than usual, which is why extended the deadline for Creative Grant applications to the 6th - which is this Sunday. So, if you've got a project, and you need some help with funding it, best you hustle over to the Creative Grant Appliction page on our site and get applying. Do that here. 


GrantCom is our team that determines how Creative Grants get distributed in a way that promotes creativity, innovation, inclusion and diversity. In years gone by, this has been done by our ArtCom team - but we've opened it up to anyone that's applied for a Creative Grant over the last 3 years. If that's you, you're invited to participate in this year's round of Grant assessments.

How does it work?

Grant applications will be anonymously presented and each assessor will complete an assessment scoresheet based on the criteria, which you can
view here. All scores are then collated to determine which works make it to the selction phase.

Where, when etc? Here you go:

WHEN: Friday 11th Nov, 4pm - 8pm & Saturday 12th Nov, 10am - 4pm
WHERE: AfrikaBurn HQ, Bijou, 178 Lower Main Rd, Obs, Cape Town


(Biedouw Valley, Tankwa Karoo, today, November 3rd - as shot by Rob Weinek)


They're out there, right now, under the baking hot Tankwa sun, quite possibly dodging that wild desert wind and getting dust in their eyes. They're travelling from one location to another, with a team of medics and vets in tow, meeting karretjiemense and providing medical care to donkeys and people alike. Yup - it's our Outreach team, and they're doing their annual mission to help communities in need, in the Tankwa Karoo. As they mission through the baking vlaktes from one remote outpost to the next, they're dropping off gift parcels for the kids and adults too.

Many thanks go out to everyone that's helped with donations of care packages - and also to the Cart Horse Association for their ongoing assistance to the donkeys of the Tankwa. 

Find out more about our Outreach 




So, you're a relatively affluent individual? (reality check: if you're reading this, chances are, you are) And you think that this AfrikaBurn lark in the desert seems like a lot of fun - but you also feel like, hmmm, well, in the South African context, having all that fun is actually quite self-indulgent. That happened to you? It's rational under the circumstances. But, if the experience in the desert isn't already a leveller that wakes you up to the hard realities of being self reliant, deprives you of your cocoon and makes you want to make the world a better place, there is a way you can make a difference. It's called Pedals For Peace, and it involves you paying for a bike to use in Tankwa Town next year - and then having it donated to a community in need afterward.

So, relatively affluent individual, if that sounds like something you'd like to do, here's the news: Pedals For Peace are open for their 2017 round of AfrikaBurn bikes - and you can
find out more right here.

Thanks to David B and his team for making a difference to the lives of adults and kids across the Karoo by providing mobility and independence!
(Arteria at this year's event, shot by Jonx Pillemer) 

Our Arteria is the team that wrangle artworks at our thing in the desert - and if you've been along to Off-Centre Camp at any point, you'd have seen that they have a booth where art crews check in and get advice on placement and technical stuff like guy lines, lighting and magnet sweeps. As we grow, so the need to extend our Arteria team has also grown - and we're now establishing outposts beyond Cape Town so that if you right there have a burning question about bringing art to the desert, you can chat to someone closer than the southernmost city in Africa. 

Please welcome our newest Ateria crew members: Walter and Kayla! If you need to get in touch with them, here's how: 

Jozi and surrounds - Walter Bohmer -
Plett & Knysna / Garden Route - Kayla Wolfheart -

If you've brought art out to the Tankwa, are interested in providing advice to someone in your area and would like to join the Arteria team, shoot a mail to, thanks.


Ahead of Streetopia in 4 weeks' time, we're prepping a bunch of materials for use on the day - and are having Volunteer days at our workyard to knock it all into shape. One of the items we're working on is a bunch of bunting. If you've got some cotton fabric you want to get rid of, or you're a keen sewing machine operator and are interested in getting involved, you're welcome to join our crew as they sew the day away next weekend. We'll also be doing some work on other stuff like knocking some benches together and prepping signage.

Got sewing machine, fabric or skills? You'll do nicely, come along!

When: Sat. 12th Nov, 9am - 3pm
Where: 6 Nansen St, Obs, Cape Town
RSVP & info:

Check out the
Facebook event page here.



You'd have seen 'em, or at very least heard about them - they're the bevy of deadly dames who've raised temperatures in Tankwa Town ever since we've been fortunate enough to have had their Saloon in the mix. Staying on theme and kicking ass for women everywhere, they also host Critical Tits each year - and to raise funds for their rollicking rumpus tent, they've published a calendar that features many of their crew and other proud women of Tankwa Town strutting their stuff, all shot by Simon O'Callaghan. The last few are flying - and if you move quickly, you'll be among the lucky few who get their hands on a copy.

Get yours by mailing Lady Magnolia on

We're looking for an admin assistant to our Finance Lead and bookkeeper. The position's a paid internship, and preference will be given to previously disadvantaged individuals. If you're an interested applicant, you're invited to send an introductory mail, including your CV and any certification to by no later than midnight Sunday 27th November.

Only short-listed applicants will hear from us by mid-December to be invited for an interview. The position would need to be filled as soon as possible.

For more info, see
our Vacancies page.


It exists! And it's helluva beautiful too - and as it happens, we have had a crew called the DragonRainbow Collective step up and offer to collaborate with art crews at next year's event. They're offering to colour the flames of your piece literally all the colours of the rainbow. Amazing? Hell, and then some.

If you're interested in adding colour to the fire of your artwork when it burns down, contact the DragonRainbow crew on

Pretty much - after all, with a ticket sale on tomorrow, time's a-wasting, so we won't keep you. Well, other than to say that if you have friends, family or campmates who still haven't woken up to the fact that to buy tickets tomorrow they need to log in to make sure their Burner Bio's working, please do us a favour and yell at them "Oy! Muppet! Ticket sale tomorrow - make sure your Bio's active!". Or, you could just share this link with them. Lekker, shot, enkosi, grazie, spasiba, obrigado, siyabonga, dankie, sharp and thanks.

Travis Lyle
Information Pimp

Still reading? Great, you've clearly got time on your hands. Cool - if you're looking for something to read whilst you while away your time, check this out. It's the first part of a 5-part academic paper that features the work of John Steele, who's chosen AfrikaBurn and certain artworks and artists at it, as its focus. Enjoy the read - there'll be more installations in the series coming soon.


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