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(Like this year, so our town: here today, gone tomorrow. Pic of Temple of Stars and The Lamp Clan by Jonx Pillemer)  


There you were, minding your own business, and the next thing you know... you were staring at the sharp end of November, wondering just exactly where the hell all of that year had gotten to. Zoom; there went that. Nothing to it but to fasten seatbelts and stow luggage in overhead compartments. During this journey, we may experience some turbulence - don't be alarmed; it's merely preparation for the R355 and all that lies beyond it. Ready? Let's fly, 2020 awaits.

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     (Music, performance, comedy, mutant vehicles, artwork - it all happens at Streetopia, and it's all FREE, so join us, let's make it happen together)


Wow, who woulda thunk that what started as a little idea to bring the colour, art and good vibes of Tankwa Town alive in urban areas would have blossomed into a dinkum community street fair that sees so much engagement? But there you go, that's the blank canvas effect: you throw open the gates, and invite everyone in, and magic happens. And as far as magic goes, this year's Streetopia Obs is going to be rammed with it. There's a lot going on this time round - including a kid's Treasure Hunt and the new addition of activities & free food gifted by the Krishnas - so here's the lowdown:

Village Green Stage

We've had the good fortune over the years of attracting all sorts of capable and keen contributors - and this year, this means nothing less than the 30-year-old Barleycorn Music Club stepping up to wrangle artists on our Village Green Stage. On the day, we'll have the pleasure of - count 'em - 12 different live acts, plus a starter of a science demo from the local Science Centre. And of course, as usual, the Green itself will be littered with AfrikaBurn artworks and many activities - and it will also be the hub of our event, with community & info services located here.

Don't Call Me Moses Stage

This is something special - and we're very thankful to contributor Lu Cherry for stepping up to promote an agenda of womxn's empowerment by pulling together a superb lineup of artists that includes Sarah Pope, Sarah Blake, Tracey Rose, Pillow Talk, Martin Luther Queen Jr, Dr Mojo, The Gifted DJ, Little Wolf and the gifted graduates of the Amantombazana Project (which was a
Spark Grant recipient project this year).

To catch the action on this stage, head over to Trill Rd and prepare to shake what your mama gave ya. (and to see the latest updates and announces, check out Lu's event page,
right here). 

The Shrine Stage

There's a geezer out there named Cuito Naude, who's been a star contributor to Streetopia Obs since it began - and he's once again drawing a crew of superb electronic performers together to shine at The Shrine, which is named in honour of the Lion of The Kalakuta Republic, Fela Kuti. Who's on the bill this time round? Ah - for that, you'll be kept in suspense, but rest assured it will be all killer, no filler.

Find The Shrine at the corner of Lower Main Rd and Milton on the day (and watch
our FB event page, and website, for the lineup announces).

Afroboratory Stage

This one's a special treat that's being curated and created by DJ Asanda TwoBurner - and it promises to deliver a spread of fantastic Afro beats and pieces, as well as a performance from Bandless, and also a demo from the
Our Workshop crew from Langa, which includes creative upcycler Heath Nash and his amazing gang of creatives.

Watch the
Streetopia Obs website's The Event page for the updates on this stage's lineup - and on the day, head to the Norfolk Road end of our event, where the stage will be located.

Mutant Vehicle & Classic Auto Area

Located at the lower end of our event area, this area will once again feature a range of Mutant Vehicles seen in Tankwa Town (including but not limited to Bakgatti, Buggalux and The Crawler) and also a range of classic and vintage cars and bikes, which are being contributed by Obs resident Hazel Walton and her co-conspirators.

Market Area

Once again, our team have had an amazing response from AfrikaBurn community crafters, and from locals in the Obs, Salt River and Woodstock area that are taking up the opportunity to bring their handmade and homemade articles to sell, and from a wide range of artists who will be exhibiting their works on the streets, and in some of the cafes and restaurants that line Lower Main Road.

But wait - there's more!

There's a lot more action than we can pack into this newsletter today - so our advice is to scan our Streetopia social media channels (including
Facebook and Instagram) and also to dig into the info on the Streetopia Obs website.

Event Info:

Time: 10am - 6pm, Saturday 30th November
Venue: Lower Main Rd & Village Green, Observatory, Cape Town
Tickets: say what, now? You didn't know it was a
totally free community event? Well, now you do.


                                                                 (The ever-elegant Tony, in front of the amazing Buggalux by Charl Bothma. Shot by Simon O'Callaghan)


Out there in the desert, they're a significant portion of the magic of Tanwka Town, and they help move humans, and occasionally sound systems, at all hours of the day. They're Mutant Vehicles - and if you're looking to create one and bring it to the dust, you'd likely know that we have Mutant Vehicle Grants to help make that happen.

In case you weren't aware, round 1 of MV Grants are about to close, this very Sunday. So put down that arc-welder or gearbox, and listen up: if you've registered your Mutant, then you're ready to use the Apply For A Grant option to apply. Wait - you've got a Mutant, but you haven't applied for a Grant? Yarra, get cracking:
log into Tribe, and register pronto.

Good? Great? Excellent - click on through to Tribe, and as Snoop says, make that shizzle hizzle - the deadline lands this Sunday at midnight.


