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 (SKOP IV, with 'Discopants Clan' in the distance, 2018 - photo by Chris Leggatt)  

Far in the distance, through the dust, something was emerging. It was hard to tell, but judging by its outline, it looked a lot like August was approaching at a rapid rate. How the hell did that happen? Ah: it's like that semi-famous musician once said - life is what happens when you're making other plans.

Plans? Oh, we've got plans, and news, and updates. Tuck in to find out more - they're piping hot, delicious, free of preservatives, vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and are not made in a factory that handles nuts.

In this newsletter:




                                                                                                            (Many thanks to volunteer map designer Sue Guldemond for this year's Moop Map)

Badoom! Yes indeed, our Leave No Trace crew have made lists and checked them twice - and this year's Moop Map is here to show you who was naughty, and nice as far as MOOP goes.

The summary is that depsite great improvements in some areas, there are clearly still camps (registered or in Open Camping) that appear to think that some magical 'someone else' will clean up after them. And when that happens - especially if they're repeat offenders - then the chances of those camps or projects getting good placement (or even any placement at all) are zero. Why? Because it makes no sense to reward people who disrespect Mother Nature, is why. 

Ready to see how your camp, crew or placement location fared?

Take a look at this year's Moop Map right here.

Massive love and appreciation to everyone that took the time to leave no trace and got a green - and to those who didn't, well let's be frank - you need to sort your shit out, or rather go to a music festival.

*includes Solar Wall Of Fame, and Blikkiesfontein Recycling Champs honour roll. Suitable for kids of all ages. Batteries not included.




Who are the members of our community? Where do they come from? And what do they do, in Tankwa Town? For the answers to these, and many other very interesting questerings, we have the 870 humans that filled out this year's Survey to thank. 

The results of this year's Survey are as always very revealing - but don't let us tell you: make up your own mind, draw your own conclusions, let the data inform the picture that emerges.

Ready to read?
Hit this to head down the rabbit hole and prepare to be impressed.

Many thanks to everyone that filled out this year's Survey (and also to those involved in creating it, including The Tim Doyle, Lorraine Tanner, Monique Schiess, Julia Savage and Alastair Mason).

                                                                                                                        (eMzantsi Diversity Programme team, who were awarded a Spark last year)


AfrikaBurn is just that one event in the desert, once a year, right? Nope: that might have been the case way back in 2007  when the dust started getting kicked up, but over the years our organisation has expanded its year-round activity to include a whole bunch of activities that assist communities in need, uplift urban areas through creativity and art, and also take arts roadshows to disavantaged communities in far-flung and largely impoverished areas.

Among these activitiies are our Spark Grants - and those are now in their 3rd year of helping folks make a difference in their communities, or in those of others. Our Spark deadline landed recently, so we're very happy to announce that once again, there's a fresh crop of 11 projects that have been awarded funding for initiatives that include community activism, environmental stewardship, recycling & repurposing materials, community health and the empowerment of young women.

Interested in seeing how your ticket money and our organisation are making a real difference out there?
Click this and read on.

(and click this to read about the full spectrum of year-round activities our teams are engaged in)




Speaking of uplifting urban areas through creativity, we have news about Streetopia, which in case you weren't aware, is a free one-day mini-arts-festival we've been organising in collaboration with local communities since 2015. The news is that we have a date for the Obs event that's seen a great show of art, craft and performance (the Obs date is November 30th this time round) - and the bigger news is that this year for the first time, there will also be a Streetopia Jozi!

Streetopia Jozi will happen in Melville, will also be a completely free one-day experiment in creativity and community, and like Obs in Cape Town, is also being organised in collaboration with the community that it happens in. Keep watching our channels for updates on the Jozi experiment - it will happen on Saturday October 12th!

Watch the
Streetopia website, and its social media channels, for updates on both our Jozi and Obs dates - and if you're in those areas, step up and get involved: the event's an amazing day of art, fun, family and irreverence, all rolled into one.

