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 ('The Interpreter' Clan, by Brendan Smithers & Technology.Nature.Tradition, 2014, shot by Michael Groenewald)

2017? IT'S IN ITS MOER.  
You know what they say: life's what you make it, and fortune favours the brave. When push comes to shove, it's any port in a storm and the devil take the hindmost. Nothing ventured, nothing gained - so strike while the iron is hot and make that hay in the sunshine, because a rolling stone gathers no moss. And in case all of that has got you a little confused, here's the summary: 2017 is in its moer (and we can all agree we won't be sad to see the back of it) but before it heads out the door, let's make the most of it because before you know it, we'll all be packing for the dust again.
In this newsletter:



Are they on sale yet? Nope - but if you've been smart, you'd have had a look at our Tickets page and sussed that Direct Distribution Ticket* links are being distributed right now (and have been for a couple of weeks) to a wide range of longstanding contributors, and also to anyone on a Collective that's registering a project.

DDT's now form the bulk of our available tickets. In other words: IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR A TICKET, YOU SHOULD REGISTER AND BRING A CREATIVE PROJECT. It'll make your life easier - because most of our tickets are not sold in General ticket sales. And this is by design: our event isn't a party, where 'someone else' builds the infrastructure or entertains you. You are the builder, and the show - we all are. Which is why you're encouraged to bring a project. For info on how to create a Collective and register a project (so that you're able to request DDT's), see the next section below.

We'll have prices for tickets next week, as well as more news about other aspects of ticketing - keep an eye on
that Ticket page (and share the info about DDT's with your camp & crew, thanks).

*need info on DDT's? Don't know what they are, and why they exist?
Find out here.

("Should we build a life-size articulated flaming T-Rex? It'll be easy." Photo of Vlam crew, 2013, by Jonx Pillemer)

DPW have a saying: "We built this city on rock 'n roll!" - and they're not screwing around, they really do build the bones of our city on rock 'n roll - but you build everything else. But before you bring it to the desert, it's a good idea to register your project - not only because it means you can access DDT's but also because it means our team can offer you technical & logistical advice if you need it, and also so that your project can be placed right and listed in our WTF Guide.

But wait! There's more!


Yes indeed, if you act now and register your project between now and November 10th, you'll also get the opportunity to register a Creative Grant! In other words: get funding for your project! Will wonders never cease? Yes, actually - on November 10th, so make sharp.

Looking to register a project, and apply for a Creative Grant?
Get all the info here.

                                                                                                                                   (Last year's Streetopia through the lens of Toolbox, as shot by Moriver)


Three years ago, our team decided that a temporary city once a year wasn't enough action, so, suckers for punishment that we are, we decided to create Streetopia as a way of bringing the blank canvas into an urban setting. Voila - here we are in the 3rd year, and it's gone from strength to strength. It's a quirky, kooky little thing, it's a participatory event where everyone's welcome, it's a collaboration between our community and the residents of Obs - and it's completely free.

There are some big surprises in store, as well as all the usual highlights: small stages hosting a very wide variety of music, many street performers, market stalls and info stalls hosted by NGO's and CSO's, and a whole lot of spontaneous activities hosted by residents of Obs and surrounds. If you have a thing you like doing, step up and join the mix - just like Tankwa Town, the whole event is your oyster: mail if you'd like to add an activity.

When: 10am - 6pm, Saturday 25th November
Where: Observatory Village Green & Lower Main Rd
What: dress up, step up and get involved
Event page? Right here.




As with every event we stage, there's a hive of activities (is that the collective noun?) happening ahead of our day in the sun at Streetopia. The next one up is on the 18th of November, and if you've ever wanted to learn about screenprinting, metalwork, tensile structures and signwriting, you're in luck, as that's all on the roster on the day.

When: 10am - 3pm, Saturday November 18th
Where: 6 Nansen St, Obs, Cape Town
What: handicraft, skills share, workshop
Lunch: will be served
Dress: appropriately (ie: something you don't mind getting dirty)
Event page?
Right here.

                                                                                                                              ("My, how very orange your are!"...'All the better to Ranger you, ma'am")


As in the desert, so also in the hood - yep, we've got a Ranger Training date coming up ahead of Streetopia. And why? Because the mighty orange are extending their skills as community mediators into the default world, by offering to train up members of the Obs community (and anyone else who'd like to learn some new skills).

