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                                                                                  (If it's far, hard, hectic and challenging...we'll do it. Gentis Clan, 2017 as shot by Chris Leggatt)  


It’s not the curveballs but how we bat them back that define us. After all, life’s always going to consistently be chucking more curveballs at us, so we might as well hone those ball skills. Right now (and for some months) all of us in our own way, are fielding curveballs of all kinds social, political and personal - but if there's one thing that our times together in the dust have taught us it's that we're built right for adversity. Hell, we've willingly taken ourselves into some of the most testing situations (many of us repeatedly) that we'll likely ever experience. Moral of the story? Hunker down, prep right and keep your eye on the ball - it all serves us well in the long run and soon enough, our greatest challenges will be in the rearview mirror, and we'd have gained some serious skills through it all.

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                                                                                                       (Fire art at Skeleton Leaf Of Change, Tankwa Town 2018, photo: Steven Morrow)


The big bad rona curveball came at us all in late March – and since then, we’ve all had to navigate the challenges of a new normal in which our worlds have been turned upside down, and one in which certainty in any direction has been very thin on the ground. But sail we must, onward regardless – and in this new normal, when it comes to AfrikaBurn, that means two things.

On the one hand - because this ship called AfrikaBurn sails well beyond the dust and does its best to make a difference in the world - whether our main annual event is held or not there are still costs that come with keeping our ship afloat. And on the other hand you, our community members that bought tickets to our now-cancelled 2020 event, need some certainty about what options we can provide you with in terms of the tickets you hold to our cancelled event.

So it's with that in mind that we're now able to provide you with a final announcement on the options available to you, if you purchased tickets to our 2020 event. We published that on Monday on our website and across our social media channels - and our ticketing agent, Quicket, mailed all ticket buyers yesterday, with a link that makes the options available for selection.

To find out more about the options,
take a look at the announcement here - and if you were a ticket buyer, check your mail (including those pesky Spam and Junk folders because just in case) so that you can choose the option that suits you.

To everyone that's held on tight on this long and bumpy road, THANK YOU. This hasn't been an easy road to haul down, for you or us, and we really appreciate your patience as we've navigated the challenges of riding this rhythm to its end.


                                             (Over the hills and far away in the Tankwa lies our new horizon - Quaggafontein. Photo: Simon O'Callaghan)                                                                                   


Bulbs and bushes are springing to life at Quaggafontein, thanks to the best rain in 7 years. And over the last few weeks members of our team have been on site meeting with town planners, architects, ecologists, heritage practitioners, archaeologists, artists and botanists, permaculture practitioners, photographers and members of our DPW, as the initial phases of surveying the vast and rolling plains that our event will call home when the stars align start to take shape. In addition to these human visitors, there have also been aardvark, bat-eared foxes and one very close encounter with a horned adder...

                                                            (Out of adversity springs beauty - Oxalis obtusa, Quaggafontein, Tankwa Karoo / photo: Moniques Schiess)

The reason for this process is so that our very first steps are taken with reverence and respect for everything that this beautiful patch of the planet contains, because there are significant natural and cultural features in various parts of the land which must be taken into consideration as we develop an integrated site plan and start to conceptualise the new Tankwa Town for when it can manifest. And this plan includes siting storage areas, campsites and other infrastructure - but first the important work of quantifying the many layers of history (from mid- and and late Stone Age to more recent times) must be done, with a view to protecting these and making sure that whatever plans we lay leave as little trace as possible. 

There's a lot in store for us all once we're able to throw open the gates - and we'll continue to bring you updates on the developments as and when they happen - but for now, if you've not yet seen or read about the land which we've been granted the use of, take a look at the Land pages of our website (and prepare to be amazed!).


                                                                            (The land is vast, which is why the Cottage at far right looks so very small - photo: Jonx Pillemer)


As you can tell, there's been a fair amount of activity taking place out in the Tankwa at Quaggafontein - and to enable these activities, we're fortunate in there being a small cottage on site for crew and visitors to stay at. However, it's rudimentary and rustic, and we're now looking to spruce it up to make a little more comfortable for future use, so we're calling out for some items that you might be able to donate. Got any of these lying around that you've been wondering what to do with? Here's your chance to shed some stuff that would make a difference for others down the line:

Single bed & mattress
Dining room chairs/bench
Couch (2 or 3 seater)
Coffee table
Wardrobes x 2
White paint
Bedside tables
Shelves/book shelf
Metal outdoor furniture
Gas stove
Dressing table
Chest of drawers

If you've got items like these that are looking for a good home, let us know - email

                                                                                                                                                            (Thanks to the Ilukuluku Collective for this shot)


Though their project (like so many Creative Grant Recipient projects that were set to rise from the dust this year) will not be able to be built in Tankwa Town this time round, the Ilukuluku Collecive have carried on regardless. And though the lockdown has thrown them curveballs too, they've shaken the challenge off and ploughed ahead with the plans for the Legacy Project - and that's taken shape as a complete makeover for school on the Cape Flats (Disneyland Educare).

Kudos to Shaun Sebastian and his entire team for keeping spirits up and transforming adversity into joy and colour! To find out more about how their crew transformed this kids' extra-mural space into something very special,
click on over to the freshly-published blogpost for more.



We may not have made it to the dust this year, but you can be sure we will again, and in the meantime it's “business unusual” as we plow our energy into developing and driving projects that keep the fires burning and our creative community engaged.

This is a challenging, interesting time for us: we have big hurdles to leap and huge potential to open up, so we’re calling for highly motivated, dedicated and suitably skilled individuals to join our Board of Directors.

Directors are responsible for the long-term sustainability of the organisation and its endeavours in the world. Suitable candidates are able to attend to their work on a weekly basis, and to meet on a monthly basis. They should have an estimated 20 hours per month to attend to the tasks the role takes on.

If you have the experience, skills and drive to support the organisation and the community it serves,
please read this Fact Sheet and consider applying.

Afrika Burns Creative Projects is building a diverse and inclusive organisation and it is imperative that this is reflected in its Board. Candidates from all walks of life, backgrounds, skill sets, orientations and interests who meet the minimum requirements are encouraged to apply. We are actively seeking womxn of colour to balance the Board and contribute to enriching our collective voice as representatives of the AfrikaBurn community.

Details, and a contact email, for applications are on the Fact Sheet linked above - and applications are open until Monday the 31st of August.



Was it always better next year? Well, short of firing up a the flux capacitor and shooting back to the future, there's only one way to find out, and that would be to hang in there and cook up a potent brew of hope. Do even we know when our next main annual event will be? Nope: like all other large events out there, our team are also having to sit tight and scan the channels whilst we await something certain on which we can hang our dates and plans. And does that mean that nothing AfrikaBurn happens until then? Like hell - because this thing we do together isn't limited to those few (but nevertheless magical) days we spend together in the desert. So stay tuned, and keep your eye on our channels - we have volunteer days, Quaggafontein activities, Dignity Project initiatives and a whole lot more coming up in the next while.

Until then, stay safe, love your planet and remember to floss your brain.


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