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And then suddenly there we all were, staring down the end of a year as it swiftly approached. And what a year it's been. The world has changed, and so have we: the rona has put a punctuation mark in all our lives, marking a line in the sand that will forever describe a time before and a time after. A line on the other side of which everything will be different. And as the new frontier of the future opens up, should we be looking at 2021 as a big reset, a clean slate and a chance to invent the world anew? Hell yes - and as it turns out, we've been practicing that all along. Ready for the future? What a question. You've been ready all along...

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It's a whole new world - and in it, we're all finding new ways of being and doing. And importantly as we look to the future, we'll be doing it in a new place: Quaggafontein.

How is Quaggafontein different or similar to the location of our previous desert gatherings, Stonehenge? To answer this question, over the last year members of our team, along with specialists in a variety of fields (including soil geologists, archaeologists and heritage consultants) have spent time at our new desert home, analysing and surveying the landscape to determine what the appropriate next steps could be, and what areas would be suitable for hosting gatherings in the desert, and not.

As we find our feet in this new space, so we're inviting you to a Town Hall to ask questions, and for our team to get a sense of what you see when you look into the future. What are your fears, hopes, dreams, apprehensions and bright ideas? Let's hear them, and talk about them!

When: 7pm, Thursday 5th November
Where: online
Facebook Event Page?
Right here.

Look out for the online meeting link on our social media channels (and on this article on the
Latest News page of our website)


This year, we’re not able to close the streets and fill them with stages, colour and crowds to create a Streetopia like we've done over the last 5 years but we’re still proceeding with a gathering and showcase of creativity, online - with an event named e-Topia, because, well, we're kinda unputdownable like that.
What's Happening On The Day?
On the day, you'll be able to watch and interact with a broadcasted schedule of live performances, music and art from a variety of locations including venues in Obs, the Northern Cape and Gauteng. Venues in Obs will be participating as usual, and this year instead of hosting stages on the Village Green and Lower Main Road, there'll also be a broadcast of music and performance from the AfrikaBurn HQ.
Interested in Participating?
If you've got an activity featuring art, music or performance that you'd like to have added to our schedule - or if you have a venue in Obs that would be open to hosting activities - you're able to register your participation in this year's event by submitting your info on our Participation Form. Or, feel free to mail our team on and they'll get back to you with info on how you can plug into the plans.

When: Saturday 5th November, 10am - 6pm
Where: Online, featuring streams from Obs (Cape Town), Warrenton (Northern Cape), Vosloorus (Gauteng) and Mahikeng
Event Page?
Right here.



The Ilukuluku Temple of Curiosity crew have been working hard at creating their monumental project - and of course, the rona threw a curveball at them, just like the rest of us, but that hasn't stopped them from trucking on with a range of projects and initiatives to keep the spirit alive.

Last month, we brought you news about their crew upgrading a Cape Flats school - and now, we've got news about the artworks they've been working on, which will be on display at the Zeitz MOCAA.

To find out more, head to the
Facebook Event Page right here.



Out there in the dust over the years, it would be very true to say that all of the art, theme camps, mutant vehicles and other experiences that are created and shared carry a strong spirit of volunteering. That's Gifting for you - that, and the generosity of a community that willingly throw their free time and energy at projects simply for the joy of sharing them with perfect strangers like yourself. To put the spotlight on the heroes of the dust that have provided amazing experiences for us all, our Volunteer lead, Shannon Smith, has begun creating the Humans of AfrikaBurn series of interviews.

First up is legendary artist Kim Goodwin, who along with his crew The Dandylions, has created some of the most moving and stupendous pieces that we as a community have had the privilege of experiencing.

Read his
interview over on the Binnekring Blog - and keep a look out for more Humans in the spotlight.



Camp Buy A Donkey is organising weekend-long event called Pow Wow - A Celebration of Regeneration on the first weekend of December. It's also a fundraiser for the Eseltjiesrus Donkey Sanctuary (their chosen project to support for the 2020 Burn - they wanted to send a donation raised from our AfrikaBurn theme camp) - but alas, it was cancelled like the rest of 2020. But now with things opening up again, they're still keen to support this wonderful space and do something pro-active, while giving people an opportunity to connect again.

Their Pow Wow will be run in line with our general ethos - and they'd like to invite all burners in the Gauteng area to participate, collaborate, share and enjoy. Interested in participating? Here's what they're looking for:

  • Volunteers to assist on the day (Burn volunteers are great to work with as we all know)
  • Keen to invite people to set up art installations/just art in general to liven up the place.
  • We also have quite a large space suitable to do a burn or two. 
  • Vendors

When: December 4th to 6th
Where: Kataluma Function Venue, Plot 199, Swavelpoort, Pretoria
Event Page?
Right here.
More info? Click on:


(Thanks to Sean Furlong for this shot of Neil in the dust)



There's a longstanding member of our Department of Mutant Vehicles who's a barrel of laughs, and a hairdresser, and something of a trickster in his own right - his name is Niel Ferreira, and news reached us recently that he'd suffered a stroke. To assist Neil, his loving friends are rallying together and have created a crowdfunder to help raise some funds to help him through a challenging time.

If you've ever met Neil, in the dust or beyond it, you'd have been the beneficiary of his wonderful sense of humour - and round about now would be a great time to show your appreciation for this stalwart of our nutty DMV.

To show Neil some love, check out the crowdfunder
right here.




We've opened our workshop space on a monthly basis for skillshare workshops, and the next one up is a drumming workshop! Bring your drum along, and get schooled by a master. There'll be music, tea and coffee - bring your snacks, your masks, your cleanest hands and get ready to drum up a storm.

All workshops are on a donation basis - you pay what you feel, and pay what you can. These costs will contribute to the host's costs and the self sustainability of Volunteer portfolio.

When: Saturday 21st November, 10am - 2pm
Where: AfrikaBurn HQ, 8 Junction Rd, Salt River, Cape Town

To RSVP, connect with us at



Some years are better than others. Some years deserve a place on the mantelpiece, a gilded frame, a special mention on the wall of fame. Others, like 2020, well...they get relegated to the also-rans. But if there's one takeaway about this, Our Year Of The Rona, it's that despite the ups and downs of lockdown and the very real personal challenges and curveballs that we've all had to handle, we have made it out better, stronger and humbler for it. We've learned to appreciate the simple things, and the ties that bond us have not been broken, despite distance and disturbance. So keep your spirit shining - and keep looking to the horizon and the future. After all, It's where the light beckons us on.


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