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We're really proud to be able to bring you a newsletter today that's packed with all the info you need to make your time at our event absolutely incredible. We've got all the lineups of the biggest stages, contacts for all the most luxurious glamping options and links to this season's hottest festival costumes that'll make you trend faster than a greased nanosecond. Ready to become this year's biggest Instalebrity?

You might want to consider a different event. 

In this newsletter:


  (Leave your entitlement and privilege on the left as you go in, thanks. Die Hek, 2016, by Jonx Pillemer)   

It being February already, things are clipping along swiftly in all areas related to tickets. Here's news:

- if you're looking to buy General Sale tickets, make sharp: only 1/3 are left (and we don't know how soon they'll sell out)
- if you're looking to apply for
Anathi or Subsidised tickets, you also need to make sharp, because Anathi applications close on Feb 21st, and Subsidised on Feb 25th. 

In case you weren't aware, Anathi tickets are designed to enable inclusion by providing a very low-cost ticket of R200 for those who identi
fy as disadvantaged or marginalised. They're supported by Access Grants, which are applied for along with Anathis, so that we can make the circle bigger and give economic disparity the middle finger by inviting artists and participants from disadvantaged communities to stand with us in creating our temporary city as equals. 

For info on Anathis, Sub tickets and anything else ticket related,
click on over to our Tickets page. 

Since late last year, our social media admins (and community members that run social media spaces of their own) have had their hands full smacking down ticket scammers, who are out in full force. In the last month alone, just under 20 separate fake scammer profiles have been banned - but yet, they persist. So, we suggest:

- only ever using secure ticket resale platforms like
TicketPony (or ticket transfer on Quicket)
- never buying tickets via Gumtree or if someone is unwilling to use the safe methods set up for you
- reading up about how to buy & sell tickets safely on
our Tickets page




It happens every year - you get back from the desert after a blissfully brandless experience in a decommodified space where no major Fast Moving Consumer Goods brand has invaded your space and face, and then you check in on social media, and - whoa. It's a dumpster fyre of Instalebrities and brands parading their #accessories and #desertglitterhats and #doesmybootylookeamazeinthisdesert shots. For the record (and please share this with your friend who's an Influencer with a bazillion fans on Instagram):

- Tankwa Town is a decommodified space, where branding, activation, promotion or product pimping does not belong
- using our community, or event, as a backdrop for a brand #photoshoot is not OK (and our team would never OK them)
- #tagging brands, products or accessories with #afrikaburn is not OK because, well,

Seriously folks - there are loads of commercial events out there that would LOVE influencers to shoot & share their experiences at their events - but ours is not one of those. For more info this kind of thing, check out Caveat Magister's superb piece over on the Burning Man Journal - and look out for our own rollout of info about how to keep brands at bay. We've got some prankster tricks up our sleeves - look out for those, and when you see 'em, share 'em.

(Visible signs of infestation by PSHB, and the critter in question that's doing all the damage)   


So, it turns out - wouldn't you know? - that thanks to human activity, an invasive and highly destructive species of borer beetle from Asia, the Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer (PSHB), has begun to spread in South Africa. And when we say destructive, we mean it: this tiny beetle bores into many different species of trees and introduces a fungus that effectively kills the affected tree outright. But how does this relate to our event?

Here's the deal: if you're coming from from one of the affected areas of South Africa - KZN, Gauteng, Free State, North West and the Garden Route - and you plan to bring wood (as firewood for your camp, or as part of your planned artwork, theme camp or mutant vehicle), you could unwittingly be helping to spread the destruction. Here's our advice:

- if you plan to bring firewood, buy it at your last viable stop, as close as possible to our event location
- if you're bringing logs or cut wood for a creative project, inspect the entire load for the characteristic signs (shown above)
  of 'shotgun' holes on the wood, that are about the size of the tip of a ballpoint pen. Also look out for sap or 'sawdust'
  coming out of these holes.

Turns out, the Western Cape (through which an estimated 80% of you travel en route to the Tankwa Karoo) is packed with just the kind of species of trees that the PSHB loves to hop onto and kill. Don't enable this spread: please share this info with everyone you know who plans to bring wood to our 2019 event.

For more info and latest updates on PSHB,
click on over to this Facebook group.

