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 (A big yellow welcome in the setting sun, as shot by Raving Fox)

Well hello, howzit, heita, sawubona, molweni, dumela, jambo, salaam, bom dia, bon giorno, ciao, hola, bonjour, guten tag, privyet, namaste, konnichiwa, ni hau, sawadee and kia ora. We've hit the ground running - and you probably have too, by the looks of it on Tribe, where there's a whole lot of shaking going on: hundreds of projects are being registered as Collectives collaborate, create and crack on with the business of being creative. Result. After all, there are just 99 days 'til we gather round the Clan again. 99 days? Hayibo... nah, turns out, it's actually 98.

Welcome to 2018.

In this newsletter:


(The long and winding R355 - thanks to Sarah Duff for this shot)

How many tickets are there for this year's event? Same as last year - 13 000. Why? Because we're having a pause year - and because 'bigger is better' is the kind of kak gedagte we leave behind when we head into the desert. Want some bad advice? Go ahead and try your luck in our 2nd General Sale on Feb 28th (it's always a scramble). Want some good advice? If you create a Collective and register your project, you can request Direct Distribution Tickets (and avoid the scramble) for you & your crew.

DDT's - What, Where & When?

Our 2nd round of DDT allocations is now open - and you've got until Feb 26th to use the links to buy 'em. To register your project & request DDT's,
head to this right here and follow the pointers. And if were you one of the many folks who was allocated a DDT in the last round, but didn't use the link in time, here's a present for you: your link is now active again, so find it in your email and go ahead and use that. Happy New Year.

psst: if you registered a project and requested DDT's, but haven't received the info for some reason, get in touch with one of our Wranglers via
tcc@ (for Theme Camps), artwrangler@ or


In other ticketing news, our Community Tickets are now live - and they're our (heavily discounted to R180) tickets that come bundled with Access Grants. Because why? Because inclusion - after all, we create this massive flaming kumbaya together in South Africa, where the playing field is hardly level. So, if you're someone who needs some help to participate (or you know someone who could use the assistance),
head here to check out the application form.

Mayday Tickets? Kid's Tickets? Vehicle Passes?

For info on everything tickets, as always you'll find that
right here on our Tickets page.

                                                          (And the award for Most Fabulous Dusty Mutant goes to... Molly The Mollusc! Thanks to Jan Verboom for this shot)


So you've been building a jellyfish / Roman chariot / ladybird / articulated puffadder Mutant Vehicle? Sounds about right - but did you know that you can apply for a Grant, for your Mutant? It's true - and MV Grants went live yesterday - just be aware that (just like Creative Grants), you'd first need to register your Mutant before applying for a Grant. If your Roman jellypufferbird isn't yet registered, bust a move and log into your Bio, create a Collective and hit the MV Registration button - and then apply for a Grant. And yes, you most definitely do need to register any Mutant, because we like to make sure humans stay safe in the dust. Need info on Mutant Vehicles? Hit this.

In case you're one of the folks under the impression that creating a Collective is the same thing as registering a project, listen up: nope. Your Collective is where you & your project crew can collaborate on Tribe (our website's new creative space). If you need help navigating this new aspect of our site, head here for some helpful tips.


                                                                                                                                                                     (Go on, then - this isn't a spectator sport. Thanks to Jonx Pillemer for the reminder)


Round about now is when the number of enquiries about 'How do I join a camp / art crew / Theme Camp / Mutant posse?' start ramping up across social media, and also in mails to our team. For those out there asking these perennial and evergreen questions, good news: we have ways and means. Among them is our Join A Project page, which enables anyone with a Burner Bio to browse & contact registered projects & crews that have indicated they're open to new members.

Log into our site, and then head here to browse
Join A Project.

                                                                                                                  ('Pause' by Sue Guldemond & team, at last years event, shot by Sandy Phillips)


Accreditation for all of you with lenses, pens, film and tripods opens on the 22nd - and in order to apply, all you need to do is fill out our form, and submit a proposal of what you're planning in terms of coverage. It's 100% free, gratis & mahala - but of course, accreditation entitles successful applicants to pretty much fokol (including tickets) because, well, ours isn't a commercial event which seeks Major! Media! Coverage! in all the right places in order to make profit or a good return on investment (because this whole dusty affair is a non-profit).

Oh - and lastly, a reminder: Tankwa Town isn't available for any promotions, activations, advertising or branding of any shape, size or colour. It's also not the place to shoot a music video for your band, or launch your new product range - because our town is a decommodified zone.
Decommodification? Yup, that's how we roll. And personal use of photos & film? You're good to go: as long as it's not published through a media title or invades anyone's right to express themselves. Remember the pink NO PHOTO NO VIDEO wristbands (available for free at our Ice station) - if someone's wearing one, don't point a lens at them, at all.

