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 (DPW sunset with crane truck by Jonx Pillemer)

Howzit, heita da, molweni abantu and hoesit - in case you hadn't noticed, the year has turned, spring has sprung and the grass is very much riz. And with it, so starts our annual cycle of project registrations and ticketing. Say what? Uhuh, wakey wakey - up & at 'em, step to it, make sharp, maak gou, andale, chik chak, yalla yalla, kap aan and vuk' zenzele - start your motors and get your A into G: 2018 starts now.
In this newsletter:


*get up & do it yourself
    (Die Hek, as shot by Duncan Rawlinson, 2017)

Already? Yep, and here's why: since 2012, when we introduced the Direct Distribution Ticket system to acknowledge and support longstanding creative contributors, our ticketing timelines have moved forward to give our community more time to dream, plan, design and build (instead of fretting about tickets). In line with this, the number of DDTs has grown to meet the increasing number of projects crews that make up the population of Tankwa Town.

But what exactly does that mean? It means that more people understand that the magic is in the creating and building, not in pitching up & expecting a mystical 'someone else' to provide the entertainment & art. And that, folks, is a beautiful thing.

In summary: if you've brought & built projects in the dust before, look out for your DDT notification mails, which will be in your boxes soon. If you've never brought a project, and you're looking to buy tickets for the 2018 event, heads up: getting a ticket will be easier if you bring a project.

Why? Because we build this thing together, and the work in our 2018 theme -
'Working Title_______' - starts now.

If you'd rather wait for the General Sales to kick off, here's the news on those: they'll be limited to 48 hours this time round, and the dates of those sales are now up on our Tickets page. Prices aren't quite pinned down yet (because budgeting is a long process) but they'll be in the same region as 2017's prices. 



Yes! Prime your jets and start milking those creative juices: registrations are OPEN. In case you never caught the news on social media, or in our last newsletter, here are the updates on registering Theme Camps, Artworks, Performances and Mutant Vehicles: 

- we have a new and kinda shiny registration system named
Tribe (thanks to our clever dev crew) 
- to register a project, first log into our site, create the Collective (project crew) and then register the project
- as always, if you're looking to register a Creative Grant, register your project first

And Mutant Vehicles? Those registrations will open soon - look out for those announces. And yes, you are indeed able to to lodge a request for Mutant funding too.

And where does this all happen? Over on our new Tribe platform, which as you will see, offers a whole new level of project planning tools, including discussion pages for Collectives. Just log in using your Bio details and get ready to make shit happen.

Ready? Hit this to unlock the magic:

Take me to the Tribe, I wanna make magic!

                                                                                                                                                                                (Aftermath effigy, shot by Danette Kotze)


This thing we all do? It's a fire that's taking hold across SA, in a big way: in just the past 3 weeks, two new(ish) burns in kicked off in our beloved country - one outside Steytlerville named Wildeburn, and another amongst the wild wheatfields of the Swartland named Aftermath. And just exactly what does this all mean? It means we have a very vibrant and thoroughly self-organised open-source community that doesn't require leaders, rulebooks or spoonfeeding.

                                                                                                                                         (Thanks to Etienne and the Wildeburn crew for this glorious shot)

Wildeburn is the newcomer which took place 3 weeks ago, and it's the brainchild of the caffeine-powered crew behind Alienz Coffee Shop, which you'd know well as an oasis of morning salvation in Tankwa Town (and also at SA's other new burn, Sentella). Despite some apprehensions from locals about naked fire-worshipping pagan hippies ruining the chances of much-prayed-for-rain, all turned out well (as you can see by the rainbow above).

Up next was Aftermath, which has been gloriously brewing in the background for 4 years now and was by all reports a rollicking success, with runaway artworks and even a special guest appearance of Not The Miniscule Of Sound.

Well played to everyone involved in both of these new conflagrations  - keep the fire burning!


(Thanks to Paris and the animation crew for this sneaky prep shot!)