Not a massive amount of dangerous crazy happens on the day we take to the streets, but it's comforting to know that should anything happen, Rangers are there to help us all avoid danger. Interested? Great - here's the lowdown:

When: Saturady, November 11th, 10am - 2pm
Where: Bijou, 178 Lower Main Rd, Obs, Cape Town
Event page?
Right here.



We’re 182 days away from gathering around our annual Clan bonfire, but well ahead of the dust we're tooling up our 2018 Survival Guide, and down the line we'll also be prepping our WTF Guide. To that end, we're on the hunt for a talented graphic designer to assist us with crafting those two most important documents into the formidable guide books they've become.

If you're a dab hand at graphics, layout and illustration, get in touch - mail


Wildeburn, Aftermath - and right now, Sentella! Yep, there's a lot popping off out there and Sentella's in fact in full swing right now. And swing's the word for it - because their theme this year is 'Where's My Hammer?'. In the Mpumalanga area? You could do worse than join them on their (grassy) blank canvas.

Get all the info right here.



Cape Town has had its fair share of showings, and now Jozi, Pitoli and Gauteng crews, it's your turn to ooh and ah over the glorious documentary photo book that is Simon O'Callaghan's 'BURN: Into The Flames Of Burning Art'. Running to 263 pages, the book is the very first of its kind: a real, proper, actual book that features hundreds of amazing photos about the thing we all do together, both in the Tankwa (and also at the Gerlach Regional). 

20 prints from the book will be exhibited at the upcoming show, at which Simon himself will be in attendance. In the area? Get on over there and expect to have your jaw drop: these are some seriously evocative shots. (and if you can't make it, take a look at
Simon's website here).

When: Thursday, November 2nd, 6 - 9pm
Where: Foto ZA Gallery, Rosebank Mall, Jozi
What: book launch, exhibition
Event page?
Right here.

Once a year, we gather to do extraordinary things and make pure magic our Annual General Meeting. Which is, in case you ever wondered, absolute proof that the entity behind this wild and wonderful creature called AfrikaBurn is in fact a functional organisation. It's the big day on which our Members vote on the big decisions that keep our wheels moving - and as with any of our events, you're invited.

When: Saturday November 28th, 9:30 for 10am
Where: AfrikaBurn HQ, 178 Lower Main Rd, Obs, Cape Town
right here.



You've gotta salute the efforts of the Disconnect crew - they're a talented bunch of electronic knob twidllers from Kenya and SA, they're indefatigable, and they're hosting one of the stages at our upcoming street festival. But wait...there's more: they'll also be streaming their crew's beats from their stage, on the day. Respect.

When: Saturday, November 25th, 11am - 5pm
Where: Streetopia, Trill Rd, Obs, Cape Town
What: superb electronic beats, courtesy Disconnect
Event page (and live stream info):
right here.





The Bergie Bag Project is in its third year, and after the success of last year's efforts to fill second-hand rucksacks, togbags, handbags and totes with food, medical supplies and toiletries to gift to people in need of a bit of a boost, things are looking a little lean in the bag department. This year (after collecting and donating 25 last year), they have just 5 bags to fill, and are looking for many more.

Got an old bag, and able to donate it for a good cause? Make that happen - mail



Uh, yeah, but no. Not that kinda butt plug - we're talking cigarette butts here, and we're looking for any plastic containers that (like the examples above) are great at storing butts and acting as a mobile ashtray. Got effervescent tablet bottles, or similar? Great - bring them to Streetopia, bring to our offices, or bring them to our workyard - they're all useful in helping to keep the Tankwa naturally butt-free come April.

Need info? Mail (this is an initiative from our Volunteer crew).


They're the amazing fire safety crew that make sure that - despite all the chaos and flames - we manage to keep our people and city safe every year in the dust. 'They' are Enviro Wildfire Services, and they're desperate for operational funding to ensure they can keep on fighting fires as and when needed (which is often, and under crazy trying conditions).

What goes around comes around - show these wonderful fire-fighting humans some love by
supporting their drive here.


Got a fundraiser coming up? Maybe you need some specific materials for your project? Perhaps looking to connect with other projects and share resources? Hey wena, mamela - this is your newsletter, so bring & come with your news, views and community updates, by sending your info through to our Newsletter Submission page. It's that easy.


Travis Lyle
Minister of Information

Still reading? Nice - heard of The Borderland? Oh no? Ah, well, we can help you with that, by sharing Ranger Stiletto's report of his recent expidition to the far north where he was hosted as a representative of the far south. Read all about it right here.


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