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                                                          ('Skeleton Leaf Of Change' artwork, with fire dancer Diva So Que Nao at last year's event, shot by Chris Leggatt)


Give up yourself into this moment; the time to get your shizzle together is nowish. Or so the song (sorta) goes. DPW are on site, as are our Demarcation crew, and they're prepping our city's roads, toilets, signage and a whole lot more, ahead of your arrival in the temporary autonomous zone. On your end, you're steadily building up a supply of survival gear and supplies - and if you're part of a Collective creating a project, your free time's being mopped up by the zillion tasks it takes to create a city of magic together. So far so smooth - or at least, we hope it's going as smoothly for you as it is for us. Good luck with it all - we're almost rolling into the dust.

Gates open in 25 days!

In this newsletter:


                                                                    (Welcome Road - named in honour of a project crew member that passed away in an accident on the R355. Photo: Jonx Pillemer)   


Yes that is indeed the end of the General Sale that you see speeding towards us: and it will land at 4pm on Monday (8th April). Got your ticket/s yet? No? One more time, from the top, for old time's sake: 

- log into our website (
- then hit the Buy Tickets button

And once the sale closes? As always, that's when your only resort would be to buy resold tickets, through the legit channels set up by our ticketing agent: TicketPony, and STEP. Remember: scammers are real, and they will happily snake your cash money. Don't be a sucker: stay informed, to stay safe.

Need info on event tickets, resold tickets, kid's tickets and Vehicle Passes?

Directly from Julia 'Ja But No But' Savage, our head of Gate & Ticketing, here's a handy guide to our gate opening & closing times - take note if you're a critical member of a Collective that's setting up projects, so you're not caght out:



Ever since 2007 when our city of dust first rose up inspired by Burning Man, our team and members of our community have pondered the principle of Radical Inclusion and how it relates to our shared South African reality. After many discussions with members of our community, and also with Burning Man's team, the result is that we've made an adjustment to Radical Inclusion that contextualises the text in acknowledgement of the challenges many members of our growing and diverse community face. And that's the text you see above, which will be our version of Radical Inclusion from here on out.

The aim here is that this adjustment, in addition to the many mechanisms we've put in place (like Anathi Tickets, Access Grants, Spark Grants and our various Outreach initiatives) will serve to widen the circle, practically and philosophically.

If you'd like to dig deeper and find out more,
click here. Many thanks to everyone involved in this process!

                                         (Disabled warrior princess Princes Feisty sat on her steampunk steed, Katryn. Photo by Greeters champion, Gulden Aktugan)


Often, when a discussion around Radical Inclusion comes up, people think in terms of access and having the means to get out into the desert, and how that relates to social demographics - but what's often less thought of is how an event like ours presents a challenge to those that are lesser abled. Everyone's invited to work and play - and that includes disabled people of all colours, shapes and sizes, and we know this because we have our own in-house expert on the matter. Princess Feisty is disabled herself, and has worked in the disability rights movement and thus has many years' experience consulting on matters of access and inclusion for disabled folk.

So, if you've got any questions about what the challenges of our event are and how our team can assist, she's your go-to person that can help improve your experience of Tankwa Town. Got a question? Mail her on  

                                                                                                                                                                                                            (Concept art by Severin Taranko)


Artist Severin Taranko's AfrikaBurn Wristband Project - which aims to raise the status of our wristbands up to the level of high art - is racing along to its conclusion and to make it all happen, Severin's raising funds on his website - so if you're an art lover and like the sound of wearable art on your arm, click this (and prepare to be very impressed).  

                                                                                                              (They're tiny, but they do huge damage: look out for them, and the signs of their presence)


No, not poly like that but rather like this: Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer. Get to know the name (poly = many, phagous = feeding, therefore: the beetle that feeds on many types of trees). In case you didn't get word yet about this issue, here's the lowdown: this invasive beetle and the Fusarium fungus that it infects trees with are killing many species of trees across South Africa. And here's where you come in: if you're bringing wood of any kind to our event site, you need to be on the alert and inspect the wood to make 100% certain you're not spreading this beetle's progress.

