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(This glorious sunset shot off the year of the Trickster, 2014, was taken by Sean Furlong)  

It's October, the month named after Octa, the 8-legged patron saint of...uh... Grant applications! Now, it may seem that the thing we all do together in the dust is still a long way off yet, but you know what they say about the end of the year - take your eyes off of it for a moment and the next thing you know, it's March and you find yourself confused and feeling like life's pulled a fast one on you. Ja well no fine: time flies like an arrow, but deadlines fly faster than the speed of life. So sit up, sit back, pour yourself a cuppa and swipe on: if we're going to build that temporary city of ours, we're going to have to kickstart it all now.
In this newsletter:


(2018 Creative Grant recipient project 'Lightbridge' by the non_DU crew, shot by Isbjorn Viot aka Oakroo)  

So you've got a Collective crew together, you've registered your project, and the planning's going really well - but you're wondering how the hell you're going to fund that amazing thing you've dreamt up? Not all who wonder are lost - because, in case you hadn't heard, Creative Grants - and Mutant Vehicle Grants - are OPEN! But as we mentioned, deadlines travel faster than the speed of life - and the Grant deadline travels faster than most: it comes soon, on October 28th.

Want to get some funding? Here's how:

- Log into our site using your Burner Bio details
- Create a Collective and register your project (if you hadn't already done so)
- Then apply for a Creative Grant, or Mutant Vehicle Grant
- don't forget: Collectives that register projects are able to request free Vehicle Passes

It's that easy. Well, we say 'easy' but we know dreaming, creating and building projects isn't child's play - but that's why our crew of Theme Camp, Artwork and Mutant Vehicle Wranglers are standing by to assist you with any questions you might have about how to knock your plans into life. Register your project, and they'll be happy to assist you with advice.

Need more info?
Head to this article on our site and dig in.

(planning a Mutant Vehicle, and want some info on Mutant Grants, and some light relief? Click here)

                                                           (Welcome home - ring the bell & leave your entitlement at the door. Greeters at Virgin Bell, 2017, by Jonx Pillemer)

This time round, for the 2019 edition of this crazy autonomous experiment, we've embarked on a single-ticket-sale system - and that kicked off on September 26th. The sale is rolling right now - so if you haven't snagged your tickets yet, go & get 'em while you can. Here's how:

log into our site using your Burner Bio login details
- then click the green Buy Tickets button

And DDT's? This time round, Direct Distribution Tickets aren't being automatically allocated to Collectives (because we've noticed a drop-off over the last 3 years in people asking for them). However, if you are a longstanding crew you can still request a batch from your relevant Wrangler, through your project registration process.

For those folks that can't afford the General Sale ticket price, don't forget: we've always had lower-priced tiers that are aimed at ensuring our event is accessible to all. For info on how & when to apply for Subsidised Tickets and Anathi ('Community') Tickets,
head to our Tickets page and read the relevant section.


                                                        (What is it? It's just the best damn free community gathering of all time - and it's 100% free. Do come, it's lots of fun) 


Imagine that for one day, you were able to plonk Tankwa Town down in an urban area and fill it with the colour, chaos and good vibes of our desert town. That's Streetopia - and it happens once a year in Obs, Cape Town. Everyone's invited, as as the years have passed, they've come along and added their art, performance and costume to the mix.

This year's event happens on Saturday December 1st - and you're invited to step up and
participate in various ways:

- bring along an artwork, performance or mutant vehicle (let our team know by mailing
- volunteer to assist with art installations, as a Ranger or one of many other ways (
see options here)
- take a stall in the market, erect an art exhibition or host a workshop (
apply here)
- get dressed up in your Tankwa best and enter the Best Dressed Contest

Why do we do it? Because we can - and because it would be a sin to hide your creativity and colour under a Tankwa bushel, is why. Well, that, and because it's a way for us to give back to Obs, the community that's been home to our HQ since day one, and where so many projects and plans have been hatched and built.

Want more info? Head to
the Streetopia website - and mail our event team on to get involved.

See you there (we can't wait to see what you're wearing).