                                                                                                       (Great example of creative frontage by State Of Bliss. Shot by Marinus Greyling)


We've got Creative Grants, and Mutant Vehicle Grants - but we've never had Theme Camp Grants. And that's about to change. Brothers and sisters, blisters and others, put your hands together and sing halleluja - because we now have Theme Camp Grants.

It's true -
Theme Camps will soon be able to apply for micro-grants to accelerate and enable their plans. Just note: these grants are designed to favour art elements in camps, renewables and green initiatives, civic services, creative frontages, interactive elements and incubator / start-up camps.

To find out more, and to apply for a Therme Camp Grant,
watch our channels closely: on the 19th, we'll roll out announcements across all our channels about how they work, and how you can apply.



To build a Streetopia (or for that matter anything AfrikaBurnish) takes a village - and when it comes to Streetopia Obs, we're happy to say that the village's volunteers are a significant portion of who makes it all happen on the day, and before. But you don't have to be from Obs, to help make it happen - so if you're in the area this weekend, feel free to come along to our HQ in Salt River and join the buzz, as our team and crew of volunteers tackle a bunch of prep.

We'll be:

- painting signs
- screenprinting patches
- packing & stacking streetsigns
- engaging in witty banter
- eating, sharing and laughing

Yes? Damn fine, come on over, we look forward to meeting you. Here's more info:

When: Saturday November 16th, 10am to 4pm
What: see above
Who: you, us, new friends, old friends, occasional dogs
Event page?
Right here.



Though it may all seem far away, before you know it, we'll all soon be packing for the desert again - and so, to assist you with your plans to have build or camp materials delivered to our event gate, we're sharing news about our updated Supplier Process. But first, a note: Tankwa Town is a decommodified space, which means that inside the perimeter, no paid staff are permitted to work for you, or in your camp. Because why? Because principles.  

This means that if you're a camp or project lead, and you're organising a Supplier to drop off the materials (that you & your crew will erect, or in certain circumstances require a technician to legally erect & sign off), then you need to ensure that your supplier is registered with our Supplier team.

deadline to get this dusted is Friday 30th January 2020 (and if it's not sorted by then, the supplier won't be allowed to enter our event and deliver the stuff you need, which will make everyone involved sad).

To find out whether your Supplier has already registered with us, or how they can if they haven't yet done so (and for all the info you need on how this process works),
visit our Suppliers page.



Though you might not know it, behind the scenes there's a large team of volunteers and crew that work on making the machine called AfrikaBurn move along smoothly - and an important part of that machine are our Directors. And you right there reading this could become a Director. We're in the midst of an organisational development process, and are looking for volunteers with experience in change management, strategic planning or board-level expertise. And as part of our organisational development, we've recently re-imagined how our board is shaped - and whilst Directorship has always been open to anyone in our community, it's now possible for you to take up a role in two distinct ways.

You're either able to volunteer for an Executive Director position, or as a Non-Executive Director (providing lighter-touch strategic guidance and oversight).

Got an interest in enabling us to take the next steps? Step right up, we'd love to hear from you -
head here to find out how to apply for nomination as a Director. 



The wheels are turning - and that's evident from the number of fundraisers kicking off. Here's a list of the latest - support 'em, because what goes around now, comes around in the dust.


The Tankwa Town Art Appreciation Society are hosting a killer night that features a pop-up art studio, music both live and by DJ's, and no small amount of food and drink. Yes? Damn straight yes:

When: Saturday November 16th, 5pm - 10pm
Where: Lapo's Kitchen, 15 Boundary Road, Cape Town
Get 'em on Quicket.
Event page? Right here.



Lock up your sons and daughters, and pack the earplugs: our favourite radio pirates are throwing a skop, in aid of ensuring that the many guest hosts and DJ's that grace their ratbag radio caravan in the desert are able to be fed snacks and given some throat-soothing drinks. Expect amazing music, and no shortage of arrr and yo-ho-ho.

When: Friday December 6th, 6pm - midnight
Where: The Electric, 48 Canterbury St, Cape Town
Tickets: R50, on the door
Event page?
Step right this way.



In June 2018, a virgin Burner built a Tortoise - and even though many challenges were experienced (wouldn't you know?), he's dead keen to make sure that his amazing Tortoise Mutant Vehicle makes it back to Tankwa Town next year to join us all.

Help a Torto
ise out? Nice one, make that happen right here.




Awoooo! Yep, your favourite lupine mutant vehicle is rolling out a series of fundraisers in Europe at various locations, because - true story - it costs quite a lot to gift someting so large and spectacular. To find out where they'll be rolling out the howls and beats, head to their Facebook page, and check out their announcements.

This one, right here.



Yeah, but no - we're going to use this last opportunity to remind you that tickets for our 2020 event are on sale, and that in 2020, we gather for the last time at Stonehenge Private Reserve, which has been home to Tankwa Town these past 13 years. To find out more about this big move and how you can be involved in possibly the biggest endeavour of our history (which is saying something), head here. We loves ya, and we can't waits to see ya at Streetopia. Until then, be nice to other humans, and take pains to make your planet happy.

Onward towards the dust,

Travis Lyle
Head of Communications and Coffee


Still reading? Lekker - if your eyes have still got some go, slap them on this gorgeous video, created by the Fiscilla crew back in 2015. It's all about water. Enjoy. 


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