(thanks to Paul Barker for his alerts and assistance with info on this issue)

                                                                                          (Shot of New Moon Collective performance in Sutherland, 2015, by Daniel De Lapelin Dumont)


Last year members of our team headed up into the Northern Cape and Free State to host the first rounds of our Blank Canvas Express (BCE initiative, which is a series of creative workshops, exhibitions, talks and performances. Those were all free, open to anyone and were really well recieved - and the next round is about to kick off, also in far-flung corners of the Northern Cape. If you're in the Northern Cape, or know someone who is, here's news on the next three sessions:

When: Tues 12th Feb, 5 - 8pm
Where: Masakhane Art Centre, 338 Rhune St, Pabalello
What: sunsert performance by The New Moon Collective, music by QrasVu and a Q&A by our BCE team

When: Wed 13th Feb, 4 - 8pm
Where: Welgelee Park, Olifantshoek
What: performances by The New Moon Collective, Kalahari Sand Trappers, music by QrasVu & local hip hop artists

When: Thurs 14th Feb, 6 - 9pm
Where: The Workshop Ko Kasi, Thlabane Rd, Kuruman
What: performance by New Moon Collective, music by QrasVu + local artists Open Mic, Q&A by our BCE team

For more info, and to check out the Facebook event pages, head to
the Blank Canvas Express on the blue thing.

                                                                                                         (For that authentic psychedelic look, apply bedazzled glasses. Shot by Jonx Pillemer)


The thing we do together in the dust is helluva photogenic, and so we get a lot of journos, photographers, filmmakers, bloggers and other media types approaching us to capture the spirit and colour of it all. Some, we push back against - for example, if a Major Car Brand wants to bring their latest model and pose it against a glorious artwork to get some promo shots, we fill them in about how that will never, ever happen - but many media titles and film projects are legitimately interested in the culture, creativity and costume - and for them, we offer a completely free accreditation process - but like everyone else, members of the media or folks who use cameras also need to buy a ticket.

If you're a member of the media, or have a plan to film or snap our event this year, heads up: accreditation is open right now, but will close on March 22nd. 

To apply for accreditation - and read up about how to approach taking photos or film in a radically self expressive environment -
head over to our Press, Film & Photo page.


Right now, across the whole of our community, there are hundreds of projects being hammered, painted, welded, cut, drilled and prepped - but often the crew members involved don't have an ideal space to do the work. Enter maker spaces, which have become something of a community nexus for many of those among us with craft, art and technical skills (and often also for those who don't). Here's info on some of the spaces that are welcoming members of our community into their workshops, and offer discounted rates specifically for projects destined for Tankwa Town:

Cam Craft (CT)

Computerised wood cutting service, for orders big or small or inbetween.
20% off on CNC wood cutting services (contact for more info) for AfrikaBurn projects
Where: 32 Hopkins St, Salt River, Cape Town
Contact: +27 21 447 1615 /

Maker Station (CT)

All-round workshop offering an amazing array of facilities, tools and expertise.
Membership fees waived for AfrikaBurn projects.
Where: 9 Plein St, Woodstock, Cape Town
Contact: +27 21 447 2018 /

The Coloured Cube (Jozi)

CNC work, laser cutting and a large range of machinery and tools available.
50% off makerspace costs, and 35% off on laser services, for AfrikaBurn projects
Where: 120 Main Reef Rd, Benrose, Johannesburg
Contact: +27 11 021 1177 /

If you're elsewhere in South Africa and are aware of burner-run (or burner-friendly) maker spaces that offer workshop space and project tools, please let us know - mail - and we'll share that info out.

Whoa, do we have a lot going in this area. Support 'em - after all, they're creating these projects to share with you!


Yup: a tarantula car, hauling a mobile dungeon. And it's all being created by the CEXx crew.
Check out their crowdfunder here.


Your face - or anyone else's - filmed up close in a booth in the dust, talking about 'good advice' or 'good feels', which will then be shared at other burns around the world, when the booth travels there. Sound like a feelgood project? Dead right.
Find out more on the crowdfunder here.


A 7-metre cobra, that shoots lasers out of its eyes, whilst hosting a kicking dancefloor. Madness? Yes, but the kind that will be amazing in the desert.
Check out their fundraiser page here.


A space amongst the dust and noise, where you can chill, relax, make music, and enjoy some shade? That would be the Belly Button project by Tasneem Dustagheer and her team, which is calling out for your support, so its calm and magic can be shared with us all come the ened of April. Yes? 

Click here to help make the Belly Button come to life.


Our team had the pleasure of meeting the Our Workshop crew at our recent open day at our HQ - and damn, what fantastic plans these good humans have for Tankwa Town. They're creating a mobile fixing station, because... that one time your costume busted to hell, and you couldn't fix it? Or that time your bike busted up and was useless? Or that tent of yours which ripped and crapped out? These guys are coming to fix that, and more.