                                                                                                   (San Clan 2015 by Nathan Victor Honey and SKOP crew, as shot by Simon O'Callaghan)


You've seen news about members of our team rolling around the Northern Cape, erecting artworks in public places and hosting workshops, right? No? Oh hey, you're missing out - and should dig into the Blank Canvas Express page on Facebook to find out more. The team's now about to set sail for Round 3, which will take place in Richmond and De Aar, as a series of photo exhibitions (of Simon O'Callaghan's amazing prints from his book Burn - Into The Flames of Burning Art) and workshops will be rolled out. It all happens from the 24th - 27th of this month (but Simon O's exhibition of photo prints from many AfrikaBurn past, and also from Burning Man, will be on display at MAP Gallery in Richamond from next week until the end of November).

If you're in the area, join our team as they spread word about this crazy creative dusty thing we all do together.

Want more info? Head to
this Latest News piece on our site for all the dates and details.


Want to know how many people at this year's event came from Kenya? Ever wanted to know what the percentage of people is that are directly involved in bringing a project? (spoiler: it's shitloads) And hey, what's the data on people's experience of our new toilets? And how many people felt that the road safety levels were much higher this time round? 

Citizens and denizens, the answers to all of these questions - and many more - await you in our glorious and very revealing 2018 Survey! It does what it says on the box: kills gossip, dispels rumour and rectifies mistaken impressions. Contains no allergens. Safe for children of all ages. Non-GMO, dolphin friendly.

Click here to read & digest all the glorious data in our 2018 Survey.




You know the year's turning swiftly when the number of projects raising funds starts ramping up - and we have news of some very impressive 2019 projects that are already kickstarting their efforts, and also some deserving causes. Read on and support - after all, what goes around now comes around in the dust, and for us all as a community.

Sutherland School Fire Aid

On the evening of the 27th September, tragedy struck the Karoo town of Sutherland when the school, one of the oldest buildings in the dorp, caught fire. At this stage it's still not known what caused the blaze, but the majority of the heritage building was gutted - and efforts are now underway to rebuild. If you're a lover of SKOP (the Sutherand Kuns Opvoedings Projek, which has seen some of the largest artworks in Tankwa Town prepped in the town's square) or would otherwise like to help a Karoo dorpie out, head to our donations page on Quicket and gooi some love at them.

Eddie Zoom

He's the geezer that's been a feature of many live stages in the dust, and at our Decompressions, over the years - and he's faced with the Big C. Yep, our man Eddie has got cancer - and we're doing what we can to help him out. We've been alerting folks to various fundraising initiatives to help him out, and we have a donations page set up where you can help directly.

Click here to show Eddie some love.

                                                                                                                            (The rare Tankwa wolf - The Spirit Train - as shot by Mia Dyason in 2015)

The Spirit Train

With big rigs come big responsibilities - and also a big crew, and long list of tasks and items that, without which, the magic couldn't happen. Which means? Ah - it means The Spirit Train is mustering its troops, dusting off its wolf and setting its sights on being the baddest biggest rig in Tankwa Town in 2019!

Excited much? You're not alone; we're very keen to see what they have in the mix, and word from the wolves themselves is that it will be a very diverse mix that won't be limited to 4-4 beats and may well include live performance, and also an artwork. To help them rev their motor and roll onto the Binnekring, help 'em out with some love over on
this donation page (or if you're a PayPaller, you can drop your love here).

                                                                                                                                                                   (Thanks to the SkyLabyrinth crew for this render)


You might've caught word of this project - but if you hadn't, here's the newsflash: SkyLabyrinth will be the world's first  raised 3D labyrinth path, and it will debut in Tankwa Town next year. Consisting of a raised path that inclines towards the centre, this enormous land artwork is designed to evoke metaphor, mindfulness and provide a contemplative experience. The crew behind it - including creator Carl Pretorius - were on site in the Tankwa last week dowsing the piece's energy centre, and are sourcing funds far and wide to make this amazing piece rise on time. The height of the piece will be 6m at its centre, beneath which a sacred space will be held for ceremonies and dedications. 

You can assist them in realising this dream artwork by showing them some love over on
their crowdfunding page - and if you're in Cape Town over the next few weeks, you can also view the project maquette and discuss the plans with Carl at the Oranjezicht City Farm Market, where he will be found every Sunday starting 28th of October.  

