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 ('The Twelfth Key' - one of the very first artworks in Tankwa Toiwn, in 2007, shot by Jonx Pillemer)

Keep it up, keep it up - yep, we're most definitely deep into our annual rhythm. Grace Jones knows it, you and 12 999 other people holding tickets in their sweaty online accounts know it, hell, even the solifuges of the Tankwa know it - and the R355 will know all about it too, soon. Slaves to the rhythm? Damn straight, but as far as things to be enslaved by, an annual migration to participate in an experiment in community and creativity isn't all that bad. But enough with the preamble - time's a-wasting and we've all got lots to do before we hit the road to get to That Thing In The Desert.

18 days until gates open!
In this newsletter:

- WTF?

(The first thing you see on arrival: Die Hek. Thanks to Darryn van Der Walt for this shot) 

You'd know by now that the only way to get tickets is via our STEP system, or by buying a ticket directly from someone who can't make it this year and is selling theirs. If you're still looking for a ticket, good luck - try STEP, people are picking resold tickets that way safely and quickly.

For all crews building large projects and awaiting the starting gun on hitting the road to be on site before gates open on April 24th, good news: our Early Access Pass system is up and running - and those are now being distributed to critical crew members who are in build mode. If you're expecting an EA Pass, tap your project lead - they're the ones who would allocate the ticket to you - and then look out for an emailed link.

For everyone else, don't forget: GATES OPEN 8AM MONDAY APRIL 24th - if you don't have an EA Pass, don't pitch up earlier, as Die Hek crew will just have to ask you to chill on the side of the road, which would be kak. 



There it is - this year's WTF Guide and map, which you'll be able to pick up on arrival at Die Hek (or you could just click the image above or this link and be transported by the magic of 21st-century microcomputing to a 'website' where you can 'click' to 'download' a 'PDF' file. Incredible.) So, what's in this year's WTF? Nothing less than comprehensive listings of all the registered creative projects that you'll see in the dust. That, and handy info on what's new in Tankwa Town this year, and where to find it. Does the WTF cover everything you'll see in the dust? Hell, no. Will everything listed stick to the schedule? Like hell it will - Mother Nature decides, out there: the guide, like everything at the event, is subject to the mystical -ish.

Massive shouts go out to everyone involved in creating this year's map, not least the long-suffering volunteeer designers Guillaume Vagrante for his fantastique work on this year's map, Jeanne Fourie for her patience on all the last-minute changes to project listings and all our Wranglers for wrestling the content into position on time.

pssst: if you hadn't seen it, last week saw this year's Survival Guide go live too: download,
read or print that out here - or pick up a copy at the gate on arrival, sharp.





For the past couple of months, the annual Hey, You! Burner Exchange has been in process - and in case this has slipped by without you noticing, it's an exchange of artists between our event, and Lakes of Fire in the USA that's been happening since 2014. The votes are in, and the candidates have been chosen - citizens of Tankwa Town, please clap your hands together for Dixon and Antonium! 

Dixon brings his unique skills as an electronic violin artist, who'd developed his own looping tech that enables him to perform as a live one-man symphony. You're going to see & hear him at various locations in Tankwa Town - look out for him. And Antonium? She's our AfrikaBurn ambassador of art who's headed to Lakes of Fire, where she'll be building and floating a life-size Coelocanth across the lake in question, complete with three operators and lifelike lights. Formidable.

Thanks to everyone at Lakes of Fire including Doxie and Hey, You! - and also to our Exchange team on this end, Sol and Braai Bliksem - for wrangling this year's exchange into action.



Last week in this newsletter, there was an unfortunate slip of the text, where we mentioned that there was an initiative to get a '5-piece orchestra' to the dust. We (really) apologise for that screwup: it's not a 5-piece ensemble, but rather a 50-PIECE ORCHESTRA that's trying to get to Tankwa Town to play for you. With conductor. And to make that happen, some enterprising folk are raising funds hand over fist to make the deadline - and make this fantasy a reality. If you've ever wanted more musical variety in the mix, or if you'd like to be transported by the soaring notes of a fully philharmonic experience as a large burn goes up in flames, now's your chance to help make that happen. Yes? Yes:


                                                                                                                                    (thanks to Thorsten Eggert from the Yggdrasil crew for this shot)


In a desert not too far away, as you can see above in this exclusive satellite shot, something rather large is growing every day: Yggdrasil, The Tree Of Life is going blazing guns, and her crew are busting a nut to keep things on track. Soon, they'll be joined by the Gentis Clan crew, and DPW are already on site and have been nailing their assorted tasks of erecting toilets, welding the streetlights that will see you home and attending to the 87563 other tasks that provide the - kinda invisible but really important - support infrastructure that you find on arrival. 

It all gets kinda real when you start seeing these shots... min dae, folks, min dae...




As we all know, things in the dust are subject to the terms & conditions of the mighty -Ish. So, when there's a determined torrential downpour, or a hell-hurricane wind comes outta the Northwest Quarter, who do you turn to, to find out when Daft Punk's set on Bobbby The Hornicorn will be rescheduled for? That's right: Radio Free Tankwa, your very own community radio station. It's broadcasting online on the stream right now - on - but in the desert you can tune in and turn on by bringing an FM radio and dialling into 99.9FM.

