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 (Streetopia on the streets of Obs last year, as shot by Jonx Pillemer)
One minute you've recovered from the dust and are settling back into the rhythms of 'normal' life, the next thing you know, Yuletide carols are echoing as the malls are decked with boughs of folly. And that of course means that it's nearly the end of the year - and that in turn means that the starting gun has gone off and it's open season on project registrations and all other plans for the thing we do in the dust. But, before the seal on 2018 is properly cracked, we've got one last gathering - Streetopia! If you're in the area, you're officially invited, so bust out your best costume and prepare to reclaim the streets with us as we sign off on the year.   
In this newsletter:

- POSTER 2018

(This is Die Hek - the portal to the other dimension, as shot by Gita Claassen

Here's the big news - there will be 25 000 tickets for next year's event, and they'll cost R5 000 each. And there's a new ticket category, which, for the price of just R25 000, enables you to buy into our new Plug & Playville Glamping Village!

For real? Hell, no! Here's the real news:

- ticket numbers are the same as last year - 13 000
- General ticket prices have increased only slightly, in line with inflation, to R1,645
- we've introduced a Vehicle Pass system
- Mayday tickets have been introduced for international visitors
- Plug & Play camps aren't permitted at our event, because Participation, Decommodification and because they're kak and have no place at a radically self-reliant event.

For the full lowdown on 2018's tickets and updates,
head to this page on our site.



Hear that? Yep, it's sound of the starting gun on project registrations. And, to kick some ass and encourage you to get cracking, the crew over at Sweet Love Cinema have spent some time crafting a nifty little video. Check this out; we think it's a little bit fabulous:

Thanks to everyone involved in creating this animated gem! There's more where that came from - stay tuned for more clips as we roll into 2018. 

Want info on how to create a Collective and register a project under it?
Hit this and all will be revealed.

                                                                                             (The Dung Bug, by Brennan Steel & Friends, as shot by Duncan Rawlinson at Burning Man this year)


Got an idea for an interactive artwork that will involve a project crew, and encourage people in public spaces to think about art, and how it can make a difference in the world? And did you miss the opportunity to apply for a Creative Grant (because you missed the deadline, because life)? Great news - Burning Man's Global Art Grant programme is now OPEN - and you right there, reading this in SA, are able to apply.

You've got until Dec 20th to get your Letter Of Intent submitted, but don't dilly dally - get in there sharpish.

Read up about Global Art Grants and their criteria here.

POSTER 2018! 

Here it is - in a splash of glorious visual reference to our 2018 theme of "Working Title __________", designer Jeanne Fourie has dropped a killer 2018 poster for us!

If you'd like to pick up a free copy, we're releasing them into the wild first at Streetopia, this Saturday (see below for details on that fabulous event which, like our poster, is free, gratis and mahala).

More info (and a PDF download shortly)
on this page of our site.


                                                                                                                                                               (Devin up in the booth at Smoken Token, by Mads Norgaard)


The idea of radical inclusion sits front and centre of everything we do - and in South Africa, hosting an event that's held in a remote location, that can be a challenging scenario. But it's not one we shy away from - and for that matter, nor do we hold back on the contradictions and quandries that our event presents. With that in mind, we've launched the Hard Questions series of blogposts, where we dig into some challenging issues, and get the experiences of members of our community, to shed some light and start some conversations.

The first up is Inclusion - and we've got a corker of a post written up by community member (and key player in Camp Smoken Token), Devin Isaacs on the subject. Dig in, mull the points over - and if you've got a hard question you'd like to ask, or feel there's something you want to share, step up so we can give your experiences the airtime they deserve.

Tuck into Hard Questions #1 right here.



Three years ago, our team came up with another ambitious idea - to fill the streets of Obs, Cape Town, with art, colour and creativity for a day, as a way of bringing our desert experiment into an urban area. Its name is Streetopia - and right now, our crew and a small army of volunteers and Obs residents are busily lining everything up for another spectacular day in the hood. Because it all happens this Saturday, from 10am to 6pm.

