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                                                                              (Damn, what do you call THAT?? Oh, we call it Tuesday afternoon. Photo: Steven Morrow, 2015)  


A whole new year and a whole new world lie just around the corner. Now, say what you will about 2019, but the simple fact is that it was clearly a stepping stone toward 2020, and what lies beyond. And what is it, that lies beyond? Well, as always, that's up to us. Just like the cities of dust that we build together are up to us to create and distmantle, so the year that lies ahead - it's going to be as good as we make it. And it turns out, we're quite good at making. So here's to the year that was, and to the year that's coming at us - let's make the most of it. Ready for the last Baardskeerder of 2019?

Lekker, tuck in.


In this newsletter:

- TICKETS 2020


                                              (It's dusty, vast and surrounded by mountains - and in 2021, we'll call it home for the frst time. Photo: Jonx Pillemer)


Two weeks ago, an advance posse of our operations team, Rangers and DPW headed out to the Tankwa for a first look at the land that will be Tankwa Town's new home from 2021. As announced on our website back in October, our main annual event will be held at Stonehenge Private Reserve for the last time next year - and it's likely that the significance of the occasion will mean that AfrikaBurn 2020 will be something of a grand reunion, and a grand farewell, as we all say our goodbyes and thanks to the site that's given all of us so many amazing memories over the last 13 years.

As part of the first visit, photographers Simon O'Callaghan and Jonx Pillemer captured much of the beauty and vastness that charcterises our new site - and we'll be sharing those shots, and updates on the plans that lie in wait for us all, in the new year. But take it from us: the new property is magnificent, vast, and offers many possibilities both in terms of how & where Tankwa Town's city grid will be situated - and also in terms of ways that you can get involved in helping our team to map, plan and execute sustainable practices that will touch the land lightly whilst enabling our community's dreams.

For more info, dig into the content of our
Land website pages. There's a lot to think about, and dream up - and the journey to these new horizons is one that we'll be taking together, so you're invited to step up and get involved.

(Moments in time, memories in the dust: in 2020, our Clan will incorporate many of them - and you're invited to add yours. Pic: Monique Schiess)


Part of our Clan effigy plans for 2020 will be the telling of stories of our long relationship with the epic landscape that is Stonehenge Private Reserve, the location that's been home to Tankwa Town for the past 13 years. The plan is to celebrate and incorporate your memories, moments and artworks - and in order to do that, we're calling out for your visual archive of iconic sights and experiences from each year. These will be reproduced using cutouts - so the memories will have to be simplified down to their basic outlines & shapes.

Our team have loads of images of the main artworks from the last 6 burns, but what we're looking for are:
- more content (photos & drawings) from the earlier burns
- unique special memories that only you seem to have seen, recorded or remembered
- special things that happened in a specific year
- short & sweet stories that can be recorded visually 

The simpler the submissions are, the easier it will be for them to be included and shown on the Clan structure - and ideally, we're looking for simple line drawings or individual photos (as in the image above).

So - got memories and moments? We want them: send yours to (NOTE: please indicate the name or title, and year, of the submission - that info's needed to faithfully record and display the included image).


                 (On the other side of this anvil, there exists a world where everything is different. 9am, Gate Opening Ceremony 2019, Jonx Pillemer)


So, there you are, at the festive end of This Year Of Our Great Confuzz, 2019, and you're likely planning to see and hang out with all those interesting people that you camp with (or build projects with) in Tankwa Town. Which makes sense. And you know what else makes sense? Getting your tickets now, whilst you still can. And why? Ah - well, as 2020 will be the last flaming hurrah at Stonehenge, chances are that as the year kicks off, so will the number of tickets getting snapped up.

So, use your noodle and make the most of it: get the ticket that suits your pocket and budget best, while you can. There are a bunch of ticket tiers, from as little as R200 per person upwards (because we're inclusive like that). Among the tiers available to you are New Horizons (which are designed to add some support to the plans we have for our new event site), and also Mayday Tickets (which are designed to cater to international visitors, and help subsidise other ticket tiers).

To find out more about which ticket suits you best,
head over to our Tickets page.

And, if you'e ready to buy tickets, just
log into our site, and then click the green 'Tickets' button that you'll find on the lower left hand side of your screen. (If you're not able to log into our site, it's likely because you haven't created a Burner Bio yet - in which case, go ahead and register first, then do the login thing, and then grab those tickets).

                                                                      (Maker spaces: home to all the things that you could possibly need to make your project come to life)


If you're working on a project for Tankwa Town in 2020, and you're looking for a maker space to bring your project alive, here's word on two maker spaces that could be just the ticket for you and your crew:


Maker Station in Woodstock is a dream DIY workshop where makers can share learning, tools, expertise and space. Members can book workshop space and tools by the hour - and for burners, the membership fee is waived (because the crew behind Maker Space are themselves burners). Result.

