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                                                                                                                             (First frame of Ephemeropolis animation in progress, by Annie Le Roux)

For our readers who sat up startled by our last newsletter's mention of of DJ lineups + glamping options, we apologise for the interruption in service. As many of you would have realised when you clicked the links to 'lineups on the biggest stages', 'luxurious glamping options' and 'this season's hottest festival accessories', we've embarked on a season of pranks that are designed to blow a breeze of reality into the world of influencers and those who might be under the mistaken impression that AfrikaBurn is a music festival (and thus descend on our city of dust with false expectations).

It's not - so expect more trickery. Hey, all's fair in love and dust.

In this newsletter:


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               (Always read the small print)   

We're rolling right into deadline territory when it comes to categories of tickets that are applied for. Here's the deal:

- applications for
Anathi Tickets (which are R200, and designed to make our event accessible to everyone) and Access Grants have been EXTENDED to Monday 25th Feb, to ensure that we can indeed make the circle bigger. Got a project, and planning to include someone on your crew that could use the help? Anathis and Access Grants are how you do it.
- the deadline for
Subsidised Tickets is also this Monday, 25th Feb. Times tight? Single parent? Student? This category of tickets is for you - apply sharpish, using the link shown on our Tickets page.

If you haven't yet got your event tickets, we're going to say this loud and in caps: GET YOUR TICKETS NOW. Why? Because there are less than one-third left, and they're flying at an increasing rate. Does this mean you can wait until March to get yours? We have no idea - because the rate of sales is picking up every day, meaning even we don't know when tickets will sell out completely. Once more, from the top: GET YOUR TICKETS NOW (or scramble to snag resold tickets, which is no fun for anyone).

For info on how to buy tickets, and for details on everything else related to tickets,
head to our Tickets page.




Say what now? Are we encouraging a proliferation of paid staff and services on site? Hell, no. What we have done is create a process that enables camps and large projects to get large, heavy or dangerous materials delivered to our event gate. Does this mean that companies can enter our event and set up camps, provide bar staff, chefs, cleaning services?

No chance - no paid staff are permitted to perform any of those services in Tankwa Town - but when it comes to certain large camp infrastructure like very large stretch tents (which legally have to be erected by a professional and certified team and signed off by an engineer) and very large and heavy loads of building materials (which cannot be sensibly or legally loaded onto a trailer that's not designed for 4 to 10 tons), then that's where our process kicks in to ensure materials for large projects can be safely dropped off at camp and project locations. The process also enables our team to have discussions with suppliers to ensure they understand the unique nature of our event.

If you've got plans for a supplier to come to our event and drop materials, or are a supplier, here are some important links:
check out our Supplier page for info on our process
use our Supplier form to register as a Supplier so our team can assist invite you to a meeting and explain the ins & outs

If you've got any queries about how things work in this area, you're welcome to mail our team on

                                                                                                                                                                                         (Clan perimeter 2016, shot by Sean Furlong)

February's the shortest month, and it's when many of our deadlines wash up. But hey, roll with it - but roll fast, if you're planning to register a Theme Camp, or any Artwork that features fire (like a burn, or pyro elements*) or a sound system, because:

- the deadline for Theme Camp Registrations is Feb 28th (
read up here and register by creating a Collective & using the registration button on your Collective, visible to the admin / lead on your Collective, on Tribe)
- the deadline for registering Artworks with fire or sound is also Feb 28th (
read up here, and as with Theme Camps or any other project, your lead can create a Collective and register your Artwork on our Tribe system)


So, you've got a plan to set up some pyro at your Theme Camp, or on your Artwork or Mutant Vehicle? To help you not blow yourself up, or set anything alight that you hadn't planned to, we have a free Pyro Workshop coming up that's being run by qualified fire safety crew which we advise you & your crew to come to, so we can burn things safely.

For all projects planned to burn (and no, not all art in the desert burns - we actively encourage dismantling & re-use of materials, especially if the materials could be donated to communities in need) please be aware that this workshop is compulsory, as it features Fire Perimeter training, without which your crew will not be OK'd to burn.

When: Saturday March 2nd, 10am
Where: our HQ (8 Junction Rd, Salt River, Cape Town)
What: instruction in safe pyro rigging, and fire perimeter training

Event page on Facebook is right here

  (Media, Arteria, Radio Free Tankwa, Medics, Rangers, Sanctuary, OCC Arena and Ice - you can find it all at Off-Centre Camp. Photo: Brian Palmer)


Ever since forever, our Off-Centre Camp has been the community hub of Tankwa Town. It's our town square, if you will - and it's where all our community services are found, and also our Off-Centre Camp stage, which is yours for the taking if you're a musician, or would like to host a talk or workshop, or generally stage a happening.

Our OCC team are tooling up for a great range of activities this year - and if you're looking for a space to do your thing, now is the time to step up and get in touch. There's a stage, a PA, mics and loads of seating too. Here's what our crew are specifically calling out for, and already have planned:

- readings, short stories, poetry, monologues and thought pieces
- workshops on contemporary afro-fusion
- open mic sessions and jams - bring your instrument, music and get jamming
- live DJ sessions (daytime)
- craft workshops: how to make a hammock, build your own camp chair or table (bring tools or instruct others)

Sound good? Lekker - get in touch with the OCC hostess with the mostest, Sindy Dondolo on



We've still got some desk spaces available at our HQ in Salt River, Cape Town - so if you're a creative, or are working on a project and need some admin space for a while, step right up and get in touch. Our desks are limited in number (there are only 5) but they offer all the usual: great net speed, coffee & tea, and you'd also be working amongst a rather creative bunch of humans, both on our team and also prepping projects in our space. 

