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       (First AfrikaBurn artwork, and longest-standing, 'Triple Bypass' by Charlie Blackcat Smith & crew, at our first event in 2007, shot by Jonx Pillemer)

Spring has sprung, and the grass Could this actually mean that there are in fact possible signs of intelligent life on this planet after all? Hope, as they say, springs eternal - as do all the myriad buds and shoots across eMzantsi, it being that glorious time of year when we shuffle off our pantoffels and emerge from hibernation. And with that, as always, starts the preparations for our communal race to the desert. Of course, the dust is still a long way off (221 days away, as it happens) and before then, there's much ado about a whole lot. So dig in; we've gotta plant the seeds so that they can bear fruit come April next year...
In this newsletter:




(Our 2007 ticket, as designed by Meghan Judge and Lil Visser. Yes, we were once 'Afrika Burns')  

We're one week away from our one & only General Sale! Say what, now? True: we announced our new ticket schedule back in August, along with info about Maydays*, General Sales and all other ticketing categories (which, for those who can't afford high-priced tiers, do offer lower-cost options such as Subsidised and Community Tickets). This time round, there's a maximum of 13,000 tickets available for our 2019 event - and our only General Sale kicks off at 12 midday SA time, Wednesday 26th September.

For all the info, including how to buy tickets, and how to apply for lower-priced tiers, head to
our Tickets page.

*Mayday tickets are available now, at a premium, for those who are flush or riding the benefit of strong currencies.


Take a few moments to make sure that your login details are correct
by logging into our site here, so that you're not held up as you try to buy tickets. Once you've checked that it's all good to go, all you need to do next Wednesday is log in, and click the Buy Tickets button, in order to be taken to the ticket checkout on Quicket.

                                                                                                 (Temple of Gratitude, 2017, by Walter Bohmer & Jozi Temple Crew, shot by Sean Furlong)


Since way back in August - oh, those halcyon days - we've been seeing a steady stream of Collectives being set up, and we're happy to report that many of them are registering projects of all types and sizes. What's more, many of the Collectives are also applying for funding via our Creative and / or Mutant Vehicle Grants, which can only bode well for the creativity we'll all see erupt come the end of April next year.

It all happens on
our Tribe platform, which has been expanded to provide you with ways to collaborate with the members of your crew, camp or project. Got plans for something spectacular in the dust? Bust a move over to Tribe and start making magic - and don't forget: Grant deadlines are real, so the sooner you apply, the sooner you'll get word back from our Creative or Mutant Vehicle departments with news about how much funding your project can expect.

To make the most of the tools available to you,
click on over to Tribe and start making magic.

(Onwards and upwards - SkyLabyrinth render, courtesy Carl Pretorius)   


Speaking of spectacular things that will rise from the dust, here's news on what promises to be the biggest artwork yet erected at our humble desert kumbaya. Not that bigger is always better, but hey, if a crew want to build the world's first 3D labyrinth for our town of desert freaks, so be it, and we can all agree that if they build it, we will walk it and be amazed.

SkyLabyrinth takes the well-established concept of a labyrinth, and adds a whole new dimension, by creating an elevated path that winds its way all the way to centre. Of course, in order to get this the ground takes a whole lot of materials and crew, and no small amount of cash money.

To kickstart the project, the SkyLabyrinth crew have set up a crowdfunder, and are calling for support so they can share their vision with us all next April. Like the sound of a moerse platform from which we can all look our over Tankwa Town, whilst contemplating the path we walk? 

Click on over this way to SkyLabyrinth's IndieGogo to help them make their dream a reality.


                                                                                (Rhymes with 'danger' - and sometimes prevents it too. Rangers in the wild, thanks to Gita Claassen)


You've seen them, you've been assisted by them, hell, you've possibly even been so impressed by them that you signed up to become one of them and don the orange. They're the Rangers - participants who've opted to give back by assisting others by providing help or info, and mediating conflict when required to help calm things down. You know, like when that guy parked his car on your tent that one time. Our Rangers actively uphold and remind folk of our 11 principles and generally keep people safe and informed - and you right there are welcome to step up and join their rather orange ranks, because like so much we do, they're all volunteers.

There's a Basic Ranger Training session happening soon at our HQ in Cape Town - and if you've ever wanted to give back by volunteering, and you're good with people, this is a great way to do it. Basic Training involves an introduction to the Ranger ethos, learning how to manage & mediate situations, and gain the skills to do the above as a dust Ranger.

When: 9am - 3pm
Where: AfrikaBurn HQ, Junction Hotel, 8 Junction Rd, Salt River, Cape Town
Bring: notebook & pen, snacks for the day
Who: Anyone & everyone is welcome

(for more info about our Rangers,
see this page of our site)


                                                                                                                      (Thanks to Paul Zetisky for this shot of Eddie zooming around Tankwa Town)


He's the geezer that's seen more rock 'n roll than all of us put together - and he's been the rock-solid backbone to much of the live music that's sprouted on stages and sound spaces in Tankwa Town and beyond over the past 10 years. Yep, he's none other than Eddie Zoom - but he isn't zooming much right now, because the spectre of the Big C has come knocking. Because we're one huge family, we're looking at ways to help him out and are calling out to our community to show Eddie some love - and there are two ways you can do that:

- you could make a donation via
this page on Quicket
- or you could buy a ticket to a fundraiser gig being thrown by his mates, The Rockerfellas (add EDDIE as reference at checkout)

Either way, you're helping a guy who's given so much of his time to us all at Decompressions and in the dust, so step up and show the geezer some love! 