Our advice (whether you're bringing wood for your campfire) is to pick up firewood at your last possible opportunity, which also makes sense as far as saving on your fuel bill. And as far as 'last possible opportunities', that would be in Ceres in the south or Calvinia in the north - or from either of the raodside stores on the R355 (Halfway House or Tankwa Padstal). And for projects bringing wood as part of artworks or theme camps, we advise that you closely inspect the wood for any signs (like the image above) of infestation - and not bring that wood, at all.

Want resources about this beetle, and how to prevent its spread?
Click here.



Like with so many aspects to what we do, a volunteer's stepped forward to create an app for this year's event (and another app's being worked on right now) - and Nathan Stasin's is ready to roll, on Android. Here's word from him:

"I've developed a free app for this year's event - and you can
download the Android version right here. The aim of the app is to encourage community participation by providing info about each of the amazing projects you'll find in the dust. The idea is that can find info such as the artist manifesto, project website, Collective info etc. Maybe you can even join that awesome Collective next year and help out!

Other features include an offline map of AfrikaBurn, weather forecast and QR scanner for reading QR's on artworks and Mutant Vehicles - and more features will be added in the lead-up period to the event. Any suggestions welcome: mail me on




"We're looking for collaborators who would like to present on all things ZEN-archic or BLISS-tastic! We've got a dedicated workshop and presentation area for your contribution on any bliss-raising subject in fields such as movement, flow, biohacking, creativity and art, sound and rhythm, conscious sexuality or whatever else you think will help improve the general bliss levsl fo Tankwa Town citizenry."

Got something to offer? Mail no later than April 9th.

The Ubuhlanti crew are hosting a Speaker Series at their artwork this year, with the theme of 'What Is The Positive Change You Want To See In The World?' - and they're inviting you to step up and deliver a lecture or discussion on how you would like to change the picture for the better. Got stories about personal positive impact, or how communal and individuals efforts can make a difference?

Yes? Brilliant -
click here to sign up and get more info.
                                                                                                                                                                                                    (Thanks to David Bellairs for this shot)

When it comes to prepping for our event, there are not a lot of services that we will ever mention or suggest - for good reason - and of the few that we ever do, those have social development aspects that qualify them. Here's word from David Bellairs and the Pedals For Peace crew:

"We're down to the last 20 bikes for anyone still wanting to secure them for this year's AfrikaBurn event.
Book yours here. Here are some of the recipients of the bikes from our 2018 round of post-event distribution. Erin with the orange top and Thomas with the red are two of our amazing young students from the Hangberg community, whose lives have been changed as a result of bikes gifted by Burners last year. 120 bikes were also distributed in the Ceres area, and in 2019 the numbers of bikes will be boosted to schools in the same area by about 180 units."
                                                                                                                                                                                                   (Thanks to Sukey Thomas for the shot)


The prickly what now? The Prickly Parlour - which is a returning project. It's a fully-furnished old-timey lounge covered with plush cacti and set within the desert. It also has an old gramophone that play soundscapes and lekker tunes - and the crew behind it are hosting a pub quiz to raise some dosh.

When: Friday 12th April, 7pm
Where: Kelvin Corner, 170 Victoria Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town
Cost: R80 per person / R70 if you EFT

Sign up right here if you're game for it.
More info? Right here.


There's a crew out there  with a lust to build a huge snake - and they want your love to make it happen. Here's word:

"One day late in 2018 we woke up with a collective hallucination of a huge wooden snake, rearing up out of the desert, it's tail forming a dancefloor. And we thought 'Why not ramp it up? Make it a ginormous snake, reaching 7m tall, red mouthed and rave-hungry, its tail looping round to form a dancefloor?"

The snake is 80% funded, but could really use your help to push it across the line. Like the sound of it? Want some lazers with that? Come ride the snake -
hit this to show your love!