To book space, or enquire about tools & assistance, contact Felix on  


The Coloured Cube provides a great space with a vast number of tools and services (including CNC work, laser cutting and much more). For burners, you get great discount rates. The location is 120 Main Reef Rd, Benrose, Jozi.

To find out more, mail or ring +27 11 021 1177

                                                                                              (Ranger Council, doing what they do best: being great humans. Shot by Brady Jakoby) 


Ever wondered what or who our Rangers are, and what they do? Are you good with humans, and are you inclined towards helping them help themselves? Sounds like you could be Ranger material - so, if you're interested in joining the ranks of our helpful community mediators or were wondering how you could volunteer your time in the dust, here's your chance: Ranger Training dates are available in both Cape Town and Jozi, and you right there are very welcome to step up and get trained up. Training is always free, and everyone is always welcome.

Cape Town Ranger Training Dates - all dates are Saturdays

25th January
22nd February
14th March
4th April
18th April

Locations & times to be confirmed: email for info

Johannesburg Ranger Training Dates (all dates also Saturdays)

18th January
22nd February
21st March
11th April

Location: 6 De Wet Street, Horison, Roodepoort, Johannesburg
RSVP: 072 186 4281
10am - 1pm (New Rangers, Theory Sessions)
1:30 - 4:30pm (Existing Rangers, Scenario Sessions)

London Ranger Training Dates

Saturday 7th March (location & RSVP contact to be confirmed: email for info)

Need more info on Rangers? Check out
the Ranger page on our website, or email


Our Rangers support our community - but how are the Rangers supported? Ah - we have two ways, actually: the Crew Programme, and the Support Programme. The Crew Programme enables seasoned international Rangers to provide training and skills transfer to South African Rangers, and sees veteran Rangers from AfrikaBurn and other Burning Man Regionals across the globe participating - and Rangers of all levels of experience are welcome to sign up for the skills transfer and cultural exchange that the Crew and Support Programmes provide. 

The Crew Programme requires a commitment of 30 hours total on-shift time before, during or after our main annual event, and the Crew Support Programme requires a total of 18 hours commitment. For all that sign up, support packages are available, and also offer the opportunity to be part of the Ranger Camp in the dust.

Sound good? Great -
head to the Crew & Support Programme form to sign up, and skill up.


Calling all Rangers and prospective wearers of the orange - are you good with admin? Got people skills? (which, come to think of it, should be a given if you're a Ranger). Step right up, and step forward: head to the Positions Vacant page of our website to read the full job description and find out how to apply.

This page, right here, click it.




We care a lot about the desert we call home - so much so that, pretty much since this experiment began, we've had teams heading out into the blinding heat and whiteout winds to help donkeys, humans, schoolkids and farmers with a range of assistance they've needed at various times. And we continue to team up with locals on a range of initiatives - including the forthcoming Strays & Ferals initiative. It's a fact that out in the Tankwa there may not be a whole lot of people - but there are definitely a lot of animals, and many of them are wild or stray dogs, and cats.

And that's not a great recipe for the many forms of wildlife in the Tankwa - so our Outreach crew are teaming up with local farmers and a veterinarian to help spay & neuter some of the wild hounds & cats of the desert. Of course, professional veterinary care doesn't come free - so care to help out? Your donations will make a big difference to the fieldmice, birds, baby antelope and many other creatures that inevitably get nailed by hungry strays and ferals.

Click here to support the Tankwa Strays & Ferals Initiative.


                                                                                                                                                                                           (Photo: Kevin Kgara Rack)


For many years now, we've been honoured to have elders and representatives of First Nations People clans participate at our main annual event. Their presence is welcomed, and their role is one of sharing their culture, and one of performing ceremonies that honour the land and provide sacred fire to ignite art and temples in the dust. 

Community member Kevin Kgara Rack has been a campmate and initiate that's documented the First People's participation, and with their permission has a tale of wonder and reverence to share with us.

Click on here to read more.



It really is. Let's be honest, at this of year, ain't nobody got the time. And the writer of this newsletter is operating on half a brain, and one hand (thanks to a skateboarding-wipeout-left-wrist-fracture) so until next year goodbye, hamba kahle, totsiens and arrivaderci dust lovers - we hope you see your year off in fine style. Remember to be kind to other humans, and the planet that gave you life.


Travis Lyle
Head of Scaphoid Fractures (and Communications)


Still reading? Lekker - here's a party trick you can use over the festive season. If someone asks about AfrikaBurn and seems only interested in coming to the event just to party their ass off to headline DJ's, send them to this link right here. It's the...headline DJ lineup from our 2019 event. Or is it?


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