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 (Tankwa Town 2016, from the top of 'O', by Jonx Pillemer)  

You know how it goes: you can't always get what you want, but if you try, sometimes you can get what you need with a little help from your friends. Which about sums up how things are working right across our community - with it being open season on project registrations and Creative and Mutant Vehicle Grants, humans right across our community are connecting and collaborating to make their plans come to life. That the pointy end of the year's headed towards us at racing speed adds impetus: our annual kumbaya round the Clan is 176 days away - and that always means the many pieces of the 2019 puzzle are all starting to come together.
In this newsletter:



(Welcome to Tanlwa Town, tickets please - photo by Gita Claassen)   

Word from Die Hek, our Gate & Ticketing crew, is that tickets are moving swiftly - but here's the deal: we only have one ticket sale this time round (which is open right now, by the way). As that's a first for us, even they can't predict when tickets will sell out. In other words if you're part of a project crew and you don't have yours yet, we suggest you get your tickets sooner rather than later so that detail's stitched up and you can focus on [insert that amazing thing you have planned].

To get yours,
log into our site and clicking the 'Buy Tickets' button.

And yes, we do indeed have Anathi Tickets at R200, and also Subsidised Tickets at R695 - and for info on those, and any other type of ticket,
head to the Tickets page of our site.



Looking for a camp to join? Perhaps a performer, looking for a stage? Our CIA team - that's Communications Infrastructure & Analytics by the way - are reporting that the number of Colletive projects registered on Tribe has tripled in the last couple of weeks. This means that right now, there are 45 artworks, 13 mutant vehicles, 18 theme camps and 5 Binnekring events that are looking for people to join them.

They're looking for everything from circus act to dancers, fire performers to magicians, mimes, macrame makers, workshoppers and kid's performers. Sound like you might fit in there? To check out the list of registered projects, and see who & what they're looking for,
visit the Community Links page of our site.

Thank you to all Collectives that are makiong use of our Tribe platform to connect and collaborate - you're winning AfrikaBurn already!

                                                                                           (In the desert there is a town, and these are its heroes - DPW 2018, shot by Ja Mean Maxwell)


Long before the rest of us roll into Tankwa Town, our DPW crew are out there in the dust, heat and occasional flash flood, setting up all the infrastructure that makes our temporary city work so well. The camaraderie is high, the sunsets spectacular - and right now, applications to join them in 2019 are OPEN!

Got skills? Love tools? Handy with hardware, and know your way around workshops? Got boots with toe caps that kick ass? Fantastic - step up & sign up - and prepare for quite possibly the most remarkable experience of your life:

(want to know more about our Department of Public Works? Check out this blogpost from Princess Caralot)



It's 3 weeks to go until our day on the streets of Obs, and our yard and HQ is a hive of activity as our team and volunteers prep materials and co-ordinate all the moving parts for our 4th Streetopia. This time round there are 4 performance stages, dozens of artworks and exhibitions, mutant vehicles on display - and Radio Free Tankwa will be broadcasting live on the day. In addition, Legacy Projects in the shape of fresh street murals and artworks in public spaces are also in progress - and these are one aspect of the event that seeks to leave a positive legacy long after the crowds have cleared. 

Of course to make a completely free one-day festival all happen takes the efforts of many volunteers - and you right there can step up and assist in helping us to make Obs' annual street festival happen. Check out the range of options below and consider signing up for a shift - as always, our volunteers get food, drinks and love and have fun while they're at it:

Setup Crew
Art Crew
Strike Crew
Leave No Trace
Community Rangers
General Volunteer? Mail 
Join us on the day - and get dressed up, because there's a Best Dressed Contest that your best outfit could win!

                                                                                                      (The kind of wizardry that our mesh network can make happen, for our crew and yours)


In the dust, there's no mobile signal, and no internet - and that's part of the magic. But increasingly over the past couple years, tech freaks have been coming together to create an invisible network of nodes across Tankwa Town that enable projects to send instructions to their tech - or even talk to each other. You never knew? Tsk, tsk - but hey, it's not too late to get involved: our techies are calling out for interested parties to team up and make use of our mesh network, and also to tinker with our API and app.

Hang on - open source, free access to a functional tech infrastructure, at no cost - where's the catch? There's none, actually - we're just trying to enable creativity through tech. Want to know more?

Read all about it on
this blogpost on the Binnekring Blog. 

                                                                                                                                                             (Thanks to Die Hek for this shot of this year's queue)


Once upon a time in a desert town far far away... the ticket office consisted of two people sitting in the cab of an old rusting Chevy truck. True story (the rust bucket is visible at Tankwa Tented Camp, as you enter our event site) - but things have changed a lot since then, and with it, our Gate & Ticketing team has grown.

They now have 3 areas they manage: our Main Gate, our Supplier Entrance and also our Airport Gate - each of which have their own crews of volunteers. Many people volunteer for shifts at these points - but where there are volunteers, there are also Volunteer Wranglers - and those are what Die Hek is presently looking for. Got skills with social media, sign up forms and recruitment? Mail and prepare to join a team that insists on having lots of fun (and G&T's) while they do their thing. 