The Tankwa Retirement Home theme camp is opening its doors for the first time in 2019 - and it's partnered with two old age homes in Calvinia and Sutherland, which are two Karoo towns nearest Tankwa Town. The crew will be collecting and gifting to these really worthwhile places - so please feel free to bring and donate any frail care items, walking aids, tinned food, toiletries, deodorants, books, adult diapers and anything else that could benefit these communities.

To drop off, go and visit the Tankwa Retirement Home (look them up in the WTF Guide) or contact Trevor directly on to arrange drop off / collection in Cape Town.


All those bras and panties that you don't use any longer - yes, even you, John - can go to a good cause. Our Rangers, on behalf of the ZABRA AfreeBra initiative, will be collecting bras and panties to distribute to shelters for abused women, orphanages and abuse & human trafficking victims. Bring them clean, but bring them along to Ranger HQ. If you'd like more info, email Tigger on


Maya Bogaert's project - The Union - is looking for scrap wood, helping hands and ways to activate their artwork. Here's word from her:

"Oh hey, a Union - is it an Onion? What's the 21m circular maze all about? It's going to be a versatile space for performance, talks, gatherings or just a great place to sit and feel United in. The Union is about a spiritual inner journey - but all of this own't happen if we don't all stick together and make it happen! So, lekker - you're keen to help? Here's how:
- got wooden pallets, scraps from your build, leftovers? Bring them to us on site (find our location in the WTF Guide)
- got itchy hands, begging you to put them to hard work? Yay - come & join our United crew and build the layers that we're going to burn off.
- want to collaborate in various ways? Awesome, let's have a chat - please email me on b "

For more info on this project,
head here.


The Ilukuluku crew are busy as all hell - here's what they've got going on:

ILUKULUKU POPUP: Curious Closet Fundraiser

Looking for interesting and curious finds? Come and explore closet rails at The Bello Studio at the Old Biscuit Mill this coming Saturday 6th April from 9am - 3pm. All proceeds go towards the material costs of the artwork. The rails will feature a fine selection of rare finds: vintage, thrift, handbags and shoes that have been donated to us. Also available will be the crew's custom printed garments that will be available for order, and the hand-painted panels from their structure will also be on exhibit. Each panel is up for adoption - and the panels of this piece won't be burnt (they'll be donated to a local school to raise the levels of art).

More info? Headc to
their Facebook page


Fancy dress lovers - to all of you that have loved wearing outfits from Camp Bedazzled in the past, and to those of you that enjoyed our outfits (but didn't return them) please consider donating to help them restock, so they can continue gifting costumes and accessories in Tankwa Town. They want your unwanted fancy dress items - and if you're in Cape Town, they'd love you to contact them so they can stitch that up.

Got items to donate? Contact Timea on 083 633 0121 or email





Sure, we haven't even tasted the dust yet this time round - but put this in your pipe and smoke it so long: our Decompression is ON, and you're invited to set aside a little costume and decor, and bring it along to make a slice of Tankwa Town come alive in Cape Town. Bring your bike too, and whip around the track!

When: June 1st
Where: Killarney Race Track
Keep an eye out for more info - we'll be announcing the event page soon!


They're roaring for action - and this time round, the Leopard Mafia are doing it in collaboration with the Spirit Train's Lobo Lounge. Head along on the Thursday of event week from 3pm and prepare to prowl:
- bring your beautiful self dressed in your spotted best
- bring dancing shoes and good vibes
- bring your thirst - but also bring your own cup (for the cocktails)

More info? Hit
their page on Facebook.

Short and sweet - hey, ain't nobody got time for long farewells at this point of our year - we wish you all the best with that amazing project you're creating, and will see you soon in Tankwa Town.

Travis Lyle
Head of Communications

Hey! Still reading? Lekker - seen the Spirit Train's story rolling out on the Binnekring Blog? No? Well here's how to change that.


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