Find out more about this amazing project over on
their Facebook page.  

                                                                                                                                           (Thar she rolls - O-Hey-Sis, an oasis on the move in the dust)


Every dust town needs a roaming oasis, right? Dead right - and there's a crew out there who are hoovering up recycled materials and tiki torches to make that happen, just so you right there can step aboard and be rolling in the deep. The deep Binnekring, that is. They're calling this fabulous mutant vehicle O-Hey-Sis, and their plans - including misters by day and flames by night - are very much afoot, with a range of treats and rewards available to everyone that supports them in bringing their project to life. 

Help a mutant out -
head for their crowdfunding page and help them make it happen.  


Fundraiser Workshop

If all of these project fundraisers have got you thinking "Hmmm, we should get our project funding plans in order", well, good news - we're hosting a Fundraiser Workshop at our HQ in Salt River, Cape Town, on November 14th - and you're invited along to learn from veteran project crew members about how they've effectively set up and run fundraiser initiatives over the years. Also in attendance will be members of our team who'll be sharing their tips on stuff like setting up crowdfunders and why there are some periods of the year that are better than others as far as fundraiser events go.

When: Wednesday 14th November, 6:30pm
Where: HQ, 8 Junction Rd, Salt River, Cape Town
Event page for more info?
Right here.

(if you're not able to personally make it, check the event page closer to the date for a video stream link, and tune in)

The fire's catching! There are now 4 - count 'em: AfrikaBurn, Sentella, Wildeburn and Aftermath - burn events in SA, which must say something about moths and flames and how humans want to investigate ways to be more human and less consumer. For those of you up in the Gauteng and Mpumalanga areas (and even for those in KZN), here's news on the latest collaboration in our wider community: Sentella and Wildeburn are teaming up this year to bring you a combined event outside Barberton. It all kicks off next weekend, with gates opening Oct 24th.

Want more info? Head to the
Sentella/Wildeburn event page on Facebook, and if you can make it, represent!


To do all of the things we do takes communal effort - one of the 11 principles that underscore everything we do - and we often have open days at our HQ where we invite anyone to come along and help our crew prep all sorts of materials and equipment. These are fun days, where everyone gets to muck around according to their skills and affinities.

We've got one happening this weekend, during which we'll be doing signwriting, sewing and fabric painting - some of which is ahead of Streetopia, and some of which is long-sighted prep for Tankwa Town next year. If you'd like to meet some of our team and hang out with interesting folk, come on over and join us.

When: Saturday October 20th, 10am - 4pm
Where: HQ, 8 Junction Rd, Salt River, Cape Town
What: paint, fabric, signs, lunch & refreshments

Event page?
Right here.



A lot can go wrong in a desert town where there are numerous moving and sharp objects, things on fire, things in the dark - and of course, well, humans. One of the big & important reasons that things go so smoothly in Tankwa Town, despite the odds, is that there's a crew of volunteers who love other humans enough to keep them safe - and those are our Rangers.

They're not the police, and they're not security guards - but they've got skills in mediation and awareness that help ensure our community's safe and disputes are wrangled towards happy endings. If these sound like your skills, you're more than welcome to join the orange - and if you're in Cape Town this Saturday, you're welcome to come along and join a Ranger Basic Training session happening at our HQ. 

When: Saturday 20th Oct, 9am - 3pm
Where: 8 Junction Rd, Salt River, Cape Town
What: learn new skills, meet lekker people
Event page?
Here you go.

Not quite! As we prepare for Streetopia on Dec 1st, our crew of radio pirates that drive our community radio station in the dust - Radio Free Tankwa - are prepping some tech and toys and training some volunteers, as they'll be streaming on the day from a secret location in Obs. So, if you'd like a laugh and some great tunes, tune in on Saturday from around 5pm (on, which streams 24/7 all year) to hear their crew tinkering, talking and dropping beats.

Travis Lyle, Minister of Coffee and Communications

Hey! You still there? Lekker - seen our 2019 Ephemeropolis poster yet? No? Ah, you're in for a treat. Click this and enjoy - and yes, there's a hi-res PDF there for you to print out. If you want a free glossy A2 version, come along to Streetopia and pick up yours then. See you there.


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