We’re looking at a LOT of amazing projects being brought to the dust next year - and among them are possibly everyone's favourite steampunk wolf, the world's first 3D labyrinth walkway, a life-sized elephant - and a tarantula mutant vehicle. Read on, support - and if you're planning fundraisers in the coming months and are looking for some pointers, check out the info on the forthcoming workshop we're hosting. 

                                                                                                                                                                      (Thanks to The Spirit Train crew for this shot)

They're planning their return! It's true - hey, even a super-keen wolf train needs to take a break now and then, but to build up the head of steam required to haul a tractor, 5 train carriages and a hefty chunk of sound and lighting into the desert requires a fair whack of effort, crew and funding. Over the years The Spirit Train has been a recipient of Creative and Mutant Vehicle Grants - but in 2019 they have an even larger array of activitie planned. So to all their fans, heed the call: to roll it all out and then back again, they need you to step up and show them some love.

Help 'em out
on PayPal here
Or help 'em out on Quicket here

                                                                                                                                                                                (Thanks to Carl Pretorius for this render)


There are projects - and then there's something like this, which is on a another level. The SkyLabyrinth, like its name suggests, will be a labyrinth that reaches up to 6 metres, with an inclined path that will be accessible from ground level. It's the brainchild of creator Carl Pretorius and his team - and they're doing very well at sourcing their materials so far. But to erect and build this mammoth out-of-this-world artwork will take a large team around 3 weeks - and that costs real world cash money.

To help this project take shape so that we can all enjoy it,
show them some love on their Indiegogo here.
                                                                                                                                                        (Thanks to the CEX-x crew for this sketch of their plans)

It's a beautiful thing, seeing mad mutants cruising across the plains - but they're no small undertaking, and the Carantula & Mungeon project is stacking up to be an ambitious leap forward for the CEX-x crew. These are the good humans who've hosted sex-positive talks and kink & consent workshops in the dust over the past few years - and now they're taking it mobile. To help them build an arachnoid mutant vehicle, check out the info and ways you can support over on their donations page.
                                                    (Thanks to Willem Nguni for this glorious sunset shot of Non-Deliverance, and Suzie the Batmobile at this year's event)

The crew that have brought you Suzie the Batmobile and the life-sized elephant are back at it - and this time round they're planning even more mutants and artworks! If it all works out, the Deliverance team will have a regular menagerie roaming the plains of the Tankwa - and to whet appetites, they've released a superb video that explains their passion and plans. 

Check out their video here - and show them some support & love here.

It's happening next Wednesday - and there's a whole lot of advice you could benefit from by attending. And by advice, we mean how to set up a fundraiser, how to run a fundraiser event, and how to make the most of the available crowdfunding platforms out there. Got a project? Planning to raise funds for it? Come on down to our HQ and meet some likeminded folks, and some of our team.

When: Wednesday 14th November, 6:30pm
Where: Junction Rd, Salt River, Cape Town
Free to all - everyone's welcome
Event page on Facebook?
Right here.

For a long time, we've been discussing how the principles that act as guidelines to our culture and experiences rub up against each other - and one area they're particularly relevant is well-phrased by our Sanctuary and Medical Co-ordinator, Catherine Williams. In her words: "Is acting with a disregard for consent just Radical Self Reliance, or have we been slacking on Each One Teach One?". Got a concern about consent? Check out Cath's piece on our blog - and raise your voice, join the conversation and share your thoughts so we can create safe and consensual spaces in the dust, and beyond.



Ahead of Streetopia - and also in prep for the big dusty thing we all do together - we've got another Volunteer day happening at our yard and HQ, and you right there are invited to join our crew and volunteers as they tackle some fun tasks like signwriting, sewing flags, fabric painting and more. As always, we'll feed you, drink you - and shower you with love and appreciation. 

When: Saturday, November 17th, 10am - 4pm
Where: 8 Junction Rd, Salt River, Cape Town

Event page on Facebook

                                                                                                                                                     (Rangers in the wild, 2015, as shot by Janneke Westrate)


Yes, their name rhymes with danger - and their concern about humans means that they're there to help, and alert you to important info that could keep you safe from harm. They're our Rangers - and they're a volunteer crew that you can join. Got people skills? Good with mediation and have a generally calm demeanour? You'll do nicely - and there are a range of training dates coming up from now until April next year in Jozi, Cape Town and the Garden Route that you're welcome to join so you can train up and join the orange.

To see when & where the training dates are happening,
head to the Rangers page of our website - and if you have any questions that page can't answer, mail them on

Not quite. In case the above list of year-round activities isn't enough of an indication of what we get up to, check out these shots of the last round of the Blank Canvas Express: it's a beautiful example of how our arts workshops are reaching out to folks in the Northern Cape and beyond, building bridges between our community and theirs. Well played to all involved!

Travis Lyle
Minister of Mad Dashes To The Deadline


Oh hey - you're still reading? Nice one - ever heard about the Suicide Club? Well, once you read this, that will change - they're part of the crazy history of Burning Man, and in a roundabout way, our own history. For more history and a look back at who & what inspired AfrikaBurn, check this out too.


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