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 Giddyup, hoss: artist & DPW Fabrication lead Antonia Cronje, hauling her artwork 'Malta', as ridden by Joel Erasmus, 2017 (Photo: Jan Verboom)  

So there you were, minding your own business, and the next thing you know, thwack. October had arrived, whilst you were still pulling your September pants on. It happens; time marches on, and drags us all along in its wake. And while we've been pondering the meaning of it all, so things are moving relentlessly forward towards That Thing In The Desert That We All Do Together - and that can only mean one thing: it's time to shake off the mid-year doze and saddle up, because the the fire has been lit, and engine's starting to turn over once more. Steam on...

In this newsletter:






Looking to create a Theme Camp, Mutant Vehicle, Artwork or Event in Tankwa Town in 2020? If you've done this before, you'll know the ropes and can get stuck right in - but if you haven't, here's a quick rundown: to create a Collective, register a project or apply for a Creative or Mutant Vehicle Grant (or indeed to buy tickets) first start by registering a Burner Bio profile on our site. Then, follow the prompts. It's as easy as that.

For Collectives that are bringing a return project, great news: previously registered projects are archived on your profile, and can be quickly and easily re-used (saving you the bother of creating a project registration from scratch). And of course, once you've registered your project, you can then apply for funding via our Grants.


They're ready for you, and to apply all you need to do is register a project under your Collective on Tribe in order for the magical 'Apply For A Grant' button to appear in the Project sidebar of your user account.

If you're looking to get some funding for your project, don't dillydally or shillyshally - deadlines are real:
Creative Grants: October 25th
Mutant Vehicle Grants: November 17th

psst: need help registering a profile on Tribe? Maybe help with registering a Theme Camp?
Check out these explainers.



We announced our General Sale ticket date a few weeks back - it's October 29th, by the way - and today, you can now view the full spread of ticket prices, as always on the Tickets page of our website.

What you'll notice is that the General Sales price has hovered around the same price as last year - and that's a result of our team doing their damndest to keep it there. Sure, inflation and capitalism happens - but we're a non-profit, and inclusivity is a big deal to us, which is why there are tickets such as Subsidiseds (which are at R695) and Anathis (which are R200).

And STEP, Ticketpony and transfers? Those as always are in place to go live or be ready for you when the time comes. To find out all about everything ticket-related for our 2020 event,
click this.



Wow, look at how far we've come: what started as an idea to bring the spirit of Tankwa Town alive in an urban area in  Cape Town in 2015 has now grown to the extent that next Saturday, the same dream will also pop up on the streets of Melville, Johannesburg. Great gosh amighty. 

To make it all happen on the day, a gathering swarm of Jozi Burners and volunteers are prepping hard, sewing, painting and tackling the many tasks that a free community-based street fair involves. And what does it involve? Ah - lots. Take, for example, the 5 (5!)
Mutant Vehicles that will show up. And then there are the many artworks that will grace the streets and pavements of 7th Street and 27 Boxes in Melville (which, to some extent, is a similarly bohemian hood much like Obs, which is where the other Streetopia happens). And then there are the two music stages - one of which is that beloved plastic-eating planet-saving self-powered stage, The Dung Beetle Project, that we've all come to know & love in the dust.

It's free (of course it is), and everyone's welcome - and like any event involving our community, everyone's invited to participate. Want to know how you can participate? Head on over to
the Streetopia Jozi website, or click on over to the Facebook event page for more.

When: Saturday, 12th October, 10am - 6pm
Where: 7th Street & 27 Boxes, Melville, Jozi
What: artworks, mutant vehicles, music and you.
Event Page?
Right here.

Streetopia Obs? That's happening on Saturday November 30th, and you can find out more here.



Coming up soon in Cape Town, Open Design Afrika brings together a huge number of change agents and creatives - and as you can see from the small snippet of activities above, it's rammed with an amazing range of workshops, talks and classes designed to foster design, craft, community and technology. And it's all non-profit. Which, come to think of it, sounds a lot like a certain Afroboratory we all build together every year in a remote desert.