They're a crew of eager and skilled cats from Langa who are all first-time Tankwa Town visitors - and they're led by the mad genius that is Heath Nash, so you know their methods will involve upcycling and innovation.

Support them over on their fundraiser page, so that we can welcome them to our ephemeral city!


After a year off to exhale and buff their train carriages, the mutant with the howl is prowling his way back - and they promise to bring an eclectic mix of poetry, live musicians and magicians - and an artwork - in addition to the banging beats they're known for. To help Lobo roll into the dust, head over to their fundraising page.


Things are starting to stack up, big time, in the fundraising events area!


The Tip Top Bus Stop is an art installation that aims to create a 'bus stop' at the tip and top of Tankwa Town, where mutant vehicles can stop and offer participants rides. To raise funds and create their public transport vision, they're hosting an adventure race that will consists of challenges, treasure hunts, riddles and games, check it out:

When: Sat Feb 23rd
Where: Imaginarium, Muizenberg, Cape Town
Tickets: R100 (kids play free) -
get 'em here


These rabbits know their carrots - and they're busting our their bikinis to raise funds for their (ambitious, gorgeous, crazy, furry) plans for their project. If you don't what they have planned, head over to their Facebook page to find out all about their Bunnification Station - and then, if you're in the Cape Town, get on over and splash about with them as they drop beats and generally get up to bunny flavoured shennanigans.

When: Saturday Feb 16th, 10am - 10pm
Where: Secret location in Noordhoek, Cape Town
Tickets: 150 without shuttle ticket, 250 with (
click here for tickets)
Find out more over on
their Facebook event page.


Got questions about the dust? First time? Second time - and now branching out by creating a camp or artwork? Head on down to this event in Woodstock:

When: Wed 13th Feb, 6 - 10pm
Where: Drifter's, 156 Victoria Rd, Woodstock, Cape Town
Event page on FB?
Head here.
(event location was changed: no longer at A Touch Of Madness in Obs)


Got a lust for dust? Looking for answers to questions like "How the hell will we transport our theme camp / artwork / project all the way from Jozi to Tankwa Town and back - and does anyone know the best route?". Head on over to this gathering of our associated Jozi-based crews and connect:

When: Thurs, Feb 21st 7 - 11pm
Where: Zoo Lake Bowls, Prince of Wales, Jozi
Event page on FB
>> here



As the clock ticks on - holy hell, 84 days until the Clan goes up in smoke! - so we have a wide range of Volunteer days and training sessions coming up. Here's what lies in store for Feb:


When: Sat Feb 16th, 9am - 3pm
Where: 11 Manual Villet St, Loerie Park, George

Event page & info is right here

When: Sat Feb 16th
Green Dot: 9am - 1pm
Basic: 9am - 3pm
Where: AfrikaBurn HQ, 8 Junction Rd, Salt River, Cape Town

More info right here


When: Sat Feb 16th
Seniors: 9am - 1pm
Basic: 9am - 3pm
Where: email for location

(no, you're not going crazy - that really does say London)

When: Sat Feb 23rd, 1pm - 5pm
Where: 40 Eastbourne Terrace, Paddington, London, UK

More info on the FB event page here.

When: Sat Feb 16th, 10am - 4pm 
Where: AfrkaBurn HQ, 8 Junction Rd, Salt River, Cape Town
What: signwriting, painting, sewing, laughing, chatting, enjoying

Event page on FB is right here.




All those bras & panties that you don't wear anymore - yes, even you, Joohnny - can go to a good cause, so if you have any spare to donate, bring 'em to the desert with you. As last year, our Rangers on behalf of the ZABRA AfreeBra initiative will collect them and distribute them to shleters for abused women, orphanages and rape and human trafficking victims. Of course, give 'em a good wash beforehand - and hey, men's underpants are also welcome. Bring your donations to Ranger HQ at Off-Centre Camp, where you'll see a sign for donation drop-offs.

For more info, email

For now - but before we leave you, a reminder: this is your newsletter, and it's sent to...hang on while we check the numbers... holy hell: 42, 867 email addresses each time. Which means that if you've got news on a project or plan for the dust, or have something else you'd like to inform our community about, send that in - and use our Newsletter Submission page for that, to make sure our comms jockeys definitely get it and can use it.
Onward to the dust,

Travis Lyle
Minister of Yoh

Hey! You still there? Tidy. Read this, it's by Burning Man's operations manager, Charlie Dolman, who's a gent and has a bunch of good points to make about how our culture and temporary cities are off-limits to brands and commercial leverage. And hey - look out for our lineup and glamping links... they're not what you think, and we think you'll enjoy sharing them when they land...


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