Here's a furry curveball: it seems that either a cat jumped into a Tankwa-bound vehicle in May, or somehow completely ignored our NO PETS OF ANY KINDS guideline, and actually took their cat to Tankwa Town this year. How do we know this? Well, mostly because there's an abandoned ginger kitty who's now quite forlorn, living at Tankwa Tented Camp (which is the cluster of buildings you pass as you enter our temporary desert town).

If you know whose cat this is, or if it's yours - or hey, even if you would love to rescue a cat from the desert and give it a good home, please contact us on so we can save this lekker ginger furball from the SPCA (because the TTC crew can't keep him much longer, and just like you, all mammals need a home and love).



The reality of living in South Africa is that sometimes, bad voodoo happens. And that's the case with one of our team, Shannon, who had the misfortune of parking her car just about where a drive-by shooting happened in the cosmopolitan suburb of Salt River, where we have our HQ. We're all fine, but the same can't be said for her car, which was sideswiped and mangled. Not all of us have insurance in this world, so she's looking for some help to pay for the damage - and before you suggest she just ask the gangsters who did the damage to pay for it, consider the logic of that idea. 

Fancy helping a perfectly lovely human out, so she can repair her humble car?
You can do that here.


There's an insufferably nice guy on our Comms and ICT team who goes by the name of The Tim, and he's done the unspeakably benevolent act of going ahead and creating his very own community welfare project, which is called the Blessing Bags Project. What next, being polite in the morning? Tsk. Anyway, he's on a roll with this malarkey which consists of getting people to donate unused or old bags or backpacks and filling them with clothes, non-perishable food and toiletries - and then he, along with other members of our team (like Bongi who you see above), distributes these to the homeless and lesser fortunate on the streets of Cape Town.

If this warms the cockles of your heart and you'd like to bring some smiles to those who could really do with some uplifted spirits, drop The Tim a mail on



By now, you're starting to get a picture that beyond hosting an all-singing-all-dancing, pyromaniac dust city, we're also quite inclined to go the distance and help other humans, because we can. It's all true, and we aren't afraid to admit it - which is why we bring you news about the learners at Calvinia High, who your ticket money has been supporting for some time, as reported on the Outreach pages of our site for some years now. Not only has your ticket money gotten these kids into high school, it's also provided for their support at boarding school - and that brings us to today's callout: books. 

The Calvinia Koshuis has requested that we reach out to you, our community of more-than-averagely-nice-humans, with a request for reading material they could stock in their library. Got a love for books & interested in assisting?

Click on over to
this article on our website to get the lowdown.



Next up: not one, but two absolutely fabulous gatherings of your fellow dust-loving family. One in the wilds of Jozi, another in the sophisticated enclave of Moorreesburg.

                                                                                                                                          (The Afterglow crew, as shot by Paul Dedlow - great shot, Paul!)

After a slight hiccup, the Jozi Burners posse have nailed it all down, and it's official: Afterglow is ON! Yes, yebo, ja, it's late - but hot damn, it's glowing to be well worth the wait. This year's extravaganza happens at the amazing Prop House. The crew have shown you different nooks of the labyrinth before, but this time round they're connecting it all together and opening it up for your full exploratory pleasure.

And it's not just the venue that's amazing: the lineup's pretty much as delectable a slice of Tankwa Town as you could ask for, with none other than Luke Redford and Jews For Techno topping a bill that's laden with eclectic and electronic delights. All of this, on a Funktion-One system. 

When: Saturday September 29th, 7pm - 5am
Where: Prop House, 12 Krom St, Johannesburg
What: Dress up, Rock up, Get down
200 presales - 250 on the door
Find the FB event page here


This one's only just emerged from self-imposed secrecy and mystery - so we should all consider ourselves rather fortunate that the Aftermath crew have sent a communication to us from their bunker in the wheatfields of the Swartland to let us know that a small handful of last spaces are available for the fastest fingers who can grab 'em. Cryptic? Believe it.

If you're free this weekend and would like to experience the thrill of a burn in its nascent years, head over to the Aftemath website and follow the trail...

Not quite - before we sign off here's a tip: if you're part of a crew who have fundraisers planned, remember to send your info in to us here at - and hey, plan to throw those fundraisers sometime sooner than March and April, because it would mean you don't fight for airtime at our busiest time of year. Good luck with your plans, see you on the other side of the ticket sale.

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Hey! You still there? Lekker - in case you missed the news, STREETOPIA is on and all happens on December 1st this year! Click here for the event page, and start thinking about how you can step up and participate.


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