Looking to apply for accreditation?
Head here to read up about lens & coverage etiquette (ahead of the link going live).



A lot of us in this dust-lover community are involved in building artworks, theme camps, home camps and lots of other things - and often, this means sourcing large amounts of equipment, materials and so on, which sometimes involves getting suppliers to deliver goods or set up technical infrastructure. In a lot of cases, this is a necessary part of creating Tankwa Town - but what can sometimes happen is that suppliers don't understand how our event works, and approach it with a service mentality. Like everything at our event, there's a fine line between the ethos of what we do and facilitating the work we do together out there.

To help everyone concerned navigate the ins & outs of this area, we've established some Supplier Guidelines - and we're looking for your feedback and engagement. If you've got some ideas or would like to know more (and you're in Cape Town or can join via an online hangout), there's a briefing happening:

When: Thurs 1st February
Where: AfrikaBurn HQ, 8 Junction Rd, Salt River, Cape Town

For info on our Supplier Guidelines,
check this page out.


                                                                                                               (Yep, anyone can be a Ranger - even you. Thanks to Gita Claassen for this shot)


As we kick into 2018, so a splurge of training dates for our orange and green crews (that would be Rangers and Sanctuary to you) are planned in Cape Town, Jozi, Pitoli and the Garden Route - and there's a handy list of them here:








                                                                                                      (Thanks to Annie Fuller of the Stofadil Sentinel and Ranger corps for this handy listing)

Anyone's welcome to train up as a Ranger or Sanctuary crew member - though if you're looking to join our Sanctuary harm reduction team, you should mail (or visit the Sanctuary page) to get a sense of the skill set they're after. If you'd like to know more about what our Rangers are, or how Sanctuary works and what it offers participants, take a look at these pages:

Ranger page on our website
Sanctuary page on our site  




Got a fundraiser planned? Here's a tip: don't wait until April to do it, because the closer it gets to our date with the dust, the more you'll be competing with other, bigger, fundraisers. Make the most of Feb & March - and get in touch by submitting your raiser info via our Newsletter Submission page

Steampunk Saloon Stomp

Swing? Blues? Funk? Charleston? Jazz? Tribal? South American? Rock? Country? Folk? Synth? It's all happening courtesy of the bevvy of beauties that kick ass every year in the dust, Steampunk Saloon. Get along and prepare to blow off some steam in fine style; if you play your cards right, you might even get spanked.

When: Fri Feb 9th, 7pm - 1am
Where: Rust, 79 Station Rd, Obs, Cape Town
Damage: R100 on the door
Event page:
right here

CEXxy Camp

Fancy a weekend away from it all in the country, with a gaggle of broad-minded explorers? CEXx has set it all up for their first raiser of the year, outside Cape Town. If it's kink, sex-positive and gender inquisitiveness that moves you, this one's for you:

When: Feb 16 - 18
Where: Tesselaarsdal, Western Cape
More info: check out the
Facebook event page here



Our coders & tech brainiacs are hosting the first Hackathon of the year - and you right there are invited! This session is all about dreaming & planning our tech infrastructure so that we can accelerate and enhance the way our community uses our website so that it can become a versatile community hub that offers all the functions you require, now and into the future. Sound good? This is something that you can join in person, or remotely - because we want as much engagement with this as possible. Here's the lowdown:

When: Feb 2nd - 4th
Where: HQ (Junction Hotel, 8 Junction Rd, Salt River, Cape Town - or online via Hangout session)
What: tech, organising, mobilising, designing & dreaming
hit the FB event page


Crews in Gauteng & surrounds - got a burning desire to talk art, camp plans, logistics and general What The Hell Is This Thing I've Committed To In The Desert? This one's for you:

When: Thurs, Jan 25th
Where: Zoo Lake Bowls, Jozi
More info:
check out the FB event page


We share this on behalf of the Daybreak crew and all who knew Henk:

"Ever been to Daybreak for a cuppa when the queues were too long at Alienz? Also got home-baked beskuit and cookies to boot? Our Henk Moller knew how to laugh - and host. Vol seile al die pad tot die einde. You'll be missed... and are loved.

Please join the Reon and the Daybreak crew at this year's burn for a celebration of Henk's life."

Not quite: we'd like to take this opportunity to remind all Capetonian readers that, in the dust, we all get along quite fine on 5 litres of water a day. With that in mind, it's worth stating that round about now is a good time to take those water & survival lessons from the dust, and make good use of them.

Travis Lyle
Minister of (insert witty title here)

Ah - still reading, eh? Lekker - if you'd like a sneak peek of the plans for this year's Temple artwork, take a look over here on the Oasis crowdfunding page - and if you're up for pitching in, contact the crew and get involved. Good luck to Anushka and everyone else making it happen!


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