Which is why you're bound to spot a couple of creations and creators that have featured in Tankwa Towns past.

It's all happening from the 18th until the 25th, and we really recommend it quite highly.
Check it out here.




The cogs are turning - and with them, some smart Collective crews are already staging fundraisers to make the most of the rest of the year. As always, we say 'what goes around now, comes around in the dust' - so support these crews, because your support helps projects come alive down the line.



There's a well-known phenomenon related to Tankwa Town: people get VERY inspired, and decide to embark on VERY large projects. It happens - and sometimes, the humans involved break themselves a bit in the process. Thankfully, the ILUKULUKU crew pulled back from their ambitious project for 2019, and have circled back to build up a bigger head of steam, so their dreams of a Temple of Curiosity can be fully realised in the dust next year.

To help build that head of steam, they're staging a range of fundraisers over the coming months - and the first of these kicks off soon, in 2 weeks' time. Check it out - everything they touch becomes bright & curious:

When: Thursday, October 17th, 10pm - 4am
Where: Modular, 34 Riebeeck St, Cape Town
What: first looks at their Triptych series of art panels, and a killer lineup of electronic acts
Event page?
Click this for more.



Gaze into the eyes of the sacred bat-eared fox, and repeat after us: 'Kunssss.' Say what now? Here's the lowdown from the TTAAS crew (who many of you would've stumbled on in Tankwa Town this year - they're the ones with the easels and paints):

"The Tankwa Town Art Appreciation Society is a troupe of passionate art enthusiasts, dreamers, scallywags and of course artists who're absolutely mad about kuns. We're calling for donations of art, big or small, any level of experience, to be sold at one of our fundraisers. The proceeds will go towards the Society's Kunsmobile at AfrikaBurn 2020 - an installation space, moving masterpiece and art car all rolled into one. By donating, not only will you be raising art awareness, but also allowing us to showcase your talent and passion.

Please get in touch to be a part of our vibrant society! Be the kuns you want to see - viva la Societi!

Yes? Of course, yes - here's where to find out more:

Facebook page
Instagram account



The WeR1 crew are well-known in the dust on account of their yuge & beautiful white flags, and as an immersive sound space. To nudge their 2020 dreams closer to the finish line, they're gooing a skop in early November, and if it's anything like their sound camp, it'll be a belter. Yes? Step inside:

When: Friday November 8th, 8pm
Where: 28 Somerset Rd, Cape Town
What: dancing, electronic noises, happy dancing humans
Event page?
Click clack.




Is it a mutant vehicle? Is it a boombox? Ah - it's both, actually, and the Press Play crew are busting a nut (and quite a few bolts, and quite possibly an angle grinder too) to bring this beast alive. It will roll, it will host a pretty sweet sound rig, and it will play host to all manner of electronic performers, with a sweet slice of synths and live electric guitaor thrown in for good measure. Sound like the kind of project you'd like to get behind? Go on, then:

When: Saturday, November 2nd, 8pm - 3am
Where: District, 61C Harrington St, Cape Town
What: read the label. Always read the label.
Event page?
Right here.


As every year for the past 13 years since our non-profit organisation was registered, our Annual General Meeting's coming around again - and though it's a typically admin-related meeting at which the big & important markers of our year are noted & voted, anyone is welcome to come along to see how our processes work.

For now, that is. Sit tight, scan the channels, register your projects, keep dreaming, treat kids and pets nicely and do try to show the planet that gave birth to you a bit of love: she needs it now more than ever.

Travis Lyle
Communications guy, Planet lover

Ahoy, sailor! Oh wait... wrong ship. Hello, reading lover - still looking for more? Well alright, how about this: once upon a time, a T-Rex was born in Cape Town. With a little help from her friends, she grew up to become a full-size Tyrannosaurus that stalked the plains of the Tankwa Karoo. While on fire. Her name was Lizzie, her creators are known as The Fata Morgana crew, and this is a video from our vaults showing her stalking Tankwa Town, on fire, in 2016. Enjoy.


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