Yes? Great - shoot a mail to our man Jano January on for details on price and availability.


                                                                                                (As you can tell, Radio Free Tankwa is a very professional radio station. Shot by The Brain)


Radio Free Tankwa is our community radio station - and you can pick it up on site in Tankwa Town on an FM radio. True story. A lesser-known story is that it also streams amazing music, all year, 24/7/365 on Now, if you're bringing a project this year, and would like to inform its listeners (before or during our event), then listen up: every year, you're able to create a short 30 - 45 second Public Service Announcement audio clip, and send it to their team, so they can play it on air, now and also during our event week in the dust.

You can use any audio software to do this - for example, you could even speak into your phone and record a voice note, right now - to create a short blurb about what your project is, where to find it in Tankwa Town, and how & why people should be interested in checking it out.

Sound good? Great - get recording, and send your PSAs in to


The word 'iLukuluku' means 'curiosity' in isiXhosa and isiZulu - and whoa, will this project pique yours. As you can tell from the gloriously playful range of colours and elements in the render above, it's... kinda like a massive sophisticated jungle gym for adults, which will feature numerous secret cavities and experiences that invite you in to explore them.

Of course, to make something as ambitious as this project come alive will take some effort and also funds - so if you'd like to see it come to life in the desert so that we can all turn into large children, hell,
throw your money at this here project!

Imagine a bus stop, in Tankwa Town, where you as a pedestrian could wait to catch a ride on an obliging Mutant Vehicle. Sound good? Dead right - trudging along all day is kak, which is why the Tip Top Bus Stop crew have a plan, and a bus stop structure they want to build - and they're hosting a fundraising experience this Saturday to make it all happen. It consists of an adventure race along the False Bay coastline.

When: Saturday Feb 23rd, 9am - 5pm
Where: starts and ends at The Imaginarium, 111 Main Rd, Muizenberg, Cape Town
What: you, some mates, riddle solving, scavenger hunts, hidden locations
Event page on Facebook?
Right here.
Right here.

That's the actual collective noun for a bunch of rabbits, it turns out. How very uh... propriate. They held their Pool Party last weekend, and by all accounts it was rammed with hoopla, shenanigans and was well attended - but don't let that stop you from supporting Rabbit Heart in its aims to create a massive rabbit artwork that will feature music, Disney singalongs and all manner of rabbit madness (including a Bunnification Station).

Got some carrots to feed 'em? Help a rabbit out -
hit this to show your love.



This is a crew up in Jozi that are prepping an artwork that aims to light up the sky and make their dreams as artists come true. They're veterans at creating art at Oppikoppi and Mieliepop - and now they're bringing their skills to the dust! As a Creative Grant recipient project, they've got some of the funds needed, but need to push that budget over the finish line - and that's where you come in. In Jozi? Great, check this out and support:

When: Sat 9th March, 7pm - 1am
Where: Al Lado, 303 Fox St, Maboneng, Jozi
Tickets? More info? All over on
the FB event page.


To create a rather large and rather bright artwork like ILUKULUKU takes a whole lotta paint - and you right there with your qualification in driving a paintbrush can help them. Got technique? Love neon and tribal geometry? Step right up (and bring some paintish clothes) to join the crew as they blast bright paint into new dimensions.

Fri Mar 1st (Prep Day)
Sat Mar 2nd (Painting)
Sun Mar 3rd (2nd coats, and the big reveal)

Where: No. 3, 451 Albert Road, Salt River, Cape Town

Yes? Please RSVP


Those gorgeous diaphonous colour-changing flags and the huge orb made of triangles you saw in the dust? That's the work of the WeR1 crew - and their camp is called Soulstice. To take their plans to the next level, they've got a fundraiser event happening next Saturday, that includes your entry into a lucky draw when you buy a ticket - and by heck, do they have some epic prizes in store.

When: Sat 2nd March, 8pm - 2am
Where: Prison - House of Rebels (28 Somerset Rd, Greenpoint, Cape Town)
Tickets & info?
Over on their event page.


Tonight! Yep - if you've got any questions about the dust, how to create & run a camp, or sharing lifts and trailers, the Jozi Burners posse would be happy to field you and your questions.

When: tonight, 7pm - 11pm
Where: Zoo Lake Bowls, Prince of Wales Drive, parkview, Jozi



(no, you're not going crazy - that really does say London)

When: Sat Feb 23rd, 1pm - 5pm
Where: 40 Eastbourne Terrace, Paddington, London, UK

More info on the FB event page here.

When: Sat March 16th, 10am - 4pm 
Where: AfrkaBurn HQ, 8 Junction Rd, Salt River, Cape Town
What: signwriting, painting, sewing, laughing, chatting, enjoying

Event page on FB is right here.

Before you know it, there'll be dust under your wheels. So make the most of the time: support projects, sign up for volunteer shifts and don't forget to nudge that dozy mate of yours to buy their ticket sharpish before they're all mopped up. While you're at it, be kind to animals, plants and insects (we need them as much as they don't need us), call your mother occasionally and don't forget to floss.
Onward to the dust,

Travis Lyle
Head of Communications (and advocate of ridiculously strong coffee)

Hey! You still there? Lekker - if you, or someone you know, is looking to request or offer a ride to Tankwa Town, don't forget that there's a group over on Facebook set up & run by community members that helps you to join the dots. It's called Tankwa Ride & Share and it's run by the rather capable Nola. Get in there and share the love, and the rides.


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