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 (Dawn in the desert, with some playthings left lying around. Thanks to Simon O'Callaghan for this shot from last year)

Is it completely insane to want to head into an extreme environment to test your survival skills for a prolonged period? Well, it definitely helps to be a little crazy, but it’s a crazy with a purpose: getting out of your comfort zone tests you and helps to shake the illusions and cobwebs. The desert’s a really good leveller - everyone’s equal out there. This is especially true when a wild wind hits and the dust gets into your everything. It’s also very true when a storm front hits and everything and everybody goes soggy ass over sopping kettle. Moral of the story? Leave your entitlement at the gate, and prepare for extremes.
In this newsletter:




We're nearing the end of our 2nd general sale - so if you or anyone you know have plans to snag any, now's the time to get in there and grab 'em. Once the sale ends, then STEP will open as usual, allowing anyone to place spare tickets back into circulation for resales, or join the queue to buy them. Of course, if you have spare tickets you want to sell, you could always make use of the ticket transfer option.

All the info on tickets, as always, is over on the as-ever-cryptically-titled
Tickets page of our site

(eMzantsi crew Yandi, Emmanuel (RIP) and Cindy in the dust in 2012 as part of the Ubuntu Mashup crew. Pic: Daniel De Lapelin Dumont)


We're a burn, in Africa. Thus, AfrikaBurn. And therefore, if we're to put the Africa into AfrikaBurn, radical inclusion begins with you right there - so we're asking you to reach out to communities beyond your comfort zone and invite someone to PLAY and be part of your crew. This is why we have Community Tickets and Access Grants, which enable people who otherwise not be able to participate to be included. Sound crews, artwork crews, theme camp crews, we're looking at you - but we're also casting the net right across our community. So, if you know someone that would love to be part of what we do out there, here's your chance to make that happen.

Applications for Community Tickets - costing R180 - and Access Grants close on
Friday 10 March, so if you have any plans in this area, make sharp!

To apply please log into our site (or create a Bio) here, then apply for Community tickets and grants here.

Up to 20 people can apply on one form. Any questions? can assist.




If you’re busy working on a project and time’s starting to run out, don’t stress: there are loads of ways that you can reach out and get help. If you need advice, guidance, or info about fundraising, there’s a handy list of options prepared for you by our helpful Art team.

Read all about the ways you can get assistance and advice for your project here.


The deadline’s come & gone for Theme Camp registration - because fitting all the pieces of the jigsaw together is a long process - but if you'd like your Artwork, Mutant Vehicle or Performance project included in our WTF Guide, you're still able to get that done by registering by this Sunday, March 5th. Need a link to register? Here you go:

Register Artworks here
Register Performances here
Register Mutant Vehicles here

Remember: you don't have to register your artwork or performance beforehand - if you're only mulling a project over round about now, and want to bring it along that's fine, but it just won't be listed in our printed WTF guide (because print deadlines). When you get to the event with your project, head to Arteria and our team there will assist you with placement or advice.

And Mutant Vehicles?

Ah - seeing as they consist of moving metal which is pretty fokken dangerous, they do absolutely positively have to be registered (or else our DMV will ground & impound them). The deadline for Mutant registration is March 31st.


(Last year's Clan, built by Mike Rule and crew, going up. Thanks to Migal Van As for this shot)


We love it when a Clan comes together - and they’re at it, right now, at an undisclosed location in central Cape Town, building the pieces that’ll eventually become this year's Clan effigy. And they could do with some help. With just 8 weeks to go before we all gather once again, there's a lot of work to do - but if you've got some time and skills, you could join them: they're looking for carpenters and metalworkers, and folks who can help fill fire worsies to create the desired effect on the big night.

Got time & skills? Mail, thanks - or head to this weekend’s Worsie Making Extravaganza. Worsies? Uhuh - they're the chicken mesh sausages filled with charcoal that create a spectacular fiery effect, and there are a whole lot needed for this year's Clan plan.

If you're in Cape Town and have some time free, check out this
event page on Facebook for more info.


(Perimeter briefing ahead of sending last year's Clan off in style, last year, as shot by Jonx Pillemer)


Love fire? Love helping keep people safe? Are you a trained Ranger? Are you organised, good with people, and can manage a team? We’re looking for a Fire Perimeter Lead, whose role would include building up a volunteer team who will be available to fill the various roles needed to ensure a safe perimeter. You’d need to train these people up, and then manage them together with our Fire Marshall on the nights artworks burn in Tankwa Town.