                                                                                          (The freshly-completed Streetopia Legacy Mural in Obs, corner of Herschel and Station Rds)

Streetopia Legacy Projects Ahoy!

While we're on the topic of Streetopia, here's news about the actual physical and visible urban upliftment aspects of the events that have been and are presently showing up across Obs in Cape Town. Since 2015, the event has has been leaving a legacy of creative projects on the walls and streets of the hood in the form of art lights, street murals and artwork installations - and the latest in this series was recently completed. The glorious tricolour graphic mural above? That's the latest in the Streetopia Legacy projects that are bringing creativirty and colour to the streets of Obs. For free, and involving local schoolkids and community-based organisations.

To find out more about Streetopia's Legacy Projects - and to see the full consultative and collaborative process that was followed in driving, generating and executing the latest Legacy mural - and the artists and communities involved -
click this right here.

     (This is best shot we have of Members & Directors collected together, taken at our annual Bosberaad weekend last year by facilitator Dugan Fraser)


Ever wanted to get more involved in this large and ever-interesting experiment called AfrikaBurn? And did you know that you, your friend or indeed anyone in our community can be nominated to become a Member or Director of our organisation? It's true - if you feel strongly enough about what AfrikaBurn is, or could become, you right there are welcome to get yourself nominated to become either a Director or Member, and could go on to shape the future of all things AfrikaBurn. We're always looking for thinkers, doers and dreamers, so if you fit that description, get involved.

Yes? Step right up and step forward - and
click here to read up about the process.  


So you've got a plan to create something amazing in the desert next year? Fantastic - and are you looking to find some funds to take your project from a dream to reality? Of course you could always apply for a Grant (applications for which will open later this year, as they always do), but in case you were planning some events or activities as a way to help fund your plans, heads up: our ever-crafty Creative portfolio (who know about these things) have a Fundraising Guidelines document that could prove very beneficial to you, and your plans.

You'll find it on the cryptically-titled
Fundraiser Info page of our website, which also provides more info about the ins & outs of how to carry off a successful fundraiser. Among the many tips & tricks available are insights into when it's best to host fundraisers, how best to organise them and the various platforms available that could enable your plans to get the boost they might need. Yes?

Click this right here to read up and tool up.

Feeling strange and dislocated, and need to find weirdos just like you, to make yourself feel normal? If you're in the Gauteng region, look no further: there's a gathering of dust lovers coming up that's just the ticket.

When: Thursday, July 18th
Where: Zoo Lake Bowls, Prince of Wales Drive, Parkview, Jozi
What: welcoming weirdos, warm fuzzy vibes
Event page on FB?
Right here.

                                                                                                                       (Thanks to Jan Verboom for this great shot of Stone 7 at this year's event)

You walked up it, you wobbled on it  and were amazed by it - 'it' being the artwork presently known as Stone 7 - and here's word from its creator, Benjamin Langholz:

"I could not have been more happy with Stone 7, and I wanted to thank you all for such an amazing response. Stone 7 is up in Cape Town! If you'd like to visit it, email me on and I would love to arrange it!

To explain the concept behind my Stone series, celebrate Stone 7 at AfrikaBurn, introduce Stone 27 for Burning Man and perhaps seduce you into supporting the project, I'd like to share
my crowdfunder video and page with you. Any size contribution is greatly appreciated!


As you can tell, there's no rest for the wicked (nor the good, for that matter). Next time, we'll have news on the 2020 theme (thanks for the submissions!), some ticket date info, some really interesting news on Grants (can't tell you yet - but it's kinda huge) and oh, about two-dozen other riveting snippets that will warm your cockles and perk up your day.
Onward? Oh, go on, then...

Travis Lyle
Minister of Coffee

Ah - you're still reading, fabulous. Tell you what, if it's reading you like, we've got a fantastic fresh crop of community-submitted stories and experiences over on the Binnekring Blog for you. Includes gushing transformative desert epiphanies, impressive solar warrior tales and a healthy dose of humour. Click here to exercise your eyeballs even further, you inveterate reading machine, you.


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