There's a whole lot of fabulous scheduled for this year's event, which will feature 5 stages, an art and craft market and a whole lot more. Hell, there's even a Best Dressed Contest, which should be a natural fit for anyone who's ever strutted their costumed stuff in Tankwa Town - and first prize is a ticket to next year's AfrikaBurn.

Get more info about this year's Streetopia right here.


To make it all happen has taken months of prep and planning - and of course, as a completely free event, it also takes a whole lot of people pitching in and pitching up, to make it all work smoothly on the day - and that day is this Saturday! So, if you're in the area, and would like to get involved, here are some options - choose what suits you:

Setup Crew
Breakdown and Strike Crew
Art Assist
Leave No Trace




In addition to the five stages, dozens of street performers and burlesque closing act (true story) at Streetopia, you'll also find a humble - but nevertheless very talented - photographer named Simon O'Callaghan hosting a stall where he'll have copies of his 'BURN: Into The Flames Of Burning Art' book available. In case you hadn't heard, the proceeds of the book go towards funding future art in the desert - and so far the reaction from people who've seen the book has been pretty much rapturous.

It's a documentary photo collection, taking in many years of Simon's own experiences at AfrikaBurn as part of the Fata Morgana crew - and also features literally hundreds (no word of a lie - there are 412 portraits) of people who have graced the dust of the Tankwa in various guises, disguises and pretty damn flamboyant costumes.

Come along to Streetopia on Saturday and find Simon on the main strip - or
get more info here on his site.


Once a year, the opportunity comes up for new Directors of this wild & wonderful organism we call AfrikaBurn to be nominated - and that time is now. If you love the thing we do deeply, and think you've got the moxy to help steer the ship into its future, step up!

Check out the nomination criteria and related info right here.
                                                                          (General flaming shenannigans at Lakes of Fire in 2016, by exchange participant Greg Gillowey aka Braai Bliksem)


Got art in your blood? Born to perform? Does wanderlust leave you wondering what you could another Regional burn? Funnily enough, there's a thing for that... and it's called the Hey, You Burner Exchange. It's been running now for 4 years and has seen members of our community head over to Lakes of Fire outside Chicago to create art and get to know how a burn on a lake takes shape. And yes, it comes with support funding. Sound like something that's up your alley?

Hit this to find out more and apply.




The NowNow Tribe - that talented and clever collective that have brought you shade, comfort and joy over the years through their artworks - are hosting a quiz night, which tests your knowledge of the Tankwa and our event that's hosted amongst its mesembryanthemums and sand-blasted rocks. Proceeds raised will go towards their project next year, so step up and take a crack at it!

When: Wed. Dec 6th, 7 - 10pm
Where: A Touch Of Madness, 12 Nuttall Rd, Obs, Cape Town
More info:
get it here on the Facebook event page



The crazies over at the Vikings Collaborative have got a bunch of wild unicorns, which need a home. Because yes, they do damn well exist, and to hell with anyone who says different!

Need some unicorn in your life? Of course you do -
check out their fundraiser info right here.


The dapper and genteel nutters that take care of our Airspace - and generally make sure that people can get evacuated safely during medical emergencies - are looking for an able-bodied volunteer who's able to assist them with software, admin and social media. If you're into aviation, planes, and helping things stay in the sky (or on the ground) safely, step up and sign up - it's a great way to see Tankwa Town (from above).

Mail and our intrepid Air Marshall Tom will get back to you.


The fabulous 2017 playlist that RockStar Librarian has knocked together from sets played at this year's event.

Get it all right here.



For real - there's way too much to do ahead of Streetopia for pithy signoffs. See you there!

Travis Lyle
Minister of Please Buy Less Landfill This Festive Season

Hey! You still there? Well if it's reading you love, then who are we to keep you from getting what you need. There was a rather delightful thing written about us recently in the fantastic Transform Journal, which herds all the transformative festival cats around the globe into one neat cluster. Thanks to Lachie for his musings on our thing in the dust! Read all about it right here.


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