Theme Camps and Sound Crews, listen up! RFT have 30 simple yet durable FM radios available for you to borrow for the duration of the event - and they come with a line out (3.5mm / mini-jack / aux-out) so that you can hook your system up to Tankwa Town's own radio station. Come over to the RFT caravan at Off-Centre Camp and pick yours up (and please remember to return it before you leave). Fast fingers first, batteries not included.


If you're bringing a project to the dust, and would like to get word out via RFT, all you need to do is record your own Public Service Announcement and send that in to  - the sooner you send it in, the sooner the radio crew can load it onto the playlist and the community can start hearing about your project. (45 seconds or less works best, thanks)

But wait... there's more: the RFT crew were in the studio recently, responsibly disposing of some alcoholic beverages, and recorded a special 2-hour show consisting of reads of this year's WTF guide, as well as a bunch of handy tips for those travelling to the event. Look out for that announcement soon on the
Radio Free Tankwa page on Facebook, or on our other channels.  





Are you taking your kids (ages 7-12) to the burn? There's a theatre crew who are bringing a large-scale puppet performance to the dust, and they're recruiting little burners to join them for theatre-making workshops and a performance on the Saturday of our event week. But before then, there's a pre-burn workshop happening in Cape Town - and you and your poppets are invited.

Where: Cape Town CBD
When: This Saturday 8th of April @ 11am - 3pm
Find out more on the
event page on Facebook


Burning Mail - one of the longest-running camps at our little desert gathering - are at it again, but in order to do the thing they do so well (ie: send your postcards all over the world at no cost to you), they need a whole bunch of postage stamps. If you've got any rattling around in a drawer or elsewhere, support this hard-working crew by bringing your stamps along to Tankwa Town's official post office - or by donating them before the event.

Got stamps? Grand - mail to drop 'em off beforehand.



The Gentis Clan crew - who've been prepping the mysterious structure that will form this year's effigy consisting of (afraid we can't actually disclose the 'what', sorry folks - it's a secret) are ready to hit the long road to the Tankwa - and they need some hands to help load their creation onto trucks and pack all the things. So if you're in the area and would like to lend this year's effigy crew a hand, you'll be warmly welcomed - and in the process you'll get to meet the crazy crew who are behind it all.

Got spirit, and hands? Head over to Bad Machine (10 Old Marine Drive, Foreshore, Cape Town) today or tomorrow and prepare to be warmly welcomed!
If you hadn't heard - how'd that happen? - the Western and Northern Cape are in the teeth of a serious drought, and the north have got it really, really bad. Outside Calvinia (120kms north of our event) the Karee Dam is completely dry, and the town is desperate for water donations. You're headed into a pretty good exercise on how to get by on the bare minimum of water, but it's just for a few days - consider that the residents of Calvinia are living that way, every day, for months now. 

So, if you're headed through Calvinia to or from our event this year, please consider donating water - you can drop it off at the offfices of Hantam Municipality on Hope Street, or call them for info on dropoffs on 027 341 8500.

                                                                                                (Hello, kitty - thanks to Simon O'Callaghan for this rare shot of interspecies engagement)


Got a catsuit? Fancy joining others of your purry ilk? Saunter out under the setting sun to strut your stuff in a slinky bodysuit - any kind will do. Cats & kittens of all description (and species) are invited to join the posse on Wednesday in the dust - look out for Rave Rover and head there to be among your peop... animals.


That bad-ass wolftrain, The Spirit Train, that's the source of so much frantic sprinting across the Tankwa plains every time it rumbles into action is serving up another smorgasbord of sonic assortments for your aural delight - at the event, and also after, once you've had a chance to wash the dust outta your hair and compose yourself long enough to try and digest the experience you've just been through. Got the bottle for an afterburn? Check out Lobo's shindig:

When: May 6th
Where: Zip Zap Circus School, Cape Town
are here
Event page is here


Fancy hanging out with your derriere out? Here's news from the Wes-Andersen-inspired Underpants Hotel on their fundraiser:

You are cordially invited to unburden yourself from the waist down, treat yourself to some fine music and cocktails and partake in an enthralling sundown festivity. Don your finest tighty whities, your superman specials or even grandmas unused xmas gifts. Let our sexy underwear models show you the way to the dancefloor and drinking hole. There will be a prize for most creative use of undergarments, each ticket will be entered in a raffle draw and please drop off any old clothing items that we will donate to Lazeras House shelter. Get ready to party with your pants off, we know you always wanted to. No nudity or pineapples allowed!

Where: ONE UP, Long St, Cape Town
When: Sat, April 22nd 3pm - 12pm

Tickets: R80 Presold (Raffle included) or R90 a the door (No raffle)
Event page is here


Yoh, how time flies. One minute you're shaking dust outta your hair, the next you're looking at a pile of survival gear wondering how the hell you're gonna get all of that kak into & onto your desert-bound wagon. And so it goes. Until next week with more updates, all the best with your packing, procurement and planning.

Travis Lyle
Minister of Motherboard Meltdowns

So you're among those who read all the way down to here? Wow, and thanks - please do us all a favour by sharing this newsletter with your campmates, friends and family that are headed to the dust this time round. If you suspect they're a little unprepared, do them (and our Community Care Cluster) a favour - please share this year's Survival Guide with them, thanks.


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