This year we’re fortunate to have Fire Perimeter Leads from Black Rock City, who’ll assist in managing perimeters this year, and will mentor any suitable candidates in the role.

Interested? Mail



(ParkOff in 2014, as shot by Julia Ranzani)


After a hiatus, ParkOff is back! For those of you that haven't been to one of these before, it's a family picnic afternoon where you can meet other people heading to Tankwa Town and learn more about our event, its culture and how you can get involved. There'll be a bunch of activities on the day like tie dying, sign painting, slack lining, and some singing - as well as opportunities to learn about the different ways you can help bring the burn to life.

Call for Donations @ParkOff

Please bring donations for children in Tankwa -  we're looking for games that families can play together -
e.g. jigsaw puzzles, chess, cards and other non-language based games are the most suitable. Also, donations of canned and dry foods, & kid's clothes are always welcome. Donations are also accepted
via Quicket right here.

Diversity Awareness @ParkOff

Think you're radically inclusive? Really? Think again! Come and play some awareness games at Park Off and learn how diverse your universe really is...

Save the date: 21st March (it's a public holiday!),  2 – 5pm. More info to follow soon, so keep an eye out, but if you'd like to get involved and bring an activity, email

It is FREE? Hell yes, it's free and it's a great big family affair, come along and bring friends and the kids.


(Thanks to Paul Nieuwenhuis for this shot of Rangers outside their HQ last year)


When a whole lot of people get together in an extreme environment, anything's possible - including some serious accidents and potential calamities. That's why we have Rangers. They're not the police, they're not security - but they do have your back, and they will keep you safe by giving you a heads-up about any possible or imminent dangers. They'll also step up and assist if there's a dispute or conflict of opinions (about stuff like whose camp is in the right place), and mediate the hell out of it so that everyone's able to walk away happy and safe. 

With 13 000 of us gathering this year, we have a need for more Rangers than ever - and you right there can sign up & train up to join their ranks. Keen?

Check out this
list of training dates - or, if you're already trained as a Ranger, check out this list of shifts you can sign up for in the dust.

There's a lot going on, which means there are a number of projects that are reaching out - check out these projects and if there's anything that appeals to you, or that you can assist them with, contact them. You never know, you may just meet a whole new network of nutters that will change your life!


They’ve been at it for weeks, and judging by the renders, the design of this year’s temple being built by the Jozi crew is going to blow minds and humble all who encounter it. It’s being built to generate a sense of gratitude, thus its name: the Temple of Gratitude. Coming from Jozi with a large artwork is no small undertaking, so they’ve got a crowdfunding page up that features this amazing video, check it out.

Remember: what goes around now comes around in the dust in a big way, so if you're able to support this year's Temple crew,
head to their Indiegogo page and show 'em some love!

Temple Of Gratitude & Naked Spectrum Fundraiser

This one’s for the upcountry cousins! It’s a big family campout brought to you by both the Temple of Gratitude crew and also the Naked Spectrum crew, with a bunch of activities happening throughout the day and night.

What's on? A bunch of stuff including food & drinks, tie-dyeing, stalls, face painting, an art gallery, and a bunch of talented DJ's and performers.

THEME: Dress in one chosen colour of the spectrum and participate in forming a human mandala of which an aerial photograph will be taken :). Tickets will be available in the near future on Quicket @ R140 per person. Kids U16 get in for free. Tickets will be R160 @ the door

Event page on Facebook here.


Volstruis Paradys

The Volstruis Paradys is a human-powered carousel with a comfy space in the middle to chill out under a mesmerising LED light show. The crew are... uh... egg-static about this project, but need a little extra support to make it a reality and you can help them out with their fundraising. Looking for high-quality fairy lights? This crew have a bunch that will light you and your bike and camp up. The profit from selling these lights contributes towards the building and transport of the Volstruis Paradys from & back to Jozi.

Head here for more info.


ul (Image courtesy of Willem Brink)

Superdry in the Desert

A clothing label? In a decommodified temporary autonomous zone? Nah, it's not what you think - it’s a project that takes aim at branding and uses the process to highlight the plight of captive cetaceans in general and orcas in particular.

’Superdry’ comes to our dusty corner of the desert courtesy of the artist formerly known as the second William Kentridge, and now known once again as as Roelien Brink. But what is it? Aha - it’s a fokken huge orca artwork is what, and you right there can help it breach the Tankwa dirt in all its glory by heading to the project’s site and showing it some support:

To help the project get some profile out there in the world of the social medium, check these out too:

Fb: @sup.dry
Inst: superdryinsta
Tw: superdrytweet


Sober In The Dust

A lot of people use the opportunity of a free space to get their party on, but that’s not the whole story of our event - and it’s not for the bunch of folks who’ve come together to create a sober camp at this year's event. If you prefer to stay sober or are in recovery and want to spend time with folks who’re on the same level as you, Bumblebee has a plan of action for a camp. He's eminently qualified, being a Ranger and also significantly involved in our Green Dot and Sanctuary.

Contact him on


Enchanted Forest?

Word from the crew that brought The Enchanted Forest to the dust last year is that the drought just won’t permit it this time round:

"Sadly, we have to withdraw Enchanted Forest II from Afrikaburn 2017. A huge apology to all the forest fairies, early morning yogies, daytime shade seekers, late night forest owls and partied out hammock dwellers. The drought has embedded it's teeth into our nursery, so we are needing too use all our time and energy to care for our trees. We will miss you all, but will be back in 2018, once the Western Cape dams are restored to more normal levels. Lots of love to you all."




The fantastic State Of Bliss camp are ringing a gong for the last few spaces in their camp. Plug and Play? Hell, no - that's not how this crew roll, they're the real deal. Here's word from camp lead Mickey:

Coming from lands afar? ooking to share in some resources, save space and make your big mission just a little easier? Keen on joining a participation centered themecamp, co-creating a grand gift for Tankwa Town? The ambassadors of the State of Bliss declare that spots for potential citiZENs looking to get stuck into some mischief and magic making are still open. Get all the info at:





What in the name of classic 80s arcade games is that? Nope: it's not what you think - the orange is the number of Volunteer shifts still open to anyone who's got the time and the interest in contributing some time & energy to helping ius all make it happen this year in the dust. The green? Yup: it's not vegan pizza, it's shifts already signed up.

Wanna help grow that wedge? Fill it up some more by gifting your time as a volunteer? Lekker - hit the link below to take a look at the wide range of options available to you. Every single one of them comes with a solid-gold guarantee of loads of fun and new ways to meet interesting people.  Go>>






We're busting out the paint and brushes again for another messy signage session! Wanna help? Wanna meet some people who are preparing to head into the desert? Exchange stories and ideas? Come and join the trusty team of volunteers who make these things happen. 
When: Saturday 18 March 
Where: 6 Nansen St, Obs, Cape Town 
Time: 9am - 4 pm
What to bring? Yourselves and an old shirt/apron
Lunch and refreshments will be provided



Moving all that gear, and all those people? Into the desert? It demands some serious thought - and one of the primary thoughts should always be about how to share rides, trucks, busses and so on. So here are some links and info to help you collaborate on your transport options.

Here's word from Captain Unicorn, who's headed up the independently-organised bus action over the past few years:

Communal transport to Tankwa Town, from CT and JHB, for you and your crew. Tickets are return only, for logistical reasons, please feel free to give or share either trip back! You'll arrive at the bus stop, Nowhere, in Tankwa Town. Hitch-hike, walk or catch a ride to your camp - but bring everything you need to survive with you, tents, water, clothes (optional) food and something special. Pack tight and considerately towards others, but don’t be shy, together you make everything fit.
Departs from the Grand Parade opposite the City Hall in Cape Town, and various locations through Johannesburg.
Tickets and dates can be found on Quicket, in the past the busses have always been full to avoid empty seats, so be quick. More info:


In case you weren't aware of it, there's a community-run group on Facebook named Tankwa Ride & Share, which, as its name suggests is all about offering or requesting lifts to share. Head there and post your offer, or request - and prepare to meet some lekker mense.

Tankwa Ride & Share


Here's the lowdown: just as we're pretty much opposed to commodifying our event, or culture, so we're not eager to see airlines offering flights to our event. Which is why you don't see us partnering with any airlines (or any companies, of any nature, anywhere).

However, if you're unable to ride the road, and you're looking to fly, you're welcome to connect with others to self organise and make that happen for yourselves - and there's a place to do just that, which is managed by our Airspace volunteers.

Head to the Share A Flight To AfrikaBurn group on Facebook. 


Not quite - don't forget as you race towards the dust that this right here is your newsletter - so if you have any news on your project, or need some help getting word out, head to the Newsletter Submission page on our site and drop the content in there.

Travis Lyle
Minister of Ocasional Typos


Still reading? Fabulous, wonders never cease - here's something to wrap your eyes around. It's a chronological list of our events since 2007 (and even before) showing site maps, posters, event guides and Survival Guides. Enjoy.


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