There's a great stop-frame animation project brewing, thanks to the bright ideas and skilled hands of the Sweet Love Cinema crew, who've volunteered their considerable skills. Basically, they're creating a series of short animated explainer videos that take in a number of elements of how we do this crazy thing we do. So far, the previews have been absolutely mind-blowing - but to take them to the next level, the animation team are looking for (in their words):

"...a passionate musician (or musicians) who wants to collaborate with us scoring and doing sound design & foley on 16 delightfully different stop-motion shorts..."

Got skills? Step forward and prepare to make something sublime - mail


Three years ago, our team cooked up another hare-brained scheme that was designed to provide our community, and that of Observatory and wider Cape Town, with another blank canvas that offered an opportunity to build, perform and gather. For free, gratis and mahala. Because that's how we roll. It's called Streetopia, it's on November 25th - and planning for this year's event is going very well.

What's in store? A whole lot of great music, offered up as a gift by a wide range of performers. Lots of artworks big & small, and also in exhibition spaces. Talkshops on all manner of interesting topics - and a very special super secret suspended aerial artpiece that will make your mind wobble in wonderful ways. There's a lot more going on that we'll be announcing over on the
Streetopia 2017 event page on Facebook. It all happens from 10am - 6pm on the day, and you are officially invited.


As a free and open community-based event, you're welcome to step up and get involved in many different ways. There are loads of ways to do that - and they're all detailed over on the
Participate page of the Streetopia website.



That "very special super secret suspended aerial artpiece" mentioned above? Uhuh: you're looking at a small portion of it. Can we tell you more? Well we could, but we'd have to kill you, and that would be no fun. However, if you'd like to know more, one way would be to join our Super Secret Aerial Device Volunteer Team, who are looking for willing hands to assist with building this most marvellous of shimmery creations.

It's not particularly technical work, but if you're in Cape Town and you have some time on your hands over the next 7 weeks before Streetopia takes to the streets of Observatory again, our Volunteer team would love to hear from you.

Mail and get on board a project that's going to blow minds into many pieces.


  (Thanks to our Safety Officer, Anne-Marie Buys, for this shot)


Recently, we sent up a contingent of our crew out into the Tankwa, some of whom were double-checking our city grid's GPS points, and others who spent their time hauling up & down the R355 doing a road survey. Road survey? Yep, believe it: though the fruits of this labour will only be apparent to most of you in April next year, the work on our 2018 road safety campaign started a while ago. Expect a whole lot more signage, and some nifty pull over locations where you can check your tyres, neck a coffee and secure your load.

We're doing our bit - but we need you to come to the party too: if you have a friend who's driving style is aggressive, or a mate who thinks driving at 120 on the dirt is a great way to get home quickly, or a chaana who thinks overtaking in the dust is clever, do us a favour and have a word with them about mortaility, thanks.



203 days until we gather round the Clan - know what that means? It means that if you and your crew have got any smart plans for throwing some fundraisers, now's a great time. Why? Because next year between January and April, dozens of other crews throw theirs, which might just mean some stiff competition. Put that in your pipe and smoke it - and here's an example of a crew that's ahead of the curve: CEXx!

La Petite Mort CEXx Fundraiser

They're one of our sex-positive camps, they do fine line in education, and their upcoming raiser's packed with workshops and more. In true CEXx style, the event will be a combo of educational workshops in the afternoon and a party for demonstrations and more in the evening.

When: November 4th, 2pm - Nov 5th 3am
Where: info available on ticket purchase
are over this way

More info? Check out CEXx's event page on Facebook

Uhuh, yup, kinda, sorta, OK, maybe not - before we sign off here, have another reminder: this is your newsletter, so if you've got any news, fundraiser info, project callouts or just about any other old thing that might be of interest to our community, bring and come. Head to the Newsletter Submission page on our site and drop your bits in the slot, shot. 

Travis Lyle
Minister of Information

Hey! Still reading? Lekker - here's a cracker of a story about the challenges that face trike flyers when they fly from Gauteng to Tankwa